UK's Post Study Work Visa Rules Attract Int’l Students, says Karan Bilimoria


Mrunmayai Bobade
Updated on Apr 17, 2023 05:10 PM IST

The Chancellor of the University of Birmingham, Lord Karan Bilimoria revealed the challenges that deserving international students face while studying abroad in the UK. Further, he discussed the newly launched 100% tuition fee waiver scholarship for Indian students at the university’s campuses in Birmingham and Dubai. Find details below.

UK's Post Study Work Visa Rules Attract Int’l Students, says Karan Bilimoria

Figures from the University of Birmingham (UoB), which has admitted over 1,500 Indian students over the past five years, indicate that the on-campus postgraduate programmes offered by the institution are the most well-liked by Indian students. 

The university surveyed that programmes in computer science, law, business, engineering, and biosciences are particularly sought after among Indian students. Hence, the university will exert its every effort to entice Indian students to attend UoB as well as other universities in UK, as per Lord Karan Bilimoria, Chancellor of the University of Birmingham. 

He has been battling for international students' rights as he was a former foreign student and one of the first to raise the issue of an international student work visa that is valid for two years after graduation.

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When asked about a cutback in the post-study work visa for international students, Bilimoria said the University of Birmingham is adamant that nothing should be done that would reduce them. This is because it will have a highly negative impact on international students planning to study in the UK. It would lead them to study in countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, etc. rather than the UK as they all offer lucrative post-study work opportunities.

He asserted that since the two-year post-study employment period has resumed, they have noticed an upsurge in the number of international students, particularly Indian nationals.

As discussed in another news, India accounts for the largest share of UK study visas, overtaking China, UK has now approximately 6.90 lakh international students. International students are a significant value to UK universities, argues Bilimoria. More importantly, they improve the educational opportunities for students and universities in the country. As they forge relationships with their home nations, they also serve as lifelong ambassadors for the UK and its universities.

Another reason to not have a cutback in post-study work visa UK is to fill the skilled labour shortage gap in the country. International graduates, including those from India, can stay and work in the UK for up to two years, explains Bilimoria, because it allows them to obtain work experience and earn money to pay for their studies.

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Answering the question ‘Why was it proposed to reduce the post-study work visa UK?’, Bilimoria said that the UN requires nations to count international students as migrants when providing migration statistics. They must be counted as immigrants even though they return to their nations and are therefore not migrants.

In addition, he maintained that the only reason Indian students are still the majority of international students in the UK is because of the post-study work visa opportunities. Also, this is another reason why international students have been flocking to the UK even after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Further, Bilimoria took charge of the crisis concerning student housing in the UK and assured that the UoB is in control of the situation. All first-year students at the institution are granted housing on campus, and almost everyone is entirely accommodated. 

When asked what he thought about the use of artificial intelligence (AI) or other technical tools like ChatGPT bots in the education sector, Bilimoria responded that he did not believe AI could take away that power of bringing humans together and make them forget the fundamentals of the Socratic method of learning.

He exaggerated by claiming that the purpose of universities has been to bring people together for the purpose of idea exchange, interpersonal interaction, and research meetings since the dawn of civilization 900,000 years ago. 

University of Birmingham Chancellor’s Scholarships for Indian Students

Indian students seeking admission to the university's postgraduate degrees at its campuses in Birmingham and Dubai are eligible for this scholarship offer. The recipient of this scholarship will receive a full waiver of all tuition fees as well as housing expenses for the duration of the programme. Along with the winner, four runner-ups will also receive a GBP 5,000 tuition fee waiver.

Indian students must have a strong academic record and show that they have triumphed over challenges to be chosen for this scholarship. Additionally, they must come up with an innovative approach to some of the difficult problems that both the UK and India are currently confronting. Individuals who are willing to conquer difficulties and take an original approach are encouraged to apply for postgraduate programmes at UoB.

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The University also provides a variety of distinct scholarships to recognise exceptional success and make sure that potential Indian students are not discouraged from pursuing their studies due to financial concerns:

  • The Business School offers scholarships up to a 40% tuition fee remission for the Indian Subcontinent.

  • The Global Masters Scholarship is a GBP 2,000 award for master's degree programmes other than those offered by business schools. 

  • The India Outstanding Achievement Scholarships feature four GBP 2,500 awards for Indian applicants seeking admission to undergraduate programmes.

In addition to this, there are numerous scholarships available for students attending the university's Dubai campus, some of which waive the tuition fee by up to 50% for deserving Indian students.

The University of Birmingham intends to establish a campus in India to provide Indian students access to an education of the same calibre as that offered at UoB's campuses in the UK and Dubai. They are certainly going to take into consideration opening a campus in India, he added.

Bilimoria further stated that the UoB UK & IIT Madras announced joint master's programmes for Indian Students in the year 2022. With this, students will be able to take courses at both campuses and will graduate with degrees from both institutions.

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Source: The Indian Express

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