No Job Offer Required for International Graduates to Apply for Canadian Work Permit


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Updated on Apr 05, 2022 09:52 AM IST

The Open Work Permit allows you to enter the country without a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) or an offer letter from an employer who has paid the compliance fee. It permits you to work for any firm or organisation in Canada as long as they are not labelled as ineligible by the government.

No Job Offer Required for International Graduates to Apply for Canadian Work Permit

Latest Update: (March 17, 2022)

Canada has been dealing with severe labour shortages for years, and the issue has only gotten worse as the epidemic has progressed.

In fact, to boost its post-pandemic expansion, Canada unveiled an ambitious plan to welcome more than 1.3 million immigrants over the following three years.

The Open Work Permit is one of the various immigration and work permits available in Canada. It allows you to enter the country without a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) or an offer letter from an employer who has paid the compliance cost.

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It permits you to work for any firm or organisation in Canada as long as they are not on the government's list of ineligible employers.

The open work permit, however, is not available to everyone.

In 2021, overseas graduates who were qualified for a Post-Graduation Work Permit received the majority of LMIA-exempt work permits (PGWP). International students who have finished a full-time study programme of at least two years may be able to work in Canada for up to three years after graduation.

If they apply under inland sponsorship and live in Canada with their partner, spouses of permanent residents may be eligible for a Spousal Open Work Permit. Spouses of overseas students may be able to obtain an open work visa if they can show that they are in a real relationship and that the international student is enrolled in an approved programme to the government.

By obtaining a Bridge Open Work Permit (BOWPS), immigrants who have filed for permanent residency in Canada can remain in the country during the process. If a foreign national's temporary status expires before their permanent residency application is finalised, the BOWP ensures that they do not have to leave their occupations or the country.

A BOWP is available for the following programmes:

  • Canadian Experience Class

  • Agri-Food Pilot Program

  • Provincial Nominee Program

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program

  • Federal Skilled Trades Program

  • Quebec Skilled Workers

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You can bring your spouse or partner and small children on an open work visa if you submit their documentation in your application so that you can be examined as a family.

An Open Work Permit can be one of Three Types:

1. Unrestricted Open Work Permit: You are free to travel to Canada and work for any company and in any location.

2. Occupation restricted open work permit: You can work for any company, but the job description is specific.

3. Restricted work permit: You can change your employer but not your workplace.

It might take anything from 3 to 27 weeks for the visa to be completed once you submit the application along with the required papers and attend the visa interview. The minimum visa period is six months.

Source: The Economic Times

Planning Your Higher Education inCanada?

Canadas Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Minister Marco Mendicino has announced that international graduates and essential workers will be eligible for a new open work permit, beginning July 26, 2021.

Temporary residents in the country who applied for the recently-opened pathway to permanent residence may apply for an open work permit option while waiting for the results of their application. The programs that this open work permit will apply to include Stream A for healthcare workers (20,000 applications), Stream B for essential non-health care workers (30,000 applications - Full, international graduates (40,000 applications - Full), Stream A for French-speaking healthcare workers (no cap), French-speaking international graduates (no cap) and Stream B for French-speaking essential non-health care workers (no cap).

This will be a relief for those who applied for the new pathway as they will not have to worry about their temporary status expiring anymore. So, they may apply for this new work permit if their current study or work permitexpires before IRCC responds to their application.

Due to previous technicalities in Canadian policy, immigration applications were not able to apply for a Bridging Open Work Permit (BOWP), as those with soon-to-expire documents, also known as Express Entry applicants can.

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While Express Entry is a permanent program, the new pathway programs are not.

If temporary residents, without this any open work permit, might have to leave Canada, even after having applied to extend their work permit under existing programs.

The work permits issued under the new policy will remain valid until December 31, 2022.

Mendocino, in a news release, said that the new path to permanent residence would help 90,000 essential workers and international students. This new open work permit is to acknowledge those who have been playing crucial roles throughout he COVID-19 pandemic with their service.

The new permit will fill in some gaps in letting people stay in Canada. It would further help international student graduates in Canada who have applied or will apply for a new Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) which is set to close on July 27 this year. The new one-time work permit option, which will be open to applications until November 5, will cater to the new applicants.

Wish to Learn More About Work Permitin Canada?

Eligibility for the New Open Work Permit in Canada

Only those who fulfil the following eligibility criteria will be able to apply for the new open work permit in Canada:

  • Must be authorised to work at the time of application.

  • Must have applied under one of the newly-launched permanent residence pathways.

  • Must have a valid work permit about to expire within the next four months.

  • Must satisfy the language requirements of the stream under which they applied at the time of application.

  • Must have temporary residence status, maintained status or should be able to restore their status while submitting their application.

  • Must be in Canada at the time of application.

  • Must be employed at their time of submission of their permanent residence application.

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How to Apply for the New Open Work Permit in Canada?

Applications for the new open work permit must be submitted online ONLY and not at a port of entry. In case a student cannot apply online due to disability or poor internet connection, IRCC also offers an option to take paper applications.

  • To apply online, a scanner or camera will be required along with a debit or credit card to pay the fees.

  • A work permit extension fee of $155 should be paid on the government website. Given that applicants are exempt from paying the $100 open work permit fee, they have to pay before applying online.

  • Log in to IRCC account, submit the application form and check the status. After signing in "Start your application, then "Apply to come to Canada, scroll down to "I do not have a personal reference code setion and click on "visitor visa, study and/or work permit". Lastly, select "work".

  • Answer the required questions and get a personalised document checklist.

  • Fill in the forms.

  • Upload all the required documents.

  • After successful application, the application will be reviewed by an immigration officer.

Applicants with spouse/common-law partner and dependent children aged 18 years or older may also be eligible for this new permit provided they are in Canada.

Source: CIC News

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