Why India is 'Among the Biggest Source of International Students for Ukraine'


Cyril Zachariah
Updated on Mar 04, 2022 05:48 PM IST

The Ukraine-Russia conflict has shed light on the different aspects of international education, especially medical education. With most of the 20,000 Indian nationals being Indian students, and many of them being medical students, India is the biggest source of international students for Ukraine.

Why India is 'Among the Biggest Source of International Students for Ukraine'

With all that is going on in Ukraine, questions as to why Indian students picked Ukraine as their destination to study MBBS have been making rounds all over the Internet. In fact, reports suggest that Indian students comprise the largest international student cohort in Ukraine, with more than 14,000 studying in the country as per data from UNESCO.

According to reports, the Supreme Court appreciated the Centre’s efforts in evacuating Indian students from the war-inflicted Ukraine. However, he also added that the bench is concerned about the mental health of people, citing that “we have not learnt our lessons from history”.

However, we continue to question why so many Indian students are forced to travel abroad to pursue medical education in countries like China and Ukraine. Each year, lakhs of students line up and prepare to the best of their abilities, just to have their dreams crushed. Increasing competition, limited seats, and incredibly high tuition costs has made medical aspirants' lives miserable.

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Even though India now has more than 90,000 medical seats, the increase in seats is still not enough to give every potential student an opportunity. However, studying MBBS in countries like Ukraine and China is also expensive, not to mention the airfare and costs associated with applying to universities and student visas.

Even with this, many students still choose to pursue medical education in these countries since it is still cheaper than paying for the limited management seats in private MBBS institutions in India, tuition costs of which can go up to INR 1 crore.

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However, the low cost of education is not the only attractive feature of studying MBBS abroad. Medical institutions and courses in Ukraine and Russia and other popular MBBS destinations among Indian students are recognised by the World Health Organisation, which in turn offer better career opportunities, even allowing them to settle down in countries like the UK, US and Europe.

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