Study MBA in Singapore Without GMAT: Top Universities, Eligibility, How to Apply


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Want to apply for MBA in Singapore without GMAT? In this article, we discuss the different how it is possible for international students to study MBA without offering GMAT scores in the country as well as the different universities offering an MBA for international students.

Study MBA in Singapore Without GMAT: Top Universities, Eligibility, How to Apply

Did you know that you can study in Singapore without GMAT? Yes! you heard correct! The MBA programme and its specialisations have been one of the highly sought-after programmes in the world. Thousands of students from every corner of the world plan and prepare to study MBA across different countries including Singapore.

As an aspirant, you would know that the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a test required by universities and B-schools across the globe. Especially, if you are planning to enrol in some of the top MBA universities in the world, without a GMAT score, it would be nearly impossible for you to be selected.

Through this article, we will discuss how you can study MBA in Singapore without GMAT and what opportunities lie ahead of you.

Register and connect with our team of study abroad counsellors and find out what MBA schools are accepting admissions without a GMAT score.

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What is GMAT and Why is it Needed?

While many of you would know what the GMAT exam is and what it is used for, let us first understand how universities use GMAT scores. It should be noted that GMAT is a standardised test accepted by thousands of universities across the globe, that are looking for the perfect candidate for their MBA programme.

Being a standardised test, the exam becomes only one factor in the entire admission process to shortlist candidates. In statements from GMAC, it revealed that the GMAT exam “assesses analytical writing and problem-solving skills along with data sufficiency, logic and critical reasoning skills that are vital to real-world business and management success.”

However, the test does not cover other factors such as discipline-related skills pertinent to academics nor does it assess the subjective requirements crucial for professional and academic success. These include interpersonal skills, motivation and creativity among others.

Study MBA in Singapore Without GMAT

As one of the top study abroad destinations in the world, there are a number of universities and colleges in Singapore offering world-class MBA programmes. To enrol in some of the popular ones you will be required to present GMAT scores, however, there are several other b-schools that admit candidates without a GMAT score.

There are several ways that candidates can enrol in top MBA colleges in Singapore without GMAT scores. These methods can be considered alternate solutions to GMAT scores, however, it should be noted that these methods are not comparable to each other. Here’s how you can study MBA in Singapore without GMAT

  • Professional Experience: Candidates can present valid professional experience, particularly in leadership or management roles. While many universities may require candidates to present work experience to enrol in an MBA programme, those able to present valuable work experience in leadership/management roles will stand a better chance of enrolment.

  • Impressive and Impactful Resume: The achievements and accolades, relevant to the field, that have been mentioned in your resume also improve your chances of being selected to study MBA in Singapore without GMAT. Therefore, if you have any accolades and awards related to management or leadership, be sure to mention them on your resume.

  • Letters of Recommendation (LORs): A third party validating your claims of being a good leader or being a team person offers a great impression to the admissions committee. Therefore, if you can get your immediate superior or team leader to vouch for your skills and qualifications, then your chances of being selected for an MBA without GMAT scores rise as well.

  • Statement of Purpose (SOP): Similar to the recommendation letters, your SOP should be able to convince the admissions committee of your abilities and being the right candidate for the course. An SOP for MBA should clearly define your goals and projected growth after completing the course.

  • Alternate Standardised Test Scores: Currently, there are no alternatives to GMAT scores, however, many universities also use GRE scores to enrol MBA aspirants. Therefore, when selecting your university to study MBA in Singapore without GMAT, check the admission policies and see whether you can apply with GRE scores instead.

Note: While these are some of the alternatives to applying for an MBA in Singapore without GMAT, it should be noted that your chances of being selected for a course significantly improve if you present valid GMAT scores.

Why Study MBA in Singapore without GMAT?

As stated above, Singapore is home to a number of reputable universities and institutions that are renowned for their MBA programmes. However, highlighted below are some of the reasons why many students choose to pursue higher studies in the country, including an MBA in Singapore without GMAT scores.

  • World-renowned Quality Education: A big reason to study MBA in Singapore without GMAT is the quality of education that students receive. Graduates of Singaporean universities offering MBA courses are often sought-after by major organisations around the world. With booming career prospects, a variety of courses to choose from and the renowned quality of education, an MBA in Singapore seems one of the better options.

  • Relatively Affordable Education: Being a highly demanded course, MBAs around the world are often considered to burn a hole in your pocket. However, if you choose to study MBA in Singapore without GMAT, you will be able to apply to relatively inexpensive MBA courses that cost anywhere between SGD 25,000–45,000 in total.

  • Cultural and Academic Diversity: The demand for the course along with the high quality of education available at an affordable price, makes thousands of students from different nationalities and ethnicities apply for admission. Moreover, since students from all backgrounds are able to pursue an MBA, the cultural and academic diversity you may be able to see will be immense.

  • Vast Networking Opportunities: With thousands of aspirants applying to study MBA in Singapore without GMAT, you will have numerous opportunities to build your network for your future. These opportunities may range from building relationships with fellow classmates, juniors and seniors to industry leaders and giants who are invited for guest lectures.

There are several reasons why you should study MBA in Singapore without GMAT, however, if you wish to find out the benefits of studying in Singapore, register and connect with our team of study abroad counsellors and get expert guidance in the matter.

Top MBA Colleges in Singapore

Now that you know you can study MBA in Singapore without GMAT, check out our list of colleges in the country that offer a number of MBA courses to international students.

Name of University

Cost of MBA

NUS Business School

SGD 84,000

INSEAD Asia Campus

EUR 92,000

Nanyang Technological University – Business School

SGD 65,000

Singapore Management University

SGD 70,200

James Cook University Singapore

SGD 40,000 (approx.)

Note: The universities listed in the table are just a few of the universities in Singapore offering an MBA course. There are a number of universities offering a range of MBA programmes including MBAs in different specialisations as well as Global MBAs and Executive MBAs as well.

And thus, you can study MBA in Singapore without GMAT scores by taking different alternate routes. However, if you wish to study at the best university in the country and be selected by the same, then it is recommended that you attempt the test and submit the relevant scores to your desired university abroad.

Register, browse our study abroad packages and connect with expert counsellors who can help you find the perfect MBA course in Singapore that accepts applications without GMAT scores.

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Is GMAT required for MBA in Singapore?

Yes, GMAT is required for MBA in Singapore, however, there are alternative solutions for those wishing to apply without GMAT scores. Popularly, candidates presenting valuable professional experience, especially in leadership and management roles, or those with exceptionally good recommendation letters or statements of purpose or an impressive resume/CV will be able to apply for MBA without GMAT in Singapore.

Can MBA be done without GMAT?

Yes, those wishing to study an MBA without GMAT anywhere in the world can do so if they are able to meet other criteria for the course. These criteria include presenting a good resume/CV, recommendation letters or statements of purpose. More importantly, candidates that present proof of exceptional professional experience, especially in management and leadership roles will be able to pursue an MBA without GMAT.

How can I get an MBA seat in Singapore?

If you are interested in applying for an MBA in Singapore, you must visit the official website of your desired university in the country and select your desired course. Then follow the instructions outlined by the university. Or, register and connect with our team of experienced study abroad counsellors to find out how you can get an MBA seat in Singapore.

Is it worth doing an MBA in Singapore?

Singapore has been known to be one of the top study-abroad destinations in the world for its high standards of education, cultural diversity, relatively affordable tuition and vast networking opportunities. Moreover, the variety of courses offered and the exceptional career opportunities available even for international students often lead many Indians to pursue their higher studies in Singapore.

Can I do MBA in Singapore without work experience?

Yes, those wishing to study MBA in Singapore without any work experience can do so if they meet other course requirements outlined by the respective universities. Many universities accept students who present a good CV, or those who have good GMAT scores even if they present no valuable work experience. Connect with our team of study abroad counsellors to find out where you can study MBA without work experience.

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