Top Universities in Toronto: Best Universities, Courses & Fees


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Searching for top universities in Toronto Canada? Let your research come to an end by reading the article below. Explore the list of top colleges in Toronto, the cost of living, why should you study at universities in Toronto Canada, and much more.

Top Universities in Toronto: Best Universities, Courses & Fees

Housing some of the finest universities in the world, Toronto, the capital of the province of Ontario, is a prominent Canadian city located on the western shore of Lake Ontario. The iconic, free-standing CN Tower dwarfs the city's core of tall buildings, which are part of a vibrant metropolis.

There are many cultural and lifestyle disparities in this astonishing town. You will undoubtedly cross paths with interesting people and encounter mesmerising traits while experiencing the thrill of your life. Aside from being a global and business hub, the city is the third-largest film and television production centre after New York and Los Angeles.

As per a survey released by the Canadian Board of International Education (CBIE), the countrys safety and stability are the two major deciding factors that attract international students to study here and opt for permanent residency.

If studying abroad in Canada is on your bucket list, you should think about considering Toronto, which has been dubbed the 'coolest Canadian city' and is positioned 15 in the QS Best Student Cities 2023. The city offers a large selection of renowned universities, a bustling urban ambience, and a lower cost of living than when compared to other study abroad destinations like the USA and the UK.

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Benefits of Studying in Toronto Canada

As discussed, Toronto is a vibrant city with a wide variety of cultures, cuisines, nightlife, dazzling lights, and spellbinding skyscrapers, which makes it very appealing to travellers. The educational opportunities available to students in each Canadian province vary, but Toronto has long been regarded as the nation's top study destination. Why? Let us investigate:

High-Quality Education: The Canadian educational system is renowned for its legendary stature. However, when it comes to boasting the most widely regarded universities in Canada, Toronto takes the top spot. The city's higher education institutions also provide a wide range of courses in a number of subject areas, including technology, engineering, economics, multiple branches of science, and numerous other subjects.

Work Opportunities: Toronto is not just Canada's largest city, but it is also the nation's hub for technology, commerce, finance, arts, and entertainment. Since there is a sizable job market in this city, there is also intense rivalry. Toronto offers a wide range of work opportunities, whether you seek part-time job options in Canada during your time in college or opportunities you can explore in Canada after graduation.

Multicultural Neighborhood: As per the 2016 census, the city is home to a variety of ethnic groups that make up the population of Toronto. These include Chinese (12.0%), English (12.9%), Canadian (11.3%), Scottish (9.5%), Irish (9.7%), East Indian (7.6%), Filipino (5.5%), Italian (6.9%), French (4.5%), German (4.6%), and Polish (3.8%). Living in such a diverse setting serves as a cultural melting pot and broadens students' horizons. For Indian students, especially, it can be said that the country has no language barriers as Punjabi is the fourth most widely spoken language in Canada.

Reliable Public Transportation: The city's robust public transportation system is yet another reason for international students to choose Toronto. In addition to saving money, this is a convenient option that may make your life in Canada as an international student easier.

All of the city's transportation systems accept the Presto card, an electronic payment method. Transportation by buses or trains can be done without using any tickets or coupons. By using a smartphone app, you can even manage your Presto card transactions so that you do not have to keep using cash.

Cost of living in Toronto for International Students

In comparison to other well-known study abroad destinations like the United States (USA) and the United Kingdom (UK), the cost of living in Canada for international students is less expensive. A student needs somewhere around CAD 20,000 to 30,000 to pay for tuition annually. In addition, living expenditures, the cost of food, and other living costs will be close to approximately CAD 10,000 per year. The monthly rent in this province of Canada is between CAD 500 to CAD 4,000.

Toronto offers a wide range of accommodation choices for international students including cheap condominiums. To further reduce your commuting costs, just be sure to pick a location that is close to the university you have decided to attend. Managing your calendars and reducing unneeded stress will benefit you from this.

Top Universities in Toronto Canada

Toronto's universities are well-known for their core curriculum and reasonable tuition rates. If you've been thinking about attending universities in Toronto, the following list gives details about the city's well-regarded universities. Here will examine Toronto's top six universities, which are as follows:

University of Toronto

An academic institution of higher learning, the University of Toronto is a public research university in Ontario. The university has one of the finest research and teaching facilities that are valued for their excellence around the world. Established in 1827, the university has established itself as a leading institution for education, research, and innovation.

The University of Toronto has more than 500,000 alumni and students spread across three campuses in Mississauga, St. George, and Scarborough. The university's engineering school and law faculty are renowned for their exceptional education quality. The following are some of the notable programmes offered by U of T:

  • Arts and Science

  • Medical Radiation Sciences

  • Kinesiology and Physical Education

  • Applied Science and Engineering

  • Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design

  • International Foundation Program

University of Guelph-Humber

The Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning and the University of Guelph have joined hands to create the University of Guelph-Humber. Established in 1967, the university has three primary campuses: the Humber Orangeville Campus, the Lakeshore campus, and the number North Campus. Over 200 programmes are available at the university, including apprenticeships, post-graduate certificates, and bachelor's degrees. With over 19,000 full-time students in Humber River, the university offers full-time and part-time degrees in addition to other subjects like liberal arts, media studies, and health science.

There are nearly 10,000 full-time students enrolled at the Lakeshore campus, which is situated near the shore of Lake Ontario. Students who want to become fashion designers or beauty therapists can also pursue those courses at the university. The following are some of the popular programmes offered by the university of Guelph-Humber:

  • Early Childhood Studies

  • Justice Studies

  • Media Studies

  • Business

  • Family and Community Social Services

  • Kinesiology

  • Psychology

George Brown College

The George Brown College was established in 1967 and was given the name of a politician and newspaper publisher. George Brown College of Applied Arts and Technology is another name for the university, and Sally Horsfall Eaton served as its first Chancellor. The college is credited with being the first to introduce a distance learning system, and it currently has more than 15,000 students enrolled in distance learning programmes worldwide.

There are three main campuses of George Brown College: the St. James campus, the Casa Loma campus, and the Waterfront campus. The Casa Loma is renowned for its neat and sanitary surroundings. The faculty of Financial Service, Creative Arts, Business Administration, Center for Hospitality, and Culinary Arts are housed in five buildings on the second St. James campus. The following are some of the top courses offered by George Brown College:

  • Business

  • Health Sciences

  • Arts and design

  • Engineering Technology

York University

The third-largest university in Canada is York University, which is also a public research university. In 1959, York University was established as a result of the board of governors' decision about the residential college known as Glendon College. The university comprises 11 faculties, 7,000 faculty members, approximately 300,000 alumni, and about 55,700 students. Academic programmes at this university are recognised around the world despite their affordability for international students. The following are some of the notable programmes offered by York University:

  • Education

  • Science

  • Health

  • Liberal Arts & Professional Studies

  • Media, Arts, Performance & Design

  • Graduate Studies

Ryerson University

It is a public research institution with a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovation.Ryerson Universitywas founded in 1948 as a result of the need for skilled tradespeople in Ontario, Canada, following World War II. With courses in costume design, architecture, and photography, about 250 students were admitted at first.

The institution changed its name to Ryerson University in 2002 and now has more than 100 undergraduate and graduate programmes to choose from. In 1963, it was a polytechnic with 10,000 students as its highest student enrollment. The following are some of the popular programmes Ryerson University currently offers:

  • Community Services

  • Engineering and Architectural Science

  • Arts

  • Communication and Design

  • Science

OCAD University (The Ontario College of Art and Design University)

One of the public institutions in Toronto is the Ontario College of Art and Design University or OCAD University. In terms of art and design universities, it is Canada's largest and most historic academic institution. The OCAD curriculum is more comprehensive and in-depth than any other fine arts course in the nation to make students ready to hone their critical and creative thinking skills. The following are the top courses offered by OCAD University:

  • Design

  • Liberal Arts and Sciences

  • Art

Toronto is the second-most desirable student city in Canada after Montreal because of its high-quality education system, excellent urban lifestyle, and diversity of its resident population. If students wish to get enrolled in any programme mentioned above for these universities, it is recommended that they visit their desired universitys official website for detailed information.

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What are the cheapest colleges in Toronto Canada for international students?

There are many cheapest colleges in Toronto Canada for international students. These include Seneca College, Centennial College, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, Michener Institute, Toronto School of Management, Toronto Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology, Tyndale University College & Seminary, Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, etc.

How many universities are in Toronto Canada?

In Toronto, there are seven institutions with the authority to award degrees, five of them are public universities and the other two are private. In addition, the city is home to four colleges that award degrees and PG diploma courses in Canada.

Is Toronto expensive for international students?

Yes, it can be said that Toronto is expensive for international students. On-campus living is far more preferred by many students; while it may not always be the most affordable choice, it is unquestionably more practical. The most costly cities to live in are Toronto and Vancouver. In Toronto, where there is a lack of affordable housing, expenses are the highest and are continually rising.

How is an international student’s life in Toronto?

International students’ life in Toronto is quite comfortable and more multicultural. Toronto is ranked as the eleventh-best city for international students to study in by the QS Best Student Cities Ranking 2019. This can be ascribed to the excellent education system, elegant accommodations, luxurious lifestyle and reasonable costs. 

Is it better to study in Toronto or Montreal?

Toronto and Montreal both have highly regarded universities, but they also have a few key differences. The cost of living and tuition are both lower in Montreal. On the other hand, Toronto is more populous, has a little wider range of ethnicities, and has a sizable international business community.

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