Find Out the Top Job Opportunities After MS in USA


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Updated on Dec 13, 2021 03:25 PM IST

If you have already completed MS in the US or are currently pursuing it, here are the top 15 jobs you can expect to find after earning an MS degree from a US university. Also, check out the best ways to find a suitable job after MS in the US.

Find Out the Top Job Opportunities After MS in USA

Now that you've decided to pursue an MS degree in the US, do you know: What job opportunities would be available after MS in the US?

Well, the answer to this question would be based on your MS specialisation and its projected scope in the next few years. So, research thoroughly and evaluate future prospects along with the current top job opportunities, ROI, average base salary before applying for a certain MS program.

The US is undoubtedly one of the most preferred destinations abroad for a Master of Science (MS) degree. The country is known to provide the widest range of MS programs, be it in traditional fields like computerscience or newer fields such as business analytics, data science, etc.From access to brilliant resources, experts to increasing your earning potential, an MS program earned from a US university adds an extraordinary value to your resume.

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Top Job Opportunities After MS in the USA

The positions mentioned below are arranged in descending order, meaning the better jobs are put at the top of the list.

Job Position

Median Salary

Projected Jobs

Top MS Course(s)

Software Developer



MS in Computer Science

Data Scientist



MS in Data Science

Product Manager



MS in Product Management

DevOps Engineer



MS in Software Development

Information Security Analyst



MS in Cyber Security

Speech-Language Pathologist



MS in Communication Sciences and Disorders

Mechanical Engineer



MS in Mechanical Engineering

Financial Advisor



MS in Finance

Operations Research Analyst



MS in Operations Research

Petroleum Engineer



MS in Petroleum Engineering

Computer Systems Analyst



MS in Computer Science

Chemical Engineer



MS in Chemical Engineering




MS in Mathematics

Computer Network Architect



MS in Computer Science

Physical Therapist



MS in Physical Therapy

Source: U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics

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Admission Requirements for MS in the US

If you meet the following criteria, then you could definitely apply for an MS program in the US:

How to Get a Job After MS in the USA?

Finding a job in a foreign country could be tricky. Here are some of the ways to get a job after you have completed your MS degree:

Learn About Your Universitys Career Services: One of the biggest advantages of studying at a US university is access to a full-service career centre. These centres are focused on helping each student explore a wide range of career options as well as build professional networks, thereby facilitating job placement.

Try to Find Work While Studying MS: Working while studying, be it on-campus or off-campus, can be crucial in providing valuable job experience after graduation. The US allows international students to hold an F visa train in the country by participating in practical work during their program and even after it ends. The two types of practical training include curricular practical training (CPT) and optional practical training (OPT). If you have 12 months or more of full-time CPT, you will become ineligible for OPT although part-time CPT is fine which would not restrict you from doing OPT. For OPT, you can apply for 12 months of OPT during your Masters program (pre-completion OPT) and even after your program ends (post-completion OPT).

All F-1 students eligible for a STEM OPT extension and currently on a regular period of OPT may also apply for the 24-month STEM OPT extension. This extension will allow them to work for an additional 24 months of OPT.

Build a Professional Network: In the US, more than 50% of the jobs are obtained through professional networks and solid connections with industry experts. This network will not only help you land a job at the beginning of your career but also contribute majorly to advancing your career. According to a job search tool, 73% of recruiters have hired candidates through social media. In addition, 60% of the top candidates are referred by others. So, could you ignore the importance of networking?

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Attend Industry Events: While many tend to overlook industry events, please dont. They are a great platform to learn more about your industry, the scope of your career and further expand your professional network. Do your homework before attending any industry event, figure out who all are attending and you are good to go.

Be Active on LinkedIn and Other Job Portals: While you can always mail your updated resume to any employer of your choice, being active on job portals such as Handshake, LinkedIn or others. All US universities would ask students to create accounts on Handshake, where they can schedule appointments with career advisors, find upcoming programs and even search for jobs and internships across industries.

Apply for H-1B or O1 Visa: While Post-Completion OPT allows international students to work in the US for a shorter period of time, H-1B or O-1 visa would allow you to work long-term in the country.

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