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Hani Zeini Scholarship is named after Hani Zeini, a prolific entrepreneur whose passion for innovation and support for international students led him to be a prolific benefactor. This article discusses everything you need to know about Hani Zeini Scholarship, its eligibility criteria, document requirements, the application process, and so on!

Hani Zeini Scholarship for Study Abroad

Hani Zeini scholarship programme honours Hani Zeini, an entrepreneur and passionate supporter of ambitious and enterprising international students who is famed for his passion for innovation. This scholarship is particularly designed for international students having long-term entrepreneurial and enterprising goals to be in the financial business. 

Furthermore, Hani Zeini Scholarship is awarded to students on both a need and merit-based to pursue education at the graduate and postgraduate levels at any given university worldwide. This scholarship is for all applicants such as sophomores, freshmen, and junior students, or anyone who is enrolled in an accredited institution or college in any country.

About Hani Zeini - The Sponsor

Hani Zeini is a driven businessperson who works in finance. He is a pioneer in helping youngsters who want to embark on their hopes of becoming entrepreneurs. Currently, he devotes his time to high-level consulting engagements and serves as a mentor to younger corporate executives who want to hone their management skills and commercial acumen. Mr Zeini has also held board positions with a number of non-profit organisations in the fields of higher learning and the Industry Research Foundation. 

Hani Zeini launched a scholarship to benefit individuals who want to start their businesses with both their academic endeavours and business ambitions. The Hani Zeini scholarship is therefore intended to assist scholars with long-term entrepreneurial and enterprising purposes. This scholarship aims to help students who have a genuine or demonstrable financial need while simultaneously reducing the escalating expense of a college education.

Hani Zeini Scholarship Award Value and What it Covers!

As discussed, an enterprising and entrepreneurial career is the goal of this award and it will be awarded to students with a persuasive financial need. It is important to note that this scholarship applies to any prospective student enrolled in any university for an undergraduate or graduate programme. The following table summarises the different types of expenses covered by the Hani Zeini scholarship and the conditions under which it can be used by the selected applicant:

Expense Type


Award Value

USD 1,000

Award Limitations


Application Fee Waiver

Not Covered

Tuition & Fees

Fixed USD 1,000 will be granted with only one time renewability

Library, Books, etc.

Not Covered


Not Covered

Travel Cost

Not Covered

Health Cover

Not Covered

Spouse/Child Care

Not Covered

Eligibility for Hani Zeini Scholarship

There are no specific eligibility requirements for this scholarship. However, the only eligibility criteria mentioned on its official website is that the applicant must be enrolled in a recognised or accredited foreign university in any country.

Thus, each application will be evaluated on an individual case-wise basis along with their demonstrable financial need, merit level, and other considerable factors at an undergraduate and graduate level of study. Further, there is a mandatory requirement for submitting an 850-word maximum essay, it must not exceed the specified word count. In this essay, you will need to discuss the biggest challenges facing business in the 21st century, along with the best ways to overcome those challenges. While this essay may not come under the umbrella of eligibility for the Hani Zeini Scholarship, it is mandatory. If you apply for the scholarship without submitting the essay, you will be disqualified or deemed ineligible by the authorities.

Manage Finances With the Right Scholarship! 

Hani Zeini Scholarship Applicable Courses, Universities, and Country

This scholarship is available for all undergraduate and graduate academic courses offered by colleges and universities around the world. The Hani Zeini scholarship is thus open to all potential learners from anywhere in the world who wish to enrol in any institution or college in any part of the globe. As a result, the award amount of USD 1000 is set in stone and remains unchanged regardless of how much the awardee's desired curriculum will cost. 

When the awardee's tuition charge exceeds USD 1000, they can utilise this sum to reduce the comparable tuition fee for their study, but they must pay the remaining costs. As a result, all freshmen, sophomores, and juniors enrolled at an accredited college or university are eligible for this Hani Zeini scholarship for all institutes of higher education in the United States, Canada, France, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Singapore, Russia, New Zealand, and so on.

Application Deadline for Hani Zeini Scholarship

As of 2023, the application deadline for this scholarship is not declared by its administrating authorities. However, it can be predicted that the application deadline for the Hani Zeini scholarship is marked in the first week of March each year. For example, the application deadline for this scholarship in the year 2021 was March 1. Hence, prospective applicants are advised to keep their application materials ready well in advance before March every year.

Further, the Hani Zeini Scholarship winner will be announced within two weeks following the application deadline set for the same academic year, and their name will also be broadcasted on the webpage for the scholarship. 

Note: (i) This scholarship's application deadline is determined at the authority's discretion and is subject to change each year. Therefore, candidates are encouraged to check the administering authority's official website to stay current on information and submit applications appropriately.

(ii) The scholarship recipient has only one week to accept the offer; else, it will be automatically withdrawn.

How to Apply for Hani Zeini Scholarship?

The application process for this scholarship is via email ie., applicants will be required to create a Microsoft Word document in the .dox or .docx file format and send it to the official email address provided by the conducting authority containing the required documents. This email can be found on the official Hani Zeini scholarship website.

Furthermore, there may not be an alternative way than an email application to apply for this scholarship directly. Only one winner will be chosen globally by the panel of judges within two weeks just after the scholarship applications have been submitted. The awardee will be supplied with a one-time payment of USD 1,000 to their financial aid account, and this scholarship amount will be utilised to pay their preferred academic programmes tuition fees.

Hani Zeini Scholarship Shortlisting Process

The scholarship's continuance is based on how well the recipients perform academically in the exams held by their chosen institutions. There are several stages involved in the process of choosing awardees for the Hani Zeini Scholarship. The merit and financial needs of each candidate will be carefully considered before the scholars are chosen. The selection procedure entails:

  • Scholarship applications are screened according to financial need 

  • Telephone interviews are used to narrow down the pool of prospects

Note: This scholarship has only one-time renewability. Hence, if a stipend holder is not promoted to the next year, their renewal case will not be reviewed.

Documents Required for Hani Zeini Scholarship

As discussed, this scholarship is specially designed for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to establish their businesses in the field of finance. This also means that those who are genuinely interested to build a career in this sector must be segregated from the ones who may be just applying for the Hani Zeini scholarship.

For the same reason, it is mandatory for prospective applicants to submit a well-written application essay that discusses the biggest hurdles facing business in the 21st century, along with the best ways to overcome those hurdles in a strategising way. The pointers mentioned below show a list of documents required for the Hani Zeini scholarship that you will need to submit on a separate page in a .dox or .docx file format via email:

  • The first and last name of the applicant

  • The student’s academic transcripts (in English)

  • Candidate’s mailing address and contact number

  • The student’s date of high school graduation

  • The applicant’s EDU email address

  • The applying candidates previously completed or highest-level attained study programmes’ Grade Point Average (GPA)

  • Name of the foreign university to which the candidate has been successfully admitted

  • Mandatory application/scholarship essay with a maximum word count of 850 words

Note: If you apply for the Hani Zeini scholarship without submitting the essay or submitting it with exceeded word count limit than specified, then you will be disqualified or deemed ineligible by the authorities. Read why maintaining word count is important in study abroad applications.

Benefits of Receiving the Hani Zeini Scholarship

From taking a solid entry into the realm of the financial sector to getting a seat in your desired academic institution, there are various benefits of receiving the Hani Zeini scholarship that lowers the financial burden for your higher education. The following are some of them:

  • There are no restrictions on the type of academic course an attendee must take, so the candidate can choose to specialise in any field and study anywhere around the globe.

  • The Hani Zeini Scholarship may be used by the applicant for any level of study, including bachelor's degree and master's degree programmes, and more.

  • The scholarship is not specific to any specific college or even nation, so an applicant is encouraged to pursue higher education anywhere in the world.

In the end, scholarships awarded by the Hani Zeini Foundation are for students aspiring to be in the financial industry. For many students, the high costs of higher education are a significant barrier to attending their desired university; such a type of scholarship is intended to help them out.

Planning to Apply for the Hani Zeini Scholarship this Year? 

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