Guide to Student Travel Insurance for Study Abroad Aspirants


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In some countries, having student travel insurance is mandatory. Here is all you need to know about student travel insurance, its benefits, coverage, exclusions, important points to remember while buying, and more. 

Guide to Student Travel Insurance for Study Abroad Aspirants

The need to feel protected financially in a foreign country is one of the first and most important things one thinks about when making the decision to study abroad. Obtaining a degree from a foreign university is already an expensive affair, which further adds to one'sfinancial burden when they have to cough up fat medical bills.

The cost of treating diseases and covering unavoidable expenses can be unexpectedly high, which might not really feel heavy on the pocket at the moment but it is always smart to be aware of and prepared for it when one can.

Unlike India, where one might have to spend INR500 to INR1000 to see a general physician, the same may cost him/her a couple of thousand bucks in the US, Canada, UK, or any other foreign country for that matter. Picturing uncertainties and being well-prepared for them is undoubtedly the safest thing to do when travelling abroad for higher studies. Here's all you should know about travel insurance for overseas students.

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What is Travel Insurance for Overseas Students?

Student travel insurance policy is designed for prospective international students in India in order to provide them with financial protection against unforeseen circumstances that a student may be prone to. A student travel insurance makes sure that international travel expenses do not burn a hole in your pocket and disrupt your dream to pursue higher education abroad.

What are the Benefits of Student Travel Insurance?

Here are the reasons why you should consider applying for student travel insurance:

  • It acts as a financial cushion in case travel-related issues crop up such as health hazards.

  • If you fall ill or meet with an accident, a comprehensive travel insurance plan will make sure that your medical expenses are covered.

  • You are free to pick a plan according to your requirements and budget.

  • It covers a wide range of facilities including bail bonds, sponsor protection, two-way flight tickets of family members travelling to support while you are facing medical issues, cost of medical treatment, medical evaluation, loss of baggage, personal liability, and more. Find the detailed list below.

  • In some countries, possessing valid student travel insurance is mandatory.

  • Healthcare costs in top study destinations such as the US, UK, Europe, among others, will be way higher than in India.

  • Travel insurance will also help protect your personal savings, which you would have to otherwise spend in case of an emergency.

Overall, it makes sure that any sudden medical emergency does not lead to any financial catastrophe.

How Much Does Medical Treatment Cost Across the World?

Here is a summary of how much medical treatments cost in India and how much they cost in the US, Malaysia, Africa, Korea and Thailand:

Medical Treatment







Dental Implant














Heart Bypass







Hip Replacement







Knee Replacement





Not Available


Spinal Fusion





Not Available


IVF Treatments







Gastric Bypass






Not Available

Heart Valve Replacement







Source: Economic Times/

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What Does Student Travel Insurance Cover?

Travel insurance for a student travelling abroad for higher studies usually covers the following:

  • Medical emergency-related expenses in a foreign country may include a sudden injury, illness or death.

  • Checked baggage loss or delay by the insured students carrier.

  • In case of death or permanent disablement, a student travel insurance will reimburse the tuition fee incurred for the remaining period of studies.

  • The transport expenses to transfer the insureds remains back to the home country, in case of his/her untimely demise.

  • Dental treatment, if required.

  • Compensation in case of a personal accident whilst overseas which causes a permanent disability or death.

  • Expenses related to loss of passport and replacement of the same.

  • Return ticket fare of a family member visiting the insured who has been hospitalized for 7 days or more will be reimbursed.

  • In case the sponsor of the insured student dies due to an injury, his/her tuition fees will be reimbursed.

  • The bail amount for someone who has been arrested or detained in a foreign country will be taken care of.

Note: Every student travel insurance plan will vary from one another. One must make sure that they are well informed about the same before they buy one.

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What Student Travel Insurance Policy May Not Cover

A typical student travel insurance plan in India may exclude the following from their coverage list:

  • Loss of baggage sent separately or in advance and any baggage delay while in India will not be compensated for.

  • Delay of flight due to a hazard made public before buying the insurance.

  • Claims arising from high-risk adventure activities such as scuba diving, rock climbing, paragliding, etc.

  • Death or illness of a pet.

  • Losses arising from being drunk or being under the influence of drugs.

  • Missing flight due to local agitations, war, nuclear threat or protests.

  • Expenses incurred due to suicide, mental disorder, HIV/AIDS, any venereal disease.

  • Expenses incurred when travelling without the consent of the insured students physician, travelling to get prescribed medical treatment, or suffering from a terminal disease.

  • Undeclared pre-existing illness or disease.

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How to Purchase Student Travel Insurance Policy?

With everything right at the tip of our fingertips, days are gone when students would have to visit a travel insurance company to purchase travel insurance. The ideal way today is to research what all plans are available for students studying abroad and explore if they meet all of our requirements.

The student should always understand the coverage of the insurance, compare them along with their prices with at least 30 other similar travel insurance providers and eventually go for the one that seems like the right fit.

Notably, one should also have a look at at least 25,000 customer reviews and pick the one that managed to get at least 50% of its customers to post a positive review.

Things to Remember Before Buying Student Travel Insurance

Listed below are some important points that one should remember while purchasing student travel insurance:

  • University Guidelines for Student Travel Insurance: Many foreign universities have specific preset guidelines which the travel insurance should be in line with. In case the guidelines do not meet the travel insurance coverage, the university may reject the application or cancel the admission.

  • Be Sure of the Amount of Medical Coverage: One should get all the details from the company from which they buy the travel insurance and make sure that they are well aware of what all the plan will cover.

  • Find Out the Minimum Sum Insured and Premium: International students usually opt for sum insured ranging between US$250,000 and US$ 500,000. Having said that, it should comply with the university guidelines, if any.

  • Study Destination: The insurance plan will vary based on the country the student will be studying in. This is because of the variation in the cost of medical treatment in different countries.

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