Global Study Awards for Indian Students


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Global Study Awards are specifically designed for students with a genuine interest in intercultural understanding and who perceive the experience of studying abroad with a lens of optimism. Read the article to learn more about the Global Study Award, its eligibility criteria, the application process, the documents required, and so on!

Global Study Awards for Indian Students

Are you an aspiring young dreamer who wants to study abroad and exchange your cultural values with the world? Or, do you believe that studying abroad could be an optimistically transformative experience that carries a life-changing impact, both personally and professionally? If your answer to any of these questions is a resounding ‘Yes!’, then the Global Study Awards is the right choice for you.

Funded by the British Council IELTS, International Student Identity Card (ISIC), and StudyPortals, the Global Study Award supports exceptionally bright-minded individuals who convey their motivational spark to promote intercultural understanding and tolerance. 

It is a merit-based award aimed at inspiring more international scholars to pursue their preferred undergraduate or postgraduate academic courses at any given university in the UK that helps them become acquainted with other nations, their people, religion, tradition, language, lifestyles, and more. The Global Study Awards supports zealous and dexterous individuals who can demonstrate the following abilities:

  • A strong dedication to advancing their careers is required of applicants.

  • Showcase willingness to improve society as a whole through their educational pursuits.

  • Candidates who sincerely want to foster more intercultural exchange and mutual comprehension.

In this article, we will discuss nearly everything about the Global Study Awards including its eligibility essentials, document requirements, application process, and so on.

Global Study Awards Value and What it Covers!

As discussed, the Global Study Award is a believer that a student's life is significantly impacted by the experience of studying abroad since it gives them an opportunity to advance personally as well as professionally to gain cross-cultural experience and subtle ways life works. The table below shows the amount covered by Global Study Awards and the conditions under which it can be used by the awardee:

Expense Type


Award Value

GBP 10,000

Award Limitations


Application Fee Waiver

Not Covered

Tuition & Fees

A fixed amount of GBP 10,000 will be adjusted

Library, Books, etc.



Partially funded if the tuition fee is below the awarded amount

Travel Cost

Not Covered

Health Cover


Spouse/Child Care

Not Covered


If the award fund is left after incorporation into tuition fees, the remained amount may be allocated per diem for living costs for the first 52 weeks (maximum)

Eligibility for Global Study Awards

The following are the eligibility criteria for Global Study Awards set by its sponsoring authorities which must be adhered to by all international applicants:

  • The candidate must have previously taken the IELTS Academic exam at a British Council testing facility and have a valid Test Report Form (TRF) in their possession.

  • On the commencement date of the study programme, the applicant must be at least 18 years old.

  • The applicant must have a full-time academic undergraduate or graduate programme in the UK lined up for the following autumn semester.

  • At the time of applying for the Global Study Award, the candidate must be in possession of a current International Student Identity Card (ISIC) or International Youth Travel Card (IYTC).

  • By the deadline for their chosen academic course, the prospective student must present a letter of acceptance from their chosen university.

Know More About the Global Study Awards! 

Global Study Awards Applicable Courses, Universities, and Country

This award applies to all types of undergraduate and postgraduate academic programmes available at higher education institutions and universities in the UK. Hence, the Global Study Award is available to all prospective students located anywhere in the world who want to study in the UK. It follows that the award fund of GBP 10,000 is fixed, and it will not change even if the awardee’s preferred programme is costing more or even less. 

When the awardee's tuition fee exceeds GBP 10,000, they can use this amount to adjust the equivalent tuition fee for their programme, while the remaining fees must be paid by the awardee. In the event that the student's tuition fee does not exceed GBP 10,000, the remaining funds may be used to support the student's living expenses for a maximum period of 52 weeks, beginning from the date they first registered at the college.

Application Deadline for Global Study Awards

The deadline for Global Study Awards is around mid-July each year given that these awards are distributed for academic courses that start between August and October, irrespective of the specialisation and level of course a student prefers to choose. However, the deadline for Global Study Award for the fall intake may be different depending upon the authority’s discretion.

The applications will be reviewed and assessed by a panel of judges made up of delegates from the participating organisations. Before making the final decision on the winner, qualified applicants will be nominated and asked for an in-person interview. Three months following the application deadline for Global Study Awards, the winners will be declared.

Note: All the application deadlines for this award are set based on the authority’s discretion and are subject to change year after year. Hence, applicants are advised to visit the official website of the British Council IELTS to stay updated with the latest information and apply accordingly.

How to Apply for Global Study Awards?

There is a separate external application process for the Global Study Awards. There exists no way to submit a direct application for this award. After the application submission, the panel of judges will only select two winners worldwide who will be awarded this award. Further, the Award prize will be used to cover tuition fees in the first instance, paid directly to the successful candidate's institution of higher education.

Documents Required for Global Study Awards

To be eligible to apply for the Global Study Award, the applicant must attach all the required supporting documents to the application. In addition to the standard application documents like academic transcripts, valid passports, extracurricular activities participation certificates, etc., the application will require the following supplementary documents:

  • By the deadline, the student should submit an admission letter from the applicable UK institution.

  • The applicant must carry a legit and valid International youth travel card (IYTC) or international student identity card.

  • Review your time spent studying at in a few sentences.

  • The student should share their study abroad experience briefly by visiting the official website of

Benefits of Receiving Global Study Awards

There are various benefits of receiving the Global Study Award that can be availed of by the awardee. Here are a few of them:

  • The applicant can study in the UK by deciding on any course specialisation, which means there is no restriction on the type of academic course a student has to mandatorily take.

  • The candidate is free to avail themselves of Global Study Awards at any course level such as bachelor's certificate, bachelor's diploma, bachelor's degree, master's certificate, master's diploma, master's degree, and more.

  • A student is free to study at any higher academic institution in the United Kingdom i.e., the award is not restricted to any particular institution.

  • For a maximum of 52 weeks beginning with the date the student first enrolled at the higher academic institution in the UK, the remaining funds may be granted as per diem for living expenses if tuition fees fall below the individual award fund maximum of GBP 10,000.

  • The applicant will be able to excel in their lives both personally and professionally since they will be actively involved in the tradition, culture, and lifestyle of the nation.

  • The student will be capable of living a life in the UK as an international student which will help them open their minds to different perspectives of seeing the world.

  • Awardees will be able to prove their potential to contribute to society through the application of the education they received at prominent universities.

ProTips for Winning Global Study Awards

Given that it is one of the most prominent scholarships for international students to study in the UK, there is fierce competition among scholars worldwide, from which only two winners will be awarded. Incorporating the following protips in your day-to-day life may help you win the Global Study Award.

  • Increase your extracurricular participation

  • Improve your leadership skills

  • Take the IELTS Academic test well in advance as you will be required to attach IELTS results to your scholarship application

  • Obtain certificates related to your course of study that proves how well you are committed to building your career in it

  • Show in your essays (if required, if any) that you have a sincere interest in intercultural exchange and understanding

  • Convey your talents or the way you are particularly motivated to dissolve yourself to discover new countries, languages, traditions, cultures, and so on

  • Communicate or talk about your beliefs on how studying abroad can alter your mind positively and can prove to be one of the most liberating experiences of your life

In conclusion, the Global Study Award does not put any restrictions on the level or the type of programme one can pursue. Still, it is important to remember that it gives preference to candidates who grasp that studying abroad is a personal and professional learning experience whose positive impact stays with a personal life-long. For detailed information about Global Study Award and its application, prospective students must check the official website of the British Council IELTS.

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