Top 10 Books to Polish Your English Language Skills


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English is the most commonly used language for communication and every individual must have an effective command on this language to succeed in life. Here is the list of English language books which you can refer to.

Top 10 Books to Polish Your English Language Skills

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English language plays a vital role in all aspects of life, be it a competitive examination, English Language test for study abroad, interviews, workplace or personal communication with people. If you wish to have a bright career or reach out to people across the world, you must certainly have a strong command over the English language, including reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

The language can be learned either by joining a good coaching institute or by referring to some of the best English language books. There are a great number of English language books that are available in the market. Choosing one of the many books may be difficult but to help you find the ideal book, we have shortlisted 10 best English language books. 

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Top 10 Books to Polish your English Language Skills

In order to feel confident while communicating in English, the first thing you need to do is to become a vivid reader. Whether it is a novel or a newspaper, the best way to enhance your reading, writing and speaking skills is by reading as much English content as possible. 

Now, let us look at the 10 great books to polish your English language skills: 

Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis 

Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis is a core book on the English Language that helps readers understand the correct usage of words. It is a useful book for those who want to enhance their vocabulary. Candidates preparing for entrance exams like GMAT , GRESAT, ACT, IELTS or TOEFL can also benefit from this book. The book is designed systematically and helps readers improve the English language effectively. 

The book covers words, vocabulary and grammar in an interesting manner so that the learner remembers it for a long time. 

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Spoken English and Grammar Book for Beginners by Vikram Khanna 

This is one of the best books to build vocabulary, understand sentence patterns and learn  English grammar. The book covers core topics like conversation practice, sentence correction, vocabulary which helps students learn the language in an effective manner. In addition to this, the coursebook defines strategies to improve vocabulary, English Language speaking skills, grammar, etc. 

With nearly 1,500 teachers and 10,000 students relying on Khanna’s training sessions, the book has helped people from all walks of life. 

Everyday English for Grown-Ups By Michelle Finlay

This is one of the best books to self-study and improve English language skills. The book covers a list of basic vocabulary which is used in our day-to-day life like workplace or daily routine work. It also substantially emphasises on all aspects of the language like reading, writing, learning and speaking.

The book covers many exercises, vocabulary and grammar rules as practice sets and is also widely popular among learners because of its intelligible and effective content. 

How to Write and Speak Effective, Powerful and Fluent English by Raj and Anil Bapna

It is another good book that helps readers to learn effective English communication skills. The bestseller mainly focuses on writing and reading skills, making it easier for learners to self-learn the language. It has short exercises, lessons to teach grammar and core concepts of grammar and tenses to help readers learn fluent English.

Raj Bapna is one of the most popular authors who has also written computer books in the US in 1988 and 1990. 

The Definitive Guide to IELTS Academic: Preparation and Practice

The ‘Definitive Guide to IELTS Academic: Preparation and Practice’ by Audrone Raskauskiene, Irena Ragaisiene,  Ramute Zemaitiene, Santanu Sinha Chaudhuri is one of the best books to prepare for the IELTS exam. The guide also comprises a separate book for General Training. 

The book is useful and helpful for IELTS aspiring candidates in achieving their desired goal. The language used in the book is easy to understand. All instructions are well explained and focus on the core concepts. Each topic is explained in detail with a focus on core concepts. 

Spoken English for My World by Sabina Pillai

The Spoken English for My World is a book which is very useful for people who not only want to improve their reading and writing skills but also want to improve their English speaking skills. 

The book is useful for learners to improve their English skills at the personal, professional and social level. The book is available on e-commerce websites and it comes with audio and video components along with quizzes in a designated app.

The book has a spoken grammar and spoken vocabulary section and is a complete guide for students who want to learn the English language and its usage on a daily basis.

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Spoken English (English Improvement for Success) by Alison Reid

This is a wonderful book for students who want to get command of the English language, especially spoken English. 

It is a useful book for students who have good English reading and writing skills but are not very fluent in speaking. While learning how to speak fluent English takes time, the book helps readers gain confidence and speak in English impressively. 

Common Errors in Everyday English by Saumya Sharma

This book is useful for readers who are beginners. It is designed in a very simple language for readers to understand the core concepts of English like grammar, tenses and how to write correct English. The book contains exercises to find out errors in sentence, paragraph etc, based on incorrect use of grammar, tenses, phrase etc.

The Elevate Series by Shefali Ray, Samathmika Balaji and Simran Luthra

It is a series of three books designed to help readers understand the language at three levels- Elementary, Pre-intermediate and Intermediate. 

It is a highly recommended book series to understand all the four skills of English- writing, reading, speaking and listening. It also helps readers understand English grammar and vocabulary effectively through a selection of exercises and activities at the end of the book. The same are highly engaging and make the learning process simple and fun.

Business English: A Complete Guide for All Business and Professional Communications

This book is written by Prem P Bhalla and is designed to help students learn the basics of spoken business English. It is an easy-to-understand book that explains how people should interact with each other at the professional level.

The book helps students understand manners, etiquette and body language that they should inculcate while speaking in English. It is also an effective book to learn how to write an effective email and memos. In addition to this, readers learn how to talk on the phone and give an effective speech. 

The above 10 books are some of the best English Speaking Books for different types of readers. The book can be purchased from stores or e-commerce websites. The reader can select the book by understanding their level of understanding of the English language and the purpose of buying the book. 

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