Top 10 Commerce Courses in Canada for Indian Students After 12th


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Are you from a Commerce background and looking to study in Canada after 12th? Do you wish to pursue your dreams by opting for some of the top Commerce courses in Canadian Universities and colleges after 12th? Here we bring you the top 10 Commerce courses in Canada for international students after 12th.

Top 10 Commerce Courses in Canada for Indian Students After 12th

Top 10 Commerce Courses in Canada After 12th: With a student-friendly climate, a large range of programmes, high-tech universities, affordable tuition and living expenses, and worldwide exposure, Canada provides numerous advantages to international students who want to pursue a career in commerce. Canada, a member of the G-7, is well-known across the world for its industrial prowess and superior educational system. The government is nothing short of a utopia for students looking to start their careers after 12th grade, as it provides an array of top Commerce courses after 12th grade for international students.

In Canada, Indian students can study various bachelor courses in commerce after 12, such as B.Com, BBA, Economics, BCA, Accounting, Journalism, Management, etc. Canada has become one of the top countries to pursue such programmes, with a reasonable number of colleges providing degrees in the business stream. Let us look at these top 10 Commerce courses in Canada for international students after the 12th grade in detail.

Why Study in Canada After 12th?

An increasing number of international students are interested in studying in Canada after 12th. In the last decade, there has been a sharp rise in the number of freshmen students going to Canada, especially from India, to study top courses in Canada after 12th. It is regarded as the most desirable country for higher education among Indian students. Canada offers high-quality education, internship opportunities, and open government laws on post-study jobs and immigration. 

Canada has redefined what it means to study abroad. Scholarships and post-study work permits have raised the calibre of education due to the low cost of living. It shows that education in foreign nations is no longer just for the wealthy; it benefits everyone.

Want to Pursue Higher Studies in Canada After Class 12th?

Eligibility Requirements to Study Commerce Courses in Canada After 12th

Each university's application and admissions procedure is handled individually in Canada, for instance, the universities in Ontario accept applications via the OUAC portal, whereas colleges in British Columbia use the EducationPlannerBC portal. Thus, students need to check which portal the university prefers and ensure that they meet all of the entry requirements for the course. Generally, the admission and documents requirements to study bachelors in Canada after 12th are:

  • A minimum of 65% in grade 12 in a relevant field of study from a recognised high school.

  • English language proficiency exam scores - any one of IELTS/TOEFL/PTE/Duolingo is necessary.

  • ACT/SAT scores as per the requirements of the university/college.

  • Statement of Purpose (SOP) or admission essays.

  • Letters of Recommendation (LORs).

  • A valid passport.

  • Financial documents and bank statements.

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Top Commerce Courses to Study in Canada After 12th

Now that we know the prominent reasons to study in Canada after 12th, let us know about the top 10 courses to study in Canada after 12th for international students. 

#1 Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)

Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) is the first programme on our list of the top 10 commerce courses in Canada after 12th grade. The course will give you a solid foundation in modern business and its practices. The approved degree prepares you for a rewarding job in business or management, where you will make a positive contribution to the global economy. One of the most significant advantages of getting a BCom in Canada is the availability of well-paying employment.

#2 Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

BBA or Bachelor of Business Administration is a popular degree programme among overseas students wishing to study in Canada. A BBA degree from a Canadian university can also lead to a variety of job prospects in Canada and overseas for international students. Graduates with a BBA are in high demand in a number of businesses, with excellent pay and possibilities for promotion.

#3 Bachelor in Economics

In Canada, a Bachelor's degree in Economics is a three or four-year undergraduate programme. It provides students with in-depth knowledge of economic topics such as inflation, unemployment, the national debt, taxation policy, labour force analysis, social policy reform, international trade policy, natural resources and environmental economics. This programme prepares graduates for the job market by providing them with desirable critical thinking and analytical skills.

#4 Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

BCA, or Bachelor of Computer Applications, is one of Canada's top 10 commerce courses after 12th. A degree in Computer Science or Computer Applications from a Canadian college or university will vastly improve one's academic career. The course is intended to give students the knowledge and abilities they need to excel in computer science and information technology.

#5 Bachelor of Foreign Trade (BFT)

Bachelor of Foreign Trade (BFT) is a three-year undergraduate programme that deals with the international trade of commodities and services between two countries/parties. The degree programme typically lasts three to four years with plenty of practical experience opportunities. Jobs for graduates with a bachelor's degree in foreign trade include Business Analyst, Market Analyst, Auditor, Foreign Trade Operations Manager, Professor/ Lecturer, Marketing Manager, and others.

#6 Bachelor of Accounting

Accounting degrees give opportunities for lucrative careers in the commercial and financial sectors. A bachelor's degree in Accounting can help those with analytical minds and critical thinking abilities prepare for professions in finance. Students learn to study financial records, assess risks, and comply with tax rules. They also learn fundamental accounting concepts and theories, as well as receive experience generating financial papers. Accounting graduates can find work in a wide range of industries, enterprises, and government bodies.

#7 Bachelor in Hospitality/Bachelor in Hotel Management

The Bachelor of Hospitality Management curriculum will include a chance to acquire strong industry connections as well as technical and practical skills in hospitality marketing, accounting, human resources, management, and other areas. Students studying hospitality management are frequently given the chance to gain hands-on experience in real-world hospitality firms.  Graduates of the Management of Hospitality course are prepared to work in a variety of disciplines, including hotel management, tourist programmes, and sales and marketing.

#8 Bachelor of Management Studies

Students from leading Canadian colleges may register in a bilingual programme with a hands-on curriculum and internship chances. A Bachelor of Management degree will take three to four years to complete at universities in Canada, depending on the number of years the candidate has already studied, transfer credits, and the number of electives they want to take.

#9 Bachelor of Statistics 

Bachelor of Statistics or BSc Statistics is a bachelor's degree subject that focuses on statistics and improves problem-solving abilities and mathematical knowledge, which are required for statistical analysis and problem resolution. A rigorous study of issues from Maths and Economics is included in the BSc Statistics. It is a 3-4 year course with two semesters every year, for a total of 6-8 semesters. The curriculum focuses on the deep study of Mathematics, Statistics, Probability, logic and arguments.

#10 Bachelor of Journalism

Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC) is a three or four-year undergraduate degree that is divided into six semesters including a mandatory internship. This degree is designed for students who desire to work in the sector of journalism and media. As one of the top 10 Commerce courses in Canada after 12th grade, this course teaches students about various journalistic and media skills that will help them build a foundation to understand the fundamental concepts of this field. It includes liberal arts studies, broadcast journalism, and many fundamentals of journalism, media, and communication.

Top Universities in Canada to Study Commerce Courses After 12th

With world-class colleges and a dynamic student-friendly climate, it is no surprise that Canada is a favourite educational destination for students all over the world. Some globally renowned universities to consider are listed below:

Top Universities in Canada

QS World University Rankings 2023

McGill University


University of Toronto


University of British Columbia


University of Alberta


University of Montréal


McMaster University


University of Waterloo


Western University


University of Ottawa


University of Calgary


Intakes to Study Commerce Courses in Canada After 12th

Every year, Canada welcomes over 650,000 foreign students, the vast majority of them are from India. There has been a significant increase in the number of candidates wanting to study in Canada in recent years. As a result of the increased competitiveness, it is important to observe the intake seasons and apply on time.

Intakes in Canada

Starting Month







With growing cut-offs in India each year, it might be challenging to gain admission to our desired college or follow a certain course. However, if we look beyond our borders, we will find enormous opportunities. As a result, Canada is one of the greatest and most popular destinations for students interested in studying top Commerce courses in Canada after 12th. 

If you have any further queries about the top Commerce courses in Canada after 12th, you can reach out to our study abroad experts at 

Know the Right University As Per Your Course in Canada!


What is the average fee for studying BBA in Canada after 12th?

BBA in Canada is another four-year programme that teaches the essentials of business management, including finance, marketing, organisational behaviour, human resources, and strategy. There is a focus on building effective leadership and decision-making abilities, as well as good communication skills. Every year, the typical price for BBA is roughly CAD 25,000 to CAD 30,000. BBA degrees from top Canadian colleges may earn up to CAD 80,000.

What is the average fee for studying BCA in Canada after 12th?

BCA covers the fundamentals of computer applications and software development. If you want to work in the IT field, this is the most popular course that will teach you everything from networking to programming. To take BCA, you must have Maths as a subject in 12th grade. It is likewise a four-year programme with an annual price of roughly CAD 20,000 to CAD 25,000. The University of Alberta, the University of Ottawa, Concordia University, and the University of Toronto are some well-known BCA colleges.

Is a Certified Financial Planner among the top Commerce courses to study in Canada after 12th?

It is the most popular finance course and requires you to go through a rigorous process.  To eventually achieve the CFP certification, the student must complete the certification programme, pass the CFP exam, fulfil ethics criteria, get a 4-year degree, and complete 6000 hours of professional experience. Although the course takes only 18-24 months to complete, there are numerous additional requirements to obtain certification. Following certification, you can expect to earn CAD 60,000.

What is the minimum percentage required to study top Commerce courses in Canada after 12th?

In general, you need to score between 70 and 80% to get into your dream university. Your eligibility and admission criteria, however, will be determined by your exam and language results, as well as the university's entry requirements. Indian students can enter Canada and begin living there in a variety of ways. The Student Partnership programme and the Student Direct Stream are two popular options. 

What are the requirements for Canada Student Visa to study top Commerce courses after 12th?

Because the application process can take up to seven weeks due to the processing of numerous documents, it is best to apply for a student visa in advance. During the interview, you must impress the immigration officer. The needed documents are listed below.

  • A legitimate university/college admission letter.

  • Adequate funds to support your education (living and tuition costs).

  • A medical certificate emphasising the importance of a healthy mind and body.

  • It should not pose a threat to Canadian security.

  • There are no prior criminal records.

  • Students should also check with the university or state they will be attending to see if any other criteria must be met.

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