Canada Spouse Visas: Eligibility, Documents Required and Application Process


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Are you planning to bring your common-law partner, spouse, dependent children, or other family members to join you while you study in Canada? If yes, then you may be confused about how is it possible to bring them on your Canada spouse visa for students. Check out the article below to get all your answers!

Canada Spouse Visa: Eligibility, Documents Required and Application Process

Every year, hundreds of foreign students enrol in Canada's esteemed educational institutions to further their studies. Several of these pupils have got married and have families from which they do not wish to be separated.

In a similar circumstance, you could wonder, 'Can my spouse work while I study in Canada?" Yes! As per Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the spouse of a foreign scholar has the prospect of submitting an application for a spousal work permit.

All candidates who apply for Canada study permits must compose a statement outlining their motivations for choosing to study in the country. The candidate may provide justification for wanting their spouse and/or children to come to Canada with them in this part of the application. The immigration officer's discretion will ultimately determine whether to approve a study permit. 

Furthermore, it is possible to apply for a Canada student visa alone, then submit an amended application later on asking for permission for family members to accompany them to Canada. In this article, we will discuss Canada Spouse Visa for Students, eligibility, document requirements, the application process, and more.

Latest Updates on Canada Spouse Visa for Students

Canada has unveiled a number of revolutionary reforms as part of its goal to make it simpler for those who seek PR in Canada to migrate with their families, notably a new open work permit for petitioners in the spouse and family class. The following are some of the major measures that were announced:

  • Spousal applicants will see quicker temporary residence visa (TRV) processing periods, and the majority of their applications will be handled in less than a month.

  • An updated open work permit for candidates in the spousal and family classes.

  • Newly developed processing tools/methods specifically for spousal TRV candidates.

  • Extensions of open work permit for individuals with open work permits that expire between August 1 and December 31, 2023.

Applying for a Spouse Visa for Students in Canada? 

Can I Bring My Family While I Study in Canada as an International Student?

Yes, you can bring your family while you Study in Canada as an international student. The bearer of a Canada student visa must prove to the visa officer that they will depart the nation after their temporary permit expires. Your nearest and dearest are defined as follows for the purposes of this policy: 

Your common-law partner: A person you have been residing or living with for a minimum of one year. 

Your spouse: The person to whom you are lawfully wed, i.e., your wife or husband. 

Dependent children: Your own children or the children of your spouse or partner, as long as they are under 22 and are not already married or in a conjugal relationship.

Your spouse, partner, or dependant children may be qualified for a work permit, visitor visa, or study permit and be allowed to come with you to Canada once your study permit has been approved. Nevertheless, other family members, such as your siblings, parents, aunts etc. are not necessarily entitled to accompany you to Canada.

Canada Spouse Open Work Permit (SOWP)

With a spousal open work permit (SOWP), a person's spouse or common-law partner is permitted to work in Canada for any company that accepts foreign workers. You can apply for a SOWP without having received a job offer from a Canadian employer because it is not employer-specific. 

Eligibility for Spouse Visa for Students in Canada

Your spouse or common-law partner might be allowed to visit or work in Canada with you once your application for a study permit there has been approved. The citizen's partner must meet specific eligibility requirements to sponsor the spouse visa. The following list includes the prerequisites for Spouse Visa for Students in Canada:

  • Age 18 or older is required for the spouse.

  • They must be a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen.

  • They must be law-abiding and have no severe criminal convictions on their record.

  • Within the next five years, they cannot be requested to Canada as a sponsored spouse.

Documents Required for Student Spouse Visa Canada

Ideally, you should submit your study permit application and your family's visitor visa, work permit, or study permit application together if you plan to bring them while you study in Canada. The following documents are necessary for a Canada Spouse Visa for Students:

  • Background documents as requested

  • Completed application & paid consulate fees

  • Sufficient proof of funds

  • Relationship proof such as living together

  • Passport & travel history

  • Spouse/partner photographs including marriage certificate

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Step-Wise Application Process for Canada Spouse Visa for Students

If your application for a study permit is granted, your spouse or partner may submit an application for a visitor visa or an open work permit, and you may submit an application for a visitor record for your children. The following is a step-wise application process for a spouse visa for students in Canada:

Step #1: Execute Meticulous Research and Planning

To submit an application, you must first execute meticulous Research and planning. This step comprises the applicant's intended course of study and the universities in Canada to which they wish to apply for admission.

Step #2: Take English Language Proficiency Tests

Applicants must take an English language proficiency test with their wives to ascertain their level of mastery. Applicants and their spouses may include these scores in their applications after the results are announced.

Step #3: Submit Both the Applications Together

All required documents must be submitted with the application jointly by the student and their spouse. 

Step #4: Wait for the Decision on Your Application

The candidate will be notified roughly two weeks after their study permit is approved along with whether their spouse visa has been granted. If the student visa has been accepted, the prospective student can depart for Canada.

Your spouse or common-law partner must submit a separate application for their study permit if they wish to participate in a long-term academic programme in Canada. Further, those who want to bring their families along should be ready to provide proof that they have sufficient resources to feed them. An overseas student ought to remain mindful of how this may influence their healthcare and housing coverage requirements if they are migrating to Canada with their spouse and/or dependent children.

Need more detailed information about Canada Spouse Visa for Students? If yes, then email your doubts to us at to get them resolved by our experts immediately!

Know More About Spouse Visa for Students in Canada! 


Can I bring my family with me if I am applying for a Canada spouse visa for students through SDS?

Yes, you can bring your family if you are applying for a Canada spouse visa for students through the Student Direct Stream (SDS). Your common-law partner or spouse, as well as any dependant children, are allowed to come and reside in Canada with you. They might also be qualified for a visitor visa, a work visa, and a Canadian study permit. Keep in mind that you must submit online applications for both study permits at the same time. 

What are the Canada student spouse visa requirements?

The following criteria for a Canada student spouse visa requirements must be met by you and your spouse if you want to apply for your spouse's work permit and student visa jointly:

  • Marriage certificate or marriage-related documents such as photographs

  • You must be married for a minimum of one year before you apply for a spousal work permit.

  • You must also present additional proofs of your ongoing relationship such as you share the same house even if you are married.

  • Information about your dependent children and proof of sufficient funds.

Will bringing my family to Canada affect my chances of qualifying for a study permit?

In some cases, it can be said that bringing your family to Canada may affect your chances of qualifying for a study permit. For example, your request for a study permit can be denied if the visa officer is unconvinced that you have the necessary funds to maintain your family in Canada or that you do not have any compelling reasons to return to your home country once you graduate.

How long does it take to obtain a Canada spouse open work permit?

Obtaining a Canada spouse open work permit takes several months as many factors do affect the process such as failure to provide proof of sufficient funds, if the couples are living separately, etc. However, the Canada spouse visa processing time from India may take nearly 12 months (for 80% of applicants; except for non-Quebec applications). 

Can my spouse continue to live in Canada once I obtain a PGWP?

Yes, your spouse can continue to live in Canada once you obtain a Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP). Your spouse may be qualified to reissue their spousal work permit and remain in Canada with you if you intend to apply for a PGWP after your graduation. Your spousal work permit can only be renewed for the same period of your PGWP.

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