Countries with Best Weather for Indian Students


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If you are looking for adventure in warm or cold weather, studying abroad provides an endless list of options. For all those craving extra sunshine, breezy evenings or soaking some vitamin D on beaches, we have compiled a list of the best countries having suitable weather for Indian students to study abroad.

Countries with Best Weather for Indian Students

In recent years, the number of international students has steadily increased at overseas universities as more and more Indian students are seeking international degrees. Studying abroad is valuable for Indian students not only professionally but personally as well. Students get to gain crucial international exposure, upskills themselves and make their resumes stand out.

While studying in a foreign country, Indian students experience a plethora of diversity and go through a dynamic change. Adjusting to a different country, environment, culture and community is not easy. However, the picturesque view and friendly communities ease the settling-in process.

Be it beaches, sparkling blue lakes, dense forests, or open green spaces, students are tempted to explore and experience nature up and close. However, students often forget to factor in the climate or weather pattern of a country while shortlisting countries to study abroad. It should be one of the top criteria for selecting a country.

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How Should I Choose My Study Abroad Destination?

This question could have several answers depending on a variety of factors. Some countries always perform better in terms of education, quality of life, post-study career opportunities, affordability, and cost of living. However, in the realm of education, there are some countries like Canada, the USA, the UK, New Zealand, Germany, the Netherlands, and Australia that tend to excel more than others.

Notwithstanding, one factor we cannot miss is climatic conditions or weather of the country you are planning to pursue your higher education since weather ultimately impacts us greatly. Below are some of the best countries in the world where Indian students can study unhindered by bad weather.

Best Countries for Indian Students to Study With Suitable Weather

The climate in India is diverse with a wide range of weather conditions across a large area and a variety of topography. India is mostly a tropical country with hot and humid summers and cold winters. India's geography and geology influence the climate, especially in the Himalayan region to the north and in the Thar Desert to the northwest. So, Indians are not used to extremely cold temperatures or unexpected rains.

Thus, it may be hard for Indian students to suddenly adjust themselves to a new atmosphere. However, with the right clothing and accessories and precautions, anyone can adjust to a new environment easily. Let us discuss some top countries where Indian students can adjust easily.

Here are some of the top countries with a suitable climate for Indian students:

Study in Germany

Particularly for Indian students, studying in Germany is a boon. It is because Germany offers affordable education, a golden career path, and exposure to multiple cultures. It is quite affordable to study at private universities, while there is no fee charged at public universities. Throughout German universities, extensive emphasis is placed on research and practical training to prepare students for successful careers.

What Weather to Expect in Germany?

The average daily temperature in Germany is around 0 C (32 F) or slightly higher, and mild summers are characterised by maximum temperatures of 23/26 C (73/79 F). The North Atlantic Drift moderates the climate of Germany. Generally, Germany is a year-round destination, with mild summers and harsh winters (though severe frost is uncommon). Indian students enjoy the perfect climate which Germany offers, so you will have no trouble adjusting. Though perfection is subjective, Germany is known to be the country having four seasons all year round.

Here are some tips to deal with changing weather conditions in Germany:

  • To deal with the winter season in Germany, a scarf, a warm jacket, and a pair of gloves are essential for students to carry.

  • For the monsoon season, students can use rain jackets, water-proof bags, umbrellas, waterproof boots, and leather or rubber shoes.

Study in Canada

During the past few years, the number of international students choosing to study in Canadahas increased significantly. According to estimates, 14% of the total Indian student population lives in Canada. The best Canadian universities welcome Indian students who wish to study there, as the country is a longtime friend to India. The Canadian universities offer a wide range of courses, such as medicine, engineering, MBA, biotechnology, cybersecurity, and data science.

What Weather to Expect in Canada?

The typical summer high temperature in Canada ranges from 25 to 30 C (77 to 86 F), with temperatures occasionally topping 40 C (104 F) in some interior locations. The northern region of Canada is extremely frigid, with summer lasting only about two months. The weather in Canada is so cold and there is continuous snow cover.In a large part of the country, winter temperatures consistently dip below -30 degrees Celsius, making it a bitterly cold and intimidating time of year. Temperatures change rapidly throughout the year. It can be challenging for students who are used to the Indian weather conditions. But if you are someone who loves snowflakes, Canada is calling you.

Check out some tips to deal with changing weather conditions in Canada:

  • For monsoon season, students can use a fleece jacket to protect themselves from the rain as well as cold weather. Additionally, students can carry umbrellas, raincoats, rain jackets, waterproof bags, etc.

  • During the spring season, students can use appropriate waterproof boots or leather or rubber shoes.

  • To deal with winter weather, students should wear thermal or long Johns, wool sweaters or cardigans, light fleece jackets, winter pants, winter boots, warm socks, mittens or gloves, warm caps, etc.

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Study in Australia

With Australia's easing of visa requirements, Indian students have been flocking to study in Australia, making it one of the top destinations for international study. University degrees in Australia are recognized, cities have a vibrant culture, policies are flexible for students, and living standards are high. Thousands of students migrate to Australia every year to study at highly regarded Australian universities, which offer the best job opportunities in the world.

What Weather to Expect in Australia?

The average temperature in Australia frequently exceeds 35 C (95 F) and reasonably cool winters with minimum temperatures as low as 5 C (41 F) and a few frosty nights. The vast geography of Australia makes its climatic conditions unpredictable due to diverse environmental factors. The seasons in Australia are opposite of those in Asia or Europe since Australia is located in the Southern Hemisphere. Therefore, there are several different climate zones here.

However, the southern part of the country has a very pleasant climate throughout the year. The summer months last from December to March, whereas the winter months last from June to August. Hence, Indian students will have little or no problem adjusting here.

As an international student, here are some tips to deal with changing weather conditions in Australia:

  • For the summer season, students can use a base layer of thermals, long-sleeve t-shirts, jackets, scarfs, gloves, etc.

  • To deal with the winter season, students can wear sneakers, thermals, beanies, warm jackets, windproof jackets, warm bed socks, etc.

Study in the United States of America (USA)

The United States provides world-class education, a multicultural environment, a distinctive curriculum, and myriad career opportunities are many of the reasons why Indian students aspire to study in the USA.

The country is home to some of the world's best universities, several of which frequently rank in global university rankings. American universities are also noted for having high academic standards, adhering to rigorous policies to maintain quality, and being well-supported to provide an outstanding education to their students.

What Weather to Expect in the USA?

The average yearly temperature for the entire USA, excluding Hawaii and Alaska, is 52.7 F (11.5 C). Depending on where you are, there are only two options: good or bad. Due to its sheer size, the contiguous United States features a wide variety of climates. In the southwest plains of the USA, the summer is hot and humid, while it is very dry and hot in the southwest. For Indian students, the United States is a good option in terms of education as well as weather conditions.

You can follow these tips to deal with changing weather in the USA:

  • For monsoon, students can choose to wear knee-length skirts and capris or any synthetic clothes as they dry early.

  • To deal with winters, students can primarily wear outerwear such as jackets, coats, hats, scarves, earmuffs, and gloves or mittens.

Study in the United Kingdom (UK)

International students find the United Kingdomto be a multicultural country. Overseas students are drawn to the UK Universities as the second most popular destination in the world. Besides pursuing your higher education, you can interact with people from around the world and build networks without boundaries.

What Weather to Expect in the UK?

Throughout the year, the temperature in the UK normally ranges from 39F to 74F, with temperatures rarely falling below 30F or above 84F. The weather conditions in the UK can be unpredictable, the UK is often associated with rain. A rainy season does last through the entire year and it may surprise you anytime. On one afternoon you may experience stunning sunshine, blustery winds, and mizzle rain! No matter what the weather, if you dress right and keep an optimistic attitude, you can enjoy the UK.

Students should follow these tips to deal with changing weather in the UK:

  • To deal with the cold weather or winters, students can use clothes like Sweaters, Long-sleeved shirts, Socks, Trousers, Coats and Jackets.

  • For the monsoon, students should carry umbrellas, raincoats, rain jackets, waterproof bags, etc.

Study in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

TheUnited Arab Emirates, with an internationally acclaimed QS Rating, is awarded UPES five stars for its efforts in delivering high-quality education and four stars for overall teaching, along with five stars for employability. Students can expect plentiful internship opportunities while studying in the UAE. Getting relevant work experience is easy with internships.UAEUniversitiesoffermore than just theoretical knowledge.

What Weather to Expect in the UAE?

Throughout the year, the temperature in UAE normally ranges from 60F to 104F, with temperatures rarely falling below 55F or rising over 111F. Climate characteristics are mostly characterised by hot summers and cool winters. There are usually plenty of sunny days in the UAE, except during the middle of the summer which starts in July and ends in August.

The spring season runs from March to May with temperatures climbing steadily as summer peaks, and the autumn begins in September with temperatures falling. Ultimately, Indian students can consider UAE as a study abroad destination with little or no adjustments.

For some students, dealing with the UAE weather can be challenging. Thus, here are some tips to deal with changing weather conditions in the UAE:

  • For winter, students should use warm clothing.

  • For summers, students should wear breezy cotton garments and preferably white-coloured clothing.

Fortunately, the world is filled with a wide variety of destinations suitable for every type of student. Whether you prefer major cities or little communities, warm beach weather or cooler climates, these top countries offer a variety of weather conditions suitable for international students. The countries discussed abovehave been continuously receiving the lion's share of international student enrollments and have suitable weather for Indian students.

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