Indians Received One Out of Every Five US Student Visas in 2022: US Envoy


Mrunmayai Bobade
Updated on Jun 09, 2023 12:45 PM IST

The US envoy, Eric Garcetti, reports that every one-in-five US student visa was granted to Indians in 2022. It said the US will process more than one million visa applications in 2023, and it has already issued one-tenth of the volume of visas it processes worldwide.

Indians Received One Out of Every Five US Student Visas in 2022: US Envoy

As reported by Eric Garcetti, US Ambassador to India, Indians received one out of every five US student visas in 2022, highlighting the strides made by US consulates in India to shorten visa waiting times. 

During the academic year 2021-2022, more than 21% of all overseas students studying in the United States were Indian, totalling a number of 200,000. As of 2023, Indian students represent a statistic of 20% and above, almost similar to the last year, of all international students studying in the nation.

Garcetti emphasised the vitality of the bond between India and the USA during his remarks at the US Embassy in India. He pointed out that it was incredibly motivating to observe the execution of this mission and sense the durability of ties between the USA and India. 

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He added that compared to students from other nations, more Indians come to study in the USA every year. Further, India rose to the top spot in 2022, and he does not see that reversing in the foreseeable future. 

The ambassador continued, the US views this bond as being at the very core of the manner in which America outlines its principles of attracting not solely Americans to pursue higher education at US universities, but to widen its doors to students all across the globe.

In the year 2022, every one-in-five US student visas was granted to an Indian, which is a huge accomplishment. Thus, Indians have demonstrated their superiority in the USA for aeons in addition to pursuing schooling there, and in the words of Garcetti, the US is on pace to file the most US visa applications ever by the end of 2023. 

India received the largest percentages of H & L employment visas (65%) and F1 student visas (17.5%) globally in the year 2022. With over 1.2 million visits, Indians were one of the most substantial overseas visitor groups to the US in the same year. 

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The US Embassy in India is on the agenda to process more than a million visa requests in the year 2023 and has already processed more than a tenth of the total amount of visa requests since 2023 began. 

From June to August 2023, the US Mission will be interviewing the most Indian students ever. Over 125,000 student visas were issued by Mission India in the previous year, setting a new high.

This seventh yearly student visa day was hosted throughout India by the US Embassy, with around 3500 Indian students seeking visas being interviewed by consular officials from Chennai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Mumbai.

Source: The Economic Times

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