Over 35% of the World’s Top CEOs Studied Abroad - Survey


Cyril Zachariah
Updated on Dec 21, 2021 03:00 PM IST

A survey by Germany on European study choice portal shows that many of the top CEO’s of the world opted to study abroad. Know more.

Over 35% of the World’s Top CEOs Studied Abroad - Survey

A recent study by a European study choice portal based in Germany shows that the world’s top CEOs of different companies chose to to receive their higher education abroad. Around 283 CEOs participated in the survey who are named in the Forbes Global 2000 company ranking system.

The Founder and CEO of the European study choice portal, Bloss said that living in a different country shifts the perspectives of students studying abroad and enables them to thrive in the context of globalized, intertwined economics. He further said that international students tend to make friends from all over the world which later on in life help them to develop a global professional network that is valuable for corporate positions.

Over a quarter of CEOs work in a country other than their origin, mostly in Europe and Australia. The study also shows that most CEOs are from the UK or New Zealand. 

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The following table shows the percentage of CEO’s from different regions who chose to study abroad based on the survey:


%age of CEOs who Studied Abroad



Latin America










In the US, the number of CEOs who studied abroad is comparatively less. However, it has grown from 11% to 13% in the recent years. Talking about the youngest third of the CEOs, the share of those who studied abroad jumps to 41%. Reports also show that 66% of CEOs hold a master’s or doctoral degree while 2% of them did not attend university education.

Bloss said that studying abroad is still a privilege but the situation has improved a lot in the past one or two decades. Mobility schemes and institutional partnerships have played a major role in helping international students study abroad, he added. He further said that there are more virtual mobility options available that will replace the experience of studying abroad.

One of the major concerns in the entire survey was the lack of women in top posts around the globe. Figures show that 4.6% of the CEOs were women and almost half of the percentage was employed in various US companies. However, Bloss remains optimistic that more women will be taking the leading positions in companies.

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Source: The PIE News

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