Deakin University India Campus: 50% Tuition Fees, Scholarships, and more!


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Updated on Apr 05, 2023 12:49 PM IST

According to VC Prof Iain Martin, Deakin University in Australia would charge half the tuition fees at the GIFT City Gujarat campus and will provide scholarships to deserving students. The emphasis will be primarily on postgraduate education, with two programmes to begin with: Master of Cybersecurity and Master of Business Analytics.

Deakin University India Campus: 50% Tuition Fees, Scholarships, and more!

Deakin University in Australia is preparing to build a campus in India. Following the Prime Minister's declaration last year, it has become the first international institution to announce the establishment of its India campus. Deakin University's International Branch Campus (IBC) will open in Gujarat's GIFT City. According to Vice-Chancellor Professor Iain Martin, the admission standards will be the same as for its campuses in Australia, which are a good undergraduate degree, job experience, and English language proficiency scores.

Prof Martin spoke at length in an exclusive interview with a popular Indian news channel on everything from eligibility requirements and tuition fees to scholarships and placements. Here is some important information we extracted from the interview.

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Deakin's Vision for Selecting India as a Location for an Offshore Campus

Deakin University in Australia has a rich history of engagement in India spanning over three decades, with an attitude of "in India, with India, for India." Deakin University was the first foreign institution to establish operations in India. It has been a highly deep and productive collaboration with Indian students, academics, researchers, industry, and government organisations. Prof Martin further mentioned that India accounts for a sizable portion of its foreign student body. Via grants and fellowships, the Deakin India Research Initiative has been vital in increasing collaboration between India and Australia in critical scientific fields.

With over 50% of India's population under the age of 25, investing in world-class education is essential not just for the country's economic growth and development, but also for providing young persons with the required skills and knowledge to thrive in an ever-changing global scene. Finding a viable path for constructing an International Branch Campus in India is a very obvious extension of operations for Deakin University. 

Moreover, the availability of schools, inexpensive accommodation, hotels, and recreational amenities within GIFT City allows Deakin to plan a launch as early as next year. The IFSC guidelines for global campuses issued last October, which require laws and standards to be the same as the home school, made the possibility for Deakin much more appealing.

Why is Deakin University Just Offering Postgraduate Courses?

According to Prof Iain Martin, Deakin University is focusing on providing courses with a strong industry emphasis to meet the demand for qualified workers in the fin-tech sector at GIFT City. Postgraduate courses in Cybersecurity and Business Analytics will produce future-ready individuals capable of immediately offering professional value and contributing to the generation of economic rewards for India. These are the industries that require a competent workforce.

Deakin will help GIFT City achieve its goals by providing job-ready graduates to its target business groups. Deakin's courses will be distinguished by 'cadetships,' which will include research projects and internships made possible through partnerships with industry. Deakin will boost its activities as GIFT City grows in response to increased demand for such courses.

Deakin University India Campus Admission Requirements

The entry requirements will be the same as for Australian campuses, which include a solid undergraduate degree, job experience, and an English language exam. The programmes will be given in the same time frame and trimester structure as before (February, July, and October intake). This implies that a student here who wants to study in Australia for a trimester might transfer smoothly between the Gujarat campus and one of Australia's five campuses.

Furthermore, the courses given will be the same as those taught by Deakin in Australia and will be validated by the Australian Computer Society, a worldwide recognised professional organisation.

Deakin University India Campus Tuition Fees

The university will begin by enrolling 50-60 students in the initial years and progressively increase to over 100. While the tuition fee and other costs are yet to be finalized, it is expected to be half of what Deakin charges in Australia from international students. As a result, it will allow Indian students to pursue an international degree in their homeland without the financial burden of studying and travelling abroad.

What Strategy Will be Adopted for Hiring Professors at Gujrat Campus?

According to Prof Martin, around 80% of the teaching personnel will be based in India, with the other 20% coming from Australia. The engaged faculty from India would be sponsored to visit Australia once every 12-18 months so that they may learn from what is occurring in Australia while simultaneously learning from what is happening in GIFT City.

For the first three years of their employment, the Indian staff at the Deakin University campus in GIFT City would be obliged to receive a graduate certificate in teaching and learning methodologies in higher education.

Prof Martin made it clear in his interview that he wishes to emphasise that these would not be a small cohort of Deakin professors who happen to be employed in India, but Deakin personnel who happen to be employed in India.

Deakin University India Campus Scholarships

Deakin has provided scholarships and bursaries to nearly 20,000 Indian students, allowing them to pursue their ambitions of studying abroad. The University has also altered the futures of over 10,000 graduates who are making major contributions in their different disciplines throughout the world.

the university aims to continue this tradition through the International Branch Campus in India and assist students in the scholarship application process. Information about the courses, admissions, scholarships, and more will be available soon.

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What Will be the Placement Strategy for Students Graduating from Indian Campus?

While students completing their postgraduate degree at Deakin's GIFT City campus will not be eligible for a post-study work visa, which is only available to students who study in Australia for a period of two years, there will be some advantages when looking for global job opportunities. As skilled migrants, students can apply for work visas.

Martin further remarked that Deakin University's International Branch Campus in GIFT is strategically located in an area frequented by some of the major global financial and insurance organisations, allowing students to be integrated into the digital economy. In short, students will be trained alongside their partners and will be a great resource for manpower.

Source: ABP News

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