Indian Embassy Reassures Safety of Indian Students in Russia


Sristy Sharma
Updated on Mar 14, 2022 02:48 PM IST

The Indian Embassy in Moscow has declared that Indians in Russia including students can continue to stay in Russia. The officials have stated that nothing at the moment suggests that Indians in Russia need to plan their earliest return to India.

Indian Embassy Reassures Safety of Indian Students in Russia

Amidst Russia-Ukraine War, the Indian Embassy in Russia has made a statement that Indian students in Russia do not have to plan a return to their homes due to any security reasons.

The ongoing war, and the state of Indian students in Ukraine, has caused the students and other Indian citizens in Russia to fear the same fate of getting stuck in the country in future. The officials in Moscow have been continuously receiving letters from students seeking advice on steps that need to be undertaken to ensure their security.

The Embassy reverted to these inquiries with assurance, that it is in regular touch with relevant authorities, and has regular updates and forecasts on the current situation. None of these updates and forecasts points to a danger to the lives of Indian students in Russia, and hence they can stay in the country without any fear.

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The Embassy has maintained regular contact with the relevant Russian authorities and is taking all the measures necessary to ensure the security and safety of all Indians including students and familiesin Russia.

As per the reports provided to the Embassy, many universities have shifted to an online distance learning model and studies will not be a factor in hampering the movement ofstudents. The official statement advised students to connect with their universities and then decide on a solution that doesnt jeopardise bothstudies and safety.

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The officials further stated that certain banking services and direct flights between Russia and India have been disrupted. However, the embassy does notview it as a reason to panic. In case, individuals should consider this as a possibility that may escalate, and fear the inability to return home in future, they may take necessary steps at their convenience, officials added.

The banking disruptions are a result of sanctions, imposed by the US, EU, and other western and European countries, which Russia is facing as a result of its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.

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Source: The News Minute

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