Studying MBBS Abroad: Expense or Investment?


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Studying MBBS in India can be competitive as well as costly due to the lack of seats in government colleges and high tuition fees in private colleges. This makes thousands of Indian students pursue MBBS at universities abroad that have ample seats. However, is it really an expense or an investment? Let us find out in this article.

Studying MBBS Abroad: Expense or Investment?

Many students in India grow up harbouringdreams of wearing spotless white coats with stethoscopes around the neck. Being a doctor is a prestigious profession in our country but becoming a doctor is a long and arduous journey that is strewn with several impediments. There are only 542 medical colleges in India and the medical enthusiasts far exceed the number. Therefore, IndianMBBS aspirants bank upon foreign destination to fulfill their dreams. Butwhat about the MBBS abroad fees? Is pursuing MBBS abroad an expense or actually an investment. Let us find out!

Why Study MBBS Abroad?

The main advantages of studying MBBS abroad are as follows:

  • World-class Infrastructure- The students can benefit from the world-class infrastructure presented by the medical institutes.

  • Acceptance of NEET- There is no separate entrance examination to study medicine abroad as India's NEET examination is acceptable in almost allforeign medical universities.

  • NMC-Approved MBBS Degrees- The foreign medical or MBBS degrees are NMC-approved. In order to get a medical license to practice in India, you need to qualify Foreign Graduate Medical Examination (FMGE) which is conducted by the National Board Of Examinations In Medical Sciences.

  • Modern Technology -They can make use of modern and advanced medical equipment and technologies.

  • Boost to Career- Internationally-recognised MBBS degrees can give students an edge in future employment against their peers.

  • Clinical Practice - There is a hugescope for better clinical practice if you are studying MBBS at foreign universities.

  • Lower Competition- Students in India can skip the tough competition faced for a limited number of seats in the country. Comparatively, in universities abroad, the medical seats offered are higher in number.

  • Lower Cost of Education - The education and living expenses while studying MBBS abroad are comparatively lower in foreign countrieswhich is a cherry on the cake. For instance, the cost of living in Russia the cost is hardly USD100.

  • English is a Medium of Instruction- In order to attract international students, universities abroad have started medicine courses in English to benefit the students. Therefore, they dont have to take the pain of learning the local language.

Studying medicine abroad can be a dilemma for many students but it is not as difficult as you think. Our experts have years of experience in helping students fulfil their dreams of studying MBBS in top countries like Russia, the Phillippines, Kazakhstan, etc. Know More!

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MBBS Abroad Fees

Following is an analysis of the cost of studying MBBS in countries like Russia, Ukraine, the Phillippines, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan:


Total Average Tuition Fees(INR)

Average Cost of Living (INR)

Availability of Scholarship


17.75 lakhs




16.25 lakhs




20 lakhs to 25 lakhs




16 lakhs to 20 lakhs




13 lakhs to 22.5 lakhs



Please note that the hostel fees are included in most places in tuition fees and the cost is given for the total duration of your study in the country. However, the cost may vary from university to university and is subject to change.

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Scholarships to Study MBBS Abroad

The tuition fees and living expenses for medical students in foreign countries can be funded through various scholarships given in the country they are studying plus those sponsored by their home country. These scholarships may cover tuition fees, dormitory charges, and other education-related expenses which will help them easethe financial burden and ensure that a meritorious student is not held back from studying medicine.

Name of the Scholarship



The Government of Russian Federation Scholarships


The scholarship covers tuition fees, dormitory fees, and maintenance cost

Chevening Scholarships

United Kingdom

Monthly stipend, travel costs, thesis/ dissertation grant, and tuition fee.

Beijing Government MBBS Scholarship


Tuition fees

Vice-Chancellors International MBBS Scholarship, Sydney University


$40,000 for the entire year( If a student ranks high according to university parameters)

Royal Thai Government MBBS Scholarships


Tuition fees and living expenses.

Top Career Opportunities After Studying MBBS Abroad

Once you complete your MBBS course you will get ample opportunities to make remarkable contributions to society as well as to develop yourself on a personal level. You will get multiple roles to fit yourself in.

  • Administrator in a Hospital - You can perform various administrative functions besides practicing medicine in a hospital.

  • Medicine Professor - You can impart your knowledge to the future generation by teaching medicine.

  • Legal consultant of medicine - Here, you will have to cater to the legal aspects of the medical profession. It is one of the high-paying jobs.

  • Sports Doctor - You can become a medical professional treating sportsman and preventing injuries related to sports and exercise.

  • Forensic Doctor -You can practice as forensic science expert doing diagnoses.

  • Researcher- After completing medical studies, students can join research for various drugs and diseases. You will have to work with pharmaceutical businesses and in research labs.

  • Clinical Practice - You can practice in government or private hospitals or set up clinics of your own.

Future Prospects in India After Studying MBBS Abroad

Medical students who have studied MBBSin foreign countries have to qualify for an examination conducted by the National Board of Examinations in India called the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE).

You get a license to practice medicine in India thereafter as a doctor. The validation of your MBBS degree depends upon National Medical Commission (NMC).

  • The doctors can start practicing in clinics after getting the license.

  • They can get involved in research.

  • They can aspire for MD or MS degrees and specialisations.

Tuition Fees vs ROI After MBBS Abroad: Is it Worth it?

Investing in your career can never be considered as an expense as it will reap benefits later. But the initial investment must be done after thorough research and weighing possibilities. Despite the promises that studying medicine abroad offers, the students and parents suffer from dilemmas regarding expenses and tuition fees. Meticulous research and guidance is necessary to explore options of obtaining an MBBS degree and from where to obtain it. An MBBS degree takes 5-6 years to complete and it's the need of every student to make a proper judgment before diving into studying abroad.

Return on Investment (ROI) is a metric to analyse the profitability of an investment. Here, the expenses on the course including tuition expenses, living costs, and other expenses, and the future income prospects are calculated to be calculated to find out the return on investment after completion of an MBBS course studied abroad. Practically if we see, the medical courses abroad are cost-effective and cheaper than top private colleges in India. Besides, many foreign universities offer scholarships to study. There is no donation or capitation fee to be paid at these institutions. The students are allowed to practice in the countries after completing their degree thus increasing your ROI of MBBS abroad. They can even return to their own country and practice medicine if they so wish.

Russia, Ukraine, the Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan are a few countries where the cost of studying medicine is cheap and more affordable than in India.

Russian colleges are approved by NMC and WHO and the cost of living is also comparatively low.

The Ukrainian government supports medical students with affordable education as well as other financial aid along with scope for research and development.

Indian students also prefer studying medicine in the Philippines because of its high-quality education. It is also noted for its research and training facilities.

Kyrgyzstan has made a reservation of 5% of the medical seats for international students who visit there for study while Kazakhstan offers a multi-cultural environment along with top-notch educational facilities.

Before going abroad, it is mandatory for a student to check for the credibility of the institution they are going to study or they may be duped and looted by agents and fake institutions. Studying from credible institutions will help the students to turn the investment to profit as they will be ushered with multiple opportunities.

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Stillhave doubts about whether pursuing MBBS abroad is an expense or investment? In case you need any assistance in foreign MBBS admissions or in finding the right study destination/university for you, contact our experts. You can also write to us at to get your queries answered by experts.

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