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Updated on Feb 13, 2023 2:35 PM IST

You can better understand the PTE test format and syllabus if you have access to the appropriate study materials or PTE best books. Study materials for PTE Academic will help you to gain a comprehensive understanding of the types of questions asked in the exam as well as the overall level of complexity. With proper PTE study material, you can have the necessary knowledge and expertise to crack the exam with flying colours.

Finding the best practice materials to strengthen your study plan is essential for an exam like the PTE Academic. Therefore, the obvious question that test-takers usually encounter is: what are the best books for the PTE exam? Continue reading below to know the answer.

PTE Academic Books 2023

Candidates planning to appear in PTE Academic can also refer to some of the offline study materials and books in addition to the online test materials. Most of these books are available on the e-commerce website and Pearson PTE Academic recommends them.

Practising PTE questions and sample papers from a good book will help candidates perform well in PTE Academic tests and score better marks on the final test. With a good score, a candidate can apply for admission to various PTE participating universities like Yale University, Birmingham University, Leeds University, University of New Haven, Manchester University, University of Glasgow, Hertfordshire University, Colorado State University, Pearson College London, London Schooof Business, University of South Florida, Hofstra University, Centennial University, etc. The cut-offs of famous universities are usually high so a good book will help you in your preparation journey.

The PTE books have multiple practice test papers, answer keys to test papers, practice tips, and guidelines. The practice test papers and questions available in the books are designed as per the level of questions asked in the PTE Academic test and it also meets the test pattern and structure of the PTE Academic test.

PTE Academic books and study materials are a good alternative for coaching institutes. Candidates can perform well in the PTE test by practising questions and sample papers from the recommended books and scoring high marks.

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Best Books to Prepare for PTE Academic

Here are some books to refer to if you want to score well in the PTE Academic examination.

The Official Guide to PTE Academic by Pearson PTE Academic

The Official Guide to PTE Academic by Pearson PTE Academic book is the official material for PTE preparation recommended by Pearson. The book contains the practice test papers along with a  CD that contains practice tests. 

It is a good book for practice and gives a  clear idea about the PTE test. The book explains the exam format and strategies to attempt the test. It clearly explains how to attempt each question of the PTE test.

PTE Practice Tests Plus with Key: Volume 1 and Volume 2 

The PTE Academic Practice Test Plus contains four complete practice tests. The test paper has authentic questions which are designed by the PTE academic test writers. 

The book provides detailed guidance, tips, and strategies to help students prepare for the PTE test. It also contains answer keys at the end of each practice set. After attempting the practice test, candidates can analyze scores obtained by them in the test. The books come with audio CDs and recordings to practice listening and speaking sessions of the PTE test. This is synonymous to the real-life situation in the exam hall.

PTE Academic Aspire C1: Practice Tests with Key

PTE Academic Aspire C1 comes with four practice tests. The book contains tips and strategies to prepare for the PTE test. The book contains four practice tests, an answer key for each test, an explanation of the answer, and recordings to prepare for the listening and speaking sections. 

Expert PTE Academic Coursebook

The Expert PTE Academic Coursebook is designed to provide exam training to students. The coursebook helps candidates develop good communication skills and language awareness. It is a good book for those who are interested in some extra study and they can choose the level of book B1 or B2, on the basis of their understanding of the language. 

FAQs on PTE Academic Best Books

What is the best way to self-study for the PTE Academic?

The best way to self-study for the PTE Academic is to first determine your target score and create a concrete study plan and ultimately solving as many practice papers as you can.

Which publisher offers the best books for PTE Academic preparation?

Pearson Test Developers offer the best books for PTE Academic preparation.

Are PTE books available online for purchase?

Yes, you can directly go to e-commerce and purchase PTE Academic preparation material.

Does Pearson offer offline PTE Academic practice tests?

Yes, Pearson offers a range of preparation resources for PTE Academic, one of them being offline practice test.

How long are PTE Academic courses for preparation?

PTE Academic preparation courses may last from one week to six months.

Where can I find PTE Academic study material?

All study materials and coursebooks for PTE Academic are available on the official website of Pearson.

What are the best books for PTE Academic?

Some of the best books for PTE Academic preparation include PTE Practice Tests Plus with Key: Volume 1 and Volume 2, The Official Guide to PTE Academic by Pearson PTE Academic, PTE Academic Aspire C1: Practice Tests with Key, and Expert PTE Academic Coursebook.

Do Pearson study material for PTE Academic include practice test papers?

Some of the PTE Academic preparation books do include multiple practice test papers.

Can I prepare for PTE Academic online?

Yes, you can prepare online for PTE Academic and take an online course offered by Pearson.

Does Pearson offer study material for PTE Academic?

Yes, Pearson does provide study material and resources for PTE Academic and students can access by them on the official website of Pearson.

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