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Updated on Feb 13, 2023 2:41 PM IST

The PTE exam serves as a doorway to enter some of the world's leading institutions. Your skills and level of competency in the speaking, writing, reading and listening sections of the English language are assessed by this test. 

The secret to succeeding in the PTE exam lies in attempting the previous year's PTE question papers. Your PTE exam score may increase substantially if you practise the PTE question papers along with answer keys and solutions. Your understanding of the types of questions asked in the PTE Academic exam can be enhanced by studying past year's PTE question papers.

PTE Academic Question Papers 2023

To score excellently in any examination, a student must undergo trials of punctilious practice. Preparation for PTE Academic would be incomplete without practising question papers and practice sets of previous years and giving mock tests. The inculcation of tests in your study routine for the PTE examination will help you go a long way. They will help you to identify your errors and reprimand them. 

The PTE examines a wide range of skills of the test taker. Hence a candidate should attempt to address all the sections individually and perfect their skills through regular rehearsals of the question patterns. Each section has its own importance so none should be neglected.

In this article, you will get to know various practical advice to improve your scores in the PTE examination.

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How Can I Practice PTE Academic Exam?

The PTE Academic test-takers always seek ways in which they can sneak peek into the real examination experience. This can be done through ample and rigorous drills. The official PTE platform provides scope to practice questions at the convenience of your fingertip. They have a huge database of questions that are updated regularly for the benefit of the examinees. 

Before you delve deeper into the practice of question papers, get a panoramic view of the syllabus where you get insight into the types of questions that might be asked. 

Why practice PTE Question Papers?

Students often wonder why should they practice PTE question papers beforehand. Let me take the time to assure you that those who solve question papers score better than those who don’t. This is an age-old truth that we ourselves have experienced in our lives. Don’t you remember those days when you used to bury yourself to practice test papers for your board examination? The intent is similar here. To score high you need to go through lots of practice questions that provide you clarity and ready you for your challenges.  Besides, practicing question papers:

  • Helps you to efficiently manage your time. Apart from the speaking section, the rest of the sections need careful utilization of time.

  • The score summary which you will get at the end of your test will help you to understand where your preparation stands. 

  • Assists you to identify the loopholes in your knowledge and fill them by studying the basics. 

  • Aids in real analysis. 

  • Sets real-time goals in front of you to achieve.  

  • Increases your focus and concentration that will play a crucial role in the real exam scenario.

  • Helps to plan and strategize in ahead.

  • Escalates your confidence during the examination. 

Guidelines to Practice PTE Academic Question Papers

Before you start out to practice PTE Question Papers you must know your target score, the pattern of questions, and PTE syllabus. It will bridge the pool between your expected scores and real scores. The test takers are scored between 10-90 and the scores stand as an emblem of their proficiency level. Here, get the knowledge of some guidelines to apply for your PTE practice sets. 

  • Chalk out the strategies well ahead of time.

  • Practice vocabulary and grammar daily to enrich your work bank and reproduce effortless answers during your practice test and real test.

  • Preparation from trusted sources will aid you to achieve your score goals. 

  • Keep a trail of your errors so that you don’t repeat them again.

  • Utilize the online resources available at your disposal. 

  • Avoid making unnecessary guesses while solving the practice papers. This ruins your habit and you make the same errors during the exam. 

  • Keep yourself focused for the examination.

  • Read extensively to understand sentence patterns and constructions.

  • Read the questions well before answering them. 

  • Increase your speed and efficiency daily. These are the two things that will help you to cross the vast ocean of the PTE test. 

How Much Time Does it Take to Prepare for PTE Academic?

It takes around two-three months to complete the syllabus and practice the test papers. Nonetheless, the hours devoted to achieving the preparation goals also vary from candidate to candidate. The realistic score goal that the candidate sets for himself/herself to achieve also determines the time taken to prepare for the PTE examination. We recommend you dedicate 60 to 90 minutes daily for the groundwork of the PTE exam.



However, we will strongly ask you to connect to our study abroad experts who are highly proficient in providing guidance to the newbies who have just started their studies or to the ones who are yet planning to start their PTE preparations.



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