Popular MBA Specialisations in USA for Indian Students


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Check the list of some of the popular MBA specialisations in the US along with fee details, career prospects and some tips for Indian students to choose the right MBA course to study in the US.

Popular MBA Specialisations in USA for Indian Students

MBA is not just a business management degree but a specialised program that helps students acquire the skill sets necessary for challenging roles in business organisations. The need for specialised MBA graduates is quite high in the market as industries look for candidates who have more than just an MBA degree. Attach a top US university to your MBA and your resume will be shortlisted by the biggest brands in no time!

Yes, the US has some of the best B-Schools in the world such as the Harvard Business School, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Columbia Business School, and The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, among many others. Moreover, studying in the US can be extremely rewarding, not just in terms of the learning experience but also in terms of the post-study work opportunities.

While there are many part-time MBA courses in the USA, many international students choose to go for full-time programs. Apart from the general MBA programs, students can go for specialisations in MBA such as Marketing, Accounting, Operations, Business Analytics, Finance, and many more.

Now that you have made up your mind about pursuing MBA from the US, we've listed some popular MBA specialisations in the USA based on the quality of education, ranking by the top agencies and organisations as well as career prospects.

What does MBA Specialisation Mean?

MBA programmes are dedicated to studying business management concepts, theories, principles, and their dynamic application to real-life circumstances. However, business management in itself is made of varying departments and functions. For instance, in any organisation the scope of business management involves every action, decision, and impact which could be undertaken to ensure that organisations functional continuity. This includes strategies, planning, production and manufacturing, distribution, planning towards growing the reach, etc. Hence, it can be said that business administration and management is an amalgamation of varying functional aspects.

MBA Specialisations isolate the functional aspects of business administration and management and study them individually. For instance, MBA in Marketing studies the scope of marketing in business management, how it can help the business, how should it be planned, how can it be used to grow and develop the business, and how it can be appropriated in real-life situations.

Clearly, an MBA executive course will help you through all the knowledge and skills required to manage any type of business, then why should you choose a specialisation in the same?

Why Study MBA Specialisations?

While the MBA executive course will summarise all the business management functions, there is a limit to which it can explore each of them. All MBA courses are designed for a maximum study duration of two years, hence, in case you wish to make a career in a certain functional area of business management, it is better to focus your efforts on the same rather than trying to win it all. Moreover, you will not be able to fulfill all functions in business management. Even as a CEO your job responsibilities involve overseeing general management, and bridging the gap between organisation and strategic decision-making processes. Hence, opting to study MBA specialisations will allow you to bring focus into a vast scope of opportunities, it will help you full your job responsibilities in a better manner, and also mark professional growth while being an asset to your employer organisation.

Explore the MBA Specialisation Best Suited for You!

Top MBA Specialisations in the USA

According to QS MBA by Career Specialisation Rankings, these are the top five MBA specialisations in the US along with the respective top three B-Schools offering them:


Top 3 US B-Schools


MIT Sloan

Columbia Business School

Northwestern University (Kelloggs)


University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)

Stanford Graduate School of Business

Harvard Business School

Information Management

MIT (Sloan)

University of Michigan (Ross)

Northwestern University (Kelloggs)


Stanford Graduate School of Business

Michigan (Ross)


Operations Management

MIT (Sloan)

Michigan State (Eli Broad)

Arizona State University (Carey)

Scope of MBA Specialisations in the US

The MBA specialisation courses are career-centric and will help you grab jobs in leading industries in future or to set up your venture. Check job opportunities and average salary offered to candidates with a degree in top MBA specialisations here:

MBA Specialisation

Popular Job Roles

Average Annual Salary (in INR)


Business Consultant Business Development


Marketing Consultant

Management Consultant



Financial Analyst

Investment Banker

Accounting Manager

Insurance & Risk Manager


Information Management

IT Consultant

Information System Manager

Information Management Specialist



Marketing Manager

Sales Manager

Brand Manager

Customer Relationship Manager

Sales Manager


Operations Management

Operations Manager

Production Manager

Supply Chain Manager

Plant Manager


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How to Choose an MBA Specialisation

With the changing needs of the industry and businesses, more universities have started offering the MBA programs in different specialisations. The MBA course is more advanced, specific and customised to help a student gain expertise in a specific field. However, with more universities offering MBA and with so many options to choose from, most of the students often get confused about choosing the right MBA course. To choose the right MBA course, here's some expert advice from us:

Plan Your Career Goals

Before thinking of applying for an MBA program, first, ask yourself a question, why do you want to pursue an MBA? There can be multiple answers to this question like you want to run a business, you wish to acquire a managerial position at an organization, you wish to change your career or you have an interest in acquiring particular skill sets. Based on your career plans, you can look for an MBA specialisation course that will help you acquire the related skills.

Explore Your Strength and Interest

If you wish to pursue an MBA soon after your undergraduate studies, you must explore your strengths like leadership qualities, management skills, creativity, technical skills etc. Find out the subjects and topics that interest you the most. You can find MBA specialisation courses based on your interest be it entrepreneurship, sports management, healthcare management, digital marketing, finance, risk management etc.

Research About the MBA Specialisation

Once you shortlist a few MBA courses based on your goals, strength and interest, start researching about the course. Understand the curriculum of the course, length of the program, tuition fee and scope of study of the course. You can also connect with professors and graduates to get relevant and helpful information.

Check Subject Ranking

Check the ranking of B-schools based on the MBA Specialisation course offered. The ranking is published by different sources based on the quality of education, employability rate, and satisfaction level of students and graduates.

MBA Specialisation is only a part of the whole study abroad MBA in US process. Our study abroad experts can guide you smoothly throughout the overwhelming process. Apart from registering, you can also reach out by writing to abroad@collegedekho.com.

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