Sample SOP for MBA Abroad with Example


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Applying for an MBA abroad? Check out this sample MBA SOP that you can refer to apply to the top universities in the world. Learn how to structure and develop your MBA SOP according to the programme your wish to study.

Sample SOP for MBA Abroad with Example

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More often than not, universities and colleges offering a graduate programme in management require candidates to submit an SOP for MBA abroad along with other documents. In this article, we have provided a sample MBA SOP you can refer to when creating your own SOP.

It should be noted that the following SOP for MBA abroad should not be copied in any way, shape or form, as an SOP is supposed to be unique to your experience, qualifications and skills as well as the prospective university or programme you are aiming to enrol in, at one of the top universities in the world for MBA.

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Sample SOP for MBA Abroad

Business and globalisation is a rapidly emerging field; whether it is on a smaller or a larger scale, to excel in any business with high aspirations one must possess an international perspective so as to conquer and manage the possible challenges. With such an inclination towards the field, I got enrolled in the undergraduate course in <Full Name of Bachelors Degree and Specialisation (if any)> from <Full Name of University>. Throughout my academic journey, I have enjoyed being a part of extracurricular activities and taking initiatives at the university. This motivates me to pursue higher studies and develop my skills in management from a reputed school like yours.

My ultimate goal is to excel as a <Your Dream Job Designation and Role> in multinational organisations like <name a few MNCs where you would like to work after MBA>. Such a role will help me develop a good understanding of how the firms manage their day-to-day work, and how they set and achieve targets in the given time and resources. I also need a thorough understanding of the client’s needs and the commercialisation of innovative managerial services on an international scale. A large multinational company would also provide me with an opportunity to learn the art of managing complex operations, and enhance my social skills while working with professionals from different cultural and social backgrounds. An MBA from the <Targeted Country> will be the first and crucial step in the actualisation of my career objectives. It will give me an opportunity to gain more knowledge about my field of study. Such an educational endeavour will complement my core competencies as a manager and equip me to utilise my knowledge and expertise which will facilitate my long-term goal of becoming a well-known entrepreneur managing my own firm.

In the early days of high school, I developed a keen interest in logically-oriented subjects that inspired to choose a career in Business Management. My entrepreneur father highly encouraged me to pursue a career in management; moreover, my high school introduced me to the concepts of Commerce, which included Business Studies, Accounts, and Micro and Macro-Economics. Having learned these subjects with ease inclined me more towards business and management. Thereafter, I joined an undergraduate programme in management studies.

My bachelor’s programme was a blend of some basic as well as advanced managerial principles and development tools. Subjects such as <name a few subject and modules studied in your bachelors> helped me learn the basic principles and fundamentals of management and their application in day-to-day life. After studying these areas in detail, I decided to gain practical knowledge in the field and developed a research project based on these pillars in the sixth semester of my curriculum. It was research on a study on <Research/Project Name> + <Brief About the Research/Project>. Its objective was <define project objective>. This project helped me get familiar with research methodologies and tools, and the different statistical tools required to complete the report.

The field of management is not restricted and neither is my passion to learn anything new. During and after the completion of my undergraduate studies, I worked at my father’s office, <Company Name, Location>, to assist him in his daily operations. His firm is aimed at providing solutions to <give a 1-liner description of the firm>, wherein I was responsible to look after <explain your profile there> for <your tenure at the company>. Working at this profile, I learned to <desribe your learnings and strengths and skills gained>.  Apart from this, I have attended many college seminars to find something new to explore, such as Entrepreneurship and Start-Ups in <YEAR>. It further developed my interest in Business Administration, and along with my curiosity and zeal to know more about business, I started watching online webinars and videos to gain more knowledge about the field.

Besides focussing on academics, I dedicated myself to extracurricular activities, which helped me become a well-groomed individual. I was the Captain of my College Cricket Team and played in the Volleyball Team that performed excellently during <Name of Event>, the intercollege sports fest at the <University Name> held in <Month YEAR>. Participating in such events boosted my confidence and enhanced my leadership skills. I was also an active member of the student committee at the university during the undergraduate programme. I, with the help of the other committee members, organised various events like <name of events and programmes>, which proved to be successful. As a member of the college students’ committee, I learned to organise various debate competitions, entertainment programmes, and stage performances during the college cultural fests.

While my bachelor’s degree has prepared me well to kick-start my career in the field of business and management, I feel that an MBA at the international platform will allow me to gain an understanding at a higher level of enterprise, complexity and at cross-functional level. The curriculum of the MBA programme at the <University Name> with modules on <Subject Name 1>, <Subject Name2>, and <Subject Name 3> aligns with my interests. Working with accomplished individuals from all across the globe by means of the <Course/Specialisation> would prove to be challenging and gratifying.

I am convinced that studying at your university will be a meaningful and rewarding experience, and thus, I look forward to giving back in equal measure. I am certain that my dedication to excellence in whatever I do along with my academic records definitely qualify me for admission to your university.

– The End–

The MBA SOP sample provided above will be useful when you plan to submit your own SOP to top MBA universities abroad. However, as stated above, be sure to only use this sample MBA SOP for reference purposes only.

Not all universities require an SOP for MBA programmes. A majority of business schools ask for MBA Essays on specific topics. Thus, it is important to check the university requirements first and then draft your MBA SOP or essay. For essay writing guidance, check out The Complete Guide to College Application Essay.

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What should an MBA SOP include?

Commonly, an SOP for MBA abroad should include an introduction outlining the purpose of writing the SOP, an overview of the academic and professional qualifications subsequently and a career goal and vision. Further, candidates should conclude their MBA SOPs by briefly pointing out the important aspects of the SOP in the final paragraph.

What is the difference between MBA SOP and MIM SOP?

The major difference between an MBA SOP and a MIM SOP is the theme of the SOP, wherein, an MBA SOP should focus on the managerial and leadership skills and qualities of the candidate, meanwhile, a MIM SOP should focus on both the academic and leadership qualities of the candidate applying for the programme.

How are MS SOPs different from MBA SOPs?

One of the major areas of differences between an MS SOP and MBA SOP are the motives and theme of the SOPs. In other words, an MS SOP will majorly focus on the technical and academic skills of the candidate in a given field or discipline, while an MBA SOP will primarily focus on the leadership and managerial qualities and skills displayed by the candidate.

How do I start writing an MBA SOP?

When starting the introduction of your MBA SOP, it is important to ask yourself the following questions, i.e. mention the previous academic institution and course, the intended course of study the applicant wishes to pursue and the reasons behind their decision of choosing an MBA, if possible, at that particular university as well.

Can I send the same MBA SOP to every college?

No, if you are applying to an MBA course abroad, then it is crucial to forming the SOP as per the university and course you wish to study. Moreover, it is always recommended to design your MBA SOP as per the university, citing the ways that each individual course curriculum could help you achieve your dream.

Should I add examples to my MBA SOP?

Yes, a crucial part of writing an MBA SOP is citing examples and experiences where you were able to display your managerial and leadership capabilities. Moreover, citing instances and situations that helped you decide to pursue an MBA from one of the top universities abroad. However, it is important to cite only the most relevant and influential examples to remain within the word limit.

How long should an MBA SOP be?

A good MBA SOP will usually come around between 800-1000 words, keeping in mind that it is important to keep the SOP brief yet influential. However, it should be noted that this word limit will only be applicable if the university of your choice has not specified the word limit for the MBA SOP.

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