How to Write an Impressive SOP for MS at Ivy League Schools


Samarpita Goswami
Updated on Apr 13, 2023 08:39 AM IST

An Ivy League SOP for MS admissions should be written in such a way that it grabs the attention of admission officers on the first go. Read on to know how to write an impressive SOP for MS at Ivy League schools.

How to Write an Impressive SOP for MS at Ivy League Schools

How to Write an Impressive SOP for MS at Ivy League Schools: If you are someone who is aspiring to study MS at an Ivy League school and has a high GPA to support your dream, then it is important to understand how to write an impressive SOP for MS at Ivy League schools.

While an entire shopping cart of achievements and accolades will set you aside as a prospective candidate, it is by writing an impressive SOP for MS at Ivy League schools that you will be able to convince the admission committee. The highly selective nature of the universities requires every aspect of the candidate’s application to be flawless, or at least stand out of the same old crowd that visits the university every year.

Renowned for their academic excellence and high standards of education, pursuing an MS at Ivy League schools will positively impact the academic and professional prospects of any student. This acquires the attention of thousands of students from around the world every year, lusting after the opportunity of a lifetime. Therefore, to battle it out with thousands of students and stand victorious, it is important to draft an impressive SOP for MS at Ivy League schools, in a bid to boost your chances at enrolment.

Outlined on this page are certain tips and tricks that you can use to write an impressive MS SOP for Ivy League universities.

What are the Ivy League Schools?

Before diving deep into the article, let us know what are Ivy League schools and how are they different from others.

Ivy League schools are the top eight elite private schools in the USA where they have achieved high standards of academic excellence and social prestige. The colleges were first grouped together by athletic conferences but later they became successful in producing not only all-around athletes but also high-achieving graduates, Nobel prize winners and noteworthy professionals.

The eight Ivy schools include Princeton, Yale, Harvard, Columbia University, Cornell, Dartmouth College, University of Pennsylvania and Brown University. It is imperative for applicants to have an attractive SOP to make it to these prestigious buildings.

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What is an SOP for MS for Ivy League Schools?

If you are wondering what can make you stand out among your high-achieving peers, then the answer is an SOP. SOP for MS is the key to unlocking the doors of the Ivy League. A Statement of Purpose gives the admission panel a sketch of your personality, your previous life and achievements and your future plans.

SOP for MS for Ivy League schools should chart out your past experiences and should reflect your motivation, enthusiasm and understanding of the MS course. Your SOP should bear evidence of your skills, ability and experience that justifies your eligibility to study in any of the Ivy League schools.

What Should You Write in SOP for MS at Ivy League Schools?

Admission officers have to scan and scrutinise thousands of SOPs every year. It is crucial to write a pressing SOP that will be holistic in itself and have a convincing impact. Now, let us discuss what your SOP for MS in Ivy League schools should include or what should be its format.

ivy league sop for ms

First Paragraph: Introduction

As it is commonly said, “the first impression is the last impression”, the same lies true here. When writing the introduction, candidates should try and keep it simple, while, encompassing a gist of why they wish to pursue the selected MS course, outlining some of the reasons as well. Keeping it small and crisp and adding a quote or an instance or experience from your life can help lay a good foundation for your MS SOP for Ivy League universities.

Second Paragraph: Academic Background

Highlighting your academic background, it is advisable to shed light on to your major achievements, especially those that highlight your academic and leadership skills. From certificates to workshops and seminars that have been attended, candidates should only highlight those that are either related to the field or are connected to the course of study they wish to pursue.

In addition to this, candidates can also write about select research projects that they may have undertaken during their previous academic programme as well. During this section, candidates can also mention their participation in extra-curricular activities too.

Third Paragraph: Job Experience

If you have work experience, you can mention the same in this paragraph. Explain in detail the opportunities received and how they have given you exposure to the industry. In addition, highlight the skills developed during the process. If you have not been employed, do not get disheartened. You can talk about additional training, freelancing, projects or internships which you have participated in.

Fourth Paragraph: Why this MS course and University?

To quench the curiosity of the admission officers, talk about the reasons that influenced your choice. It can be the department itself, the professors, the methodology of the course, the research facilities or opportunities for internship.

Fifth Paragraph: Future Aspirations

You can write about the impact you want to make on society or how your knowledge will positively contribute to the development of the community as a whole. Write about how you, as an individual, can achieve something extraordinary through your job or endeavours.


End the SOP explaining your worth as a candidate and the value you can add to the Ivy League school.

Tips to Write a Good SOP for MS in Ivy League Schools

An SOP is a subjective statement that helps the admission committee of Ivy League schools to understand you better. Here are some top tips to write a good SOP for MS in Ivy League schools that will help you leave a good impression:

  • Craft Your Perfect Story - An SOP for MS should not be a bland tale of your life where you weave colourless statements together. It should be like a story with a human touch to it. Take the role of a narrator filled with human qualities and sketch the perfect story of your life. Use sentences and draw examples that look relatable.

  • Be Authentic - Your SOP should not look as if it has been written to impress the admission committee. It should be a testimony of your life, character and experiences that influenced your aim to study MS in the Ivy League.

  • Formal and Interactive Tone - The tone of the write-up should be formal. It should not appear that you are writing to a friend. The SOP for MS should be communicative and should talk about your purpose in an interesting and authentic way.

  • Proofread, Edit and Get Others to Help - After you have finished writing your Ivy League SOP for MS, carefully proofread it several times. You can take help from your parents, seniors and professors and ask them to read your SOP for MS and give their feedback.

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Common Mistakes to Avoid in SOP for MS atIvy League Schools

An SOP for MS in Ivy League should cover four important aspects your personal information, your achievements so far, your goals and how you are a good fit. So, it is necessary for you to know the common mistakes a student makes while drafting an SOP and how to avoid them.

  • Writing the SOP Just Before the Deadline - You should avoid the practice of writing an SOP at the last minute. Students often have a laid-back attitude regarding writing an SOP and copy-paste it from the internet. This should not be done at any cost and you should write an original and personalised SOP only.

  • Unimpressive Beginning and End - The introduction and conclusion of most SOPs are often dull. Students should start writing in a way that creates a good first impression. It should be impactful enough to capture the readers attention. Similarly, the conclusion of the SOP should sum up the whole write-up while talking about your keen interest in the Ivy League and MS course.

  • Using Unprofessional Language and Slang Words - Students often tend to use everyday conversational language while writing SOPs and it should be avoided at all costs. The tone should be formal and straightforward. It should not contain words that are informal or considered slang. Your writing should reflect your respect towards the Ivy League institution and its people.

  • Writing Beyond the Word Limit - Writing above the given word limit shows that you cannot express yourself in a crisp and concise manner. The admission officers of Ivy League colleges have to review numerous SOPs every year and it is not wise to consume their time.

  • Including Unnecessary Details - Your SOP for MS should only contain relevant details. You should neither boast about your achievements nor dwell upon your weaknesses. The information regarding your life that is appropriate to determine your suitability for the university has to be given.

Admission to MS in Ivy League is a tough nut to crack and hence it is your prerogative to write a statement of purpose that would do justice to the institution where you wish to study. Additionally, a good SOP should also do justice to your candidature and your academic achievements as well.

Therefore, follow the guidelines and tips that have been outlined on this article and use them when drafting your statement of purpose for an Ivy League university in the USA. Make use of the sample SOPs that have been attached on this page, which you can consult when drafting your own, thus, highlighting the areas that you may need to improve.

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How long should be the SOP for MS in Ivy League?

An SOP for MS in Ivy League can be between 800 and 1,000 words. However, Ivy League schools often mention the length of an SOP. For instance, Yale University requires its applicants to write an SOP within 500 to 1,000 words. Therefore, try to wrap your SOP within 1,000 words and do not exceed it.

What should be the page layout for Ivy League SOP for MS?

The page layout for Ivy League SOP for MS is very important. It is important that you write a maximum of three pages. The font size should be a maximum of 12 points and the font should be formal like Arial or Calibri. The spacing in an Ivy League SOP should be double with normal margins.

What should an SOP for MS include?

An SOP for MS should include a detailed description of your relevant experiences and your future vision and goals. They must include what is important and minor and irrelevant information should be avoided. You can include the skills that you possess, the experience that you have gained along with your future career goals. 

Can we start an Ivy League SOP for MS with a quote?

Yes, you can start an SOP for MS in Ivy League with a quote. You can quote someone renowned in the chosen field of study. It is an interesting way to start as it shows the expanse of your knowledge and sets the premise for the SOP.

Is it mandatory to mention work experience in SOP for MS in Ivy League?

No, it is not mandatory to mention work experience in an Ivy League SOP for MS. However, it can be added if you have. It carries some weight but students without it are not at a disadvantage. You should focus on other aspects while writing your SOP which includes your achievements, co-curricular activities and other endeavours.

How do I end the SOP for MS?

You should end an SOP for MS with a brief summary of all aspects you want to cover in the SOP. The same should end on a logical note. The ending should be thought-provoking and must be encouraging enough to give you a chance to study MS in the Ivy League.

How is MS SOP different from MBA SOP?

MS SOP is quite different from MBA SOP for Ivy League. While MS SOPs focus on the technical aspects of the subject, an MBA SOP focuses on leadership and managerial skills. The applicants for MS mostly do not have work experience, whereas, for an MBA programme, work experience forms a mandatory part.

What should I not write in the SOP for MS?

You should not write personal information in the SOP for MS. Apart from that, the admission panel does not want to see the scores of standardised exams in an SOP. Also, avoid cliched information and common phrases. Do not plead in the SOP and maintain a connection between the beginning and end.

How do I know if my SOP for MS is good for Ivy League?

You can know if your SOP for MS is good for Ivy League by taking the help of seniors who have studied in an Ivy League college. If you do not know anyone, you can contact the study abroad experts who have expertise in helping students write SOPs for admission to Ivy League schools.

Can I lie in my SOP for MS?

You should never lie in your SOP for MS in Ivy League schools. The universities can call for an interview and if any discrepancy is found therein, you will be straight away rejected. Also, there will be a knowledge gap if you have written lies about your skills and experiences, which will ultimately harm you.

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