All About Health Insurance for International Students in Canada


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Jetting off to Canada for higher studies? Then you will need health insurance. Read the article to know about the benefits, policies, facilities, and requirements of health insurance for international students in Canada. 

All About Health Insurance for International Students in Canada

All international students looking forward tostudying in Canada should havebasic and extended health insurance during their stay in Canada. However, before purchasing a health insurance policy, one must have a clear idea of what medical coverage as the same may vary from one province to another.

Put simply, health shouldbe of utmost priority when studentstravel to another country for education. This is primarily because health care in Canada can cost an international student thousands of dollars per day and one may end up spending more on healthcare than their tuition.

While it is only natural to be filled with excitement when going for higher education abroad, one should not ignore their health and wellbeing. In fact, it is one of the first things an international student should do before travelling abroad. Also, knowledge about the health care system of a country is paramount whether an Indian studenttravels to stay or study. So, what kind of health insurance do international students get in Canada? Let us find out!

WhyHealth Insurance for International Students in Canada is Required?

Life is precious as well as uncertain and we never know when the unforeseen will barge into our stability. Health insurance schemes are essential to meet emergency situations. There are several reasons to get health insurance for international students in Canada.

The sky-high price of healthcare facilities in Canada makes them not so pocket-friendly, especially for foreigners. If international students in Canada have a health plan, they can certainlytackle the international student health insurance cost. Here are some things one should remember about health insurance for Indian students in Canada:

  • Not all provinces have a health insurance plan for international students.

  • Students can get discounts on visits to a doctor in Canada.

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Features of Canada Student Health Insurance

An idea of what Canadastudent health insurance has to offer gives you scope to plan in advance.

  • Dedicated Benefits: The benefits that are supposed to be included in a students health insurance plan are related to pre-existing illnesses, injuries, mental health, prescriptions, and hospital stays.

  • Renewal of Coverage: The study period of an international student in Canadais covered by the insurance plan so purchasing one health insurance planis sufficient.

  • Low Premium: Theinternational student health insurance costis generally low and can be paid monthly throughout their stay in Canada.

What Kind of Health Insurance do International Students Get in Canada?

Here are the differentkinds ofhealth insurance facilities for international students in Canada:

Health Insurancefor International Students at Public Universities in Canada

A public university in which international students are enrolled has its own health benefit plan. The plans are compulsory or optional depending on the university although the coverage varies from one insurance company to another.

The primary facilities offered by public universitiesunder health insurance for international students in Canada include:

  • Visits to a doctor

  • Hospital stay

  • Ambulance

  • Diagnostic testing

  • Emergency medical care

  • Dental and vision care (optional)

Private Health Insurance for Indian Students in Canada

If international students are unable to avail of the provincial health insurance scheme in Canadaor the university does nothave its own health insurance, then they can opt for private health insurance. A basic plan of health insurance for international students in Canadaincludes hospital stays, ambulance, and drugs that are prescribed.

The international student health insurance costin Canada depends on pre-existing illness and at-risk behaviours. While selectingCanada student health insurance, one should compare the following criteria:

  • Monthly premium

  • Deductible

  • Coverage

Further, international students in Canada must allocate a portion of theirbudget for the health insurance premium so that they can get the best if they face a health emergency.

Add-on Health Insurance for Indian Students in Canada

Getting add-on insurance along with the provincial health insurance in Canada is an insightful idea to help save on the high cost of medical treatment. The add-on insurance will be helpful when:

  • Other facilities are not included under the provincial health care plan.

  • One needs protection till you are eligible for provincial health insurance.

  • The student isvacationing during their breaks.

Apart from these, international students can also avail of provincial health insurance in Canada. A detailed overview of the same can be found below.

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ProvincialHealth Insurance for International Students in Canada

The health care system in Canada is mostly paid for through taxes, thereby, providing students with services that are in-expensive. Each province in Canada has a differenthealthcare system withits own rules and regulations. In case students wonder what kind of health insurance for international students in Canada is available, then let us tell you that under the provincial healthcare system, all international studentsare entitled to basic, preventive, and emergency medical services.

In addition, hospitalisation is partially covered under the provincial health scheme in the country.However, medical facilities like eye care, dental care, prescriptive medication, and a few diagnostic tests are not available under provincial healthinsurance in Canada.

Aforeign student will need an additional private health insurance scheme or else they will have to pay hefty bills for their medical treatments. Health Insurance Cards are provided to the students by the applicable Canadian province.

In the list given, below are the provinces of Canada that have provincial health insurance for international students in Canada:

Canadian Province Health Insurance Eligibility Coverage
  • Minimum 1 year of stay in the province of Alberta

  • Minimum Canadian study permit of oneyear

  • Those who hold study permits for more than threemonths but less than 12 months must show their intention to stay in the province for at least a year to be eligible for health insurance

  • The health insurance must be applied for within threemonths of arrival

  • Those below 18, need the consent of parents or guardians.

The Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan only covers basic facilities. Dental care and others are not included
British Columbia
  • A minimum of sixmonths of a study permit is required

  • The coverage begins threemonths after application. Hence the international students must apply as soon as possible after their arrival

The Medical Service Plan of British Columbia covers basic health facilities.
  • A study permit of sixmonths

  • Six months of residency proof

The Medical Service Plan of British Columbia covers basic health facilities
New Brunswick

Here you are required to stay for a minimum of threemonths. Along with that, you need to display,

  • Proof of your enrollment

  • Study permit

  • Date of arrival

Only basic facilities are provided by New Brunswick Medicare Coverage
Newfoundland and Labrador
  • You will require to show a study permit for a minimum of 12 months

The international students get registered for the plan named Foreign Health Insurance plan. They can also opt for Medical Care PlaN. Basic facilities are covered under the plan.

North West Territories
  • You will require to show a study permit for a minimum of 12 months.
Only basic and essential services are insured under North West Territories Health Care.
Nova Scotia
  • In this province apart from a study permit of 12 months, a candidate can apply for health insurance on the first day of the 13th month of his stay in Nova Scotia

    During this time they can opt for any other health insurance plan provided by their university

Basic facilities are covered


  • Study permit
  • Proof of full-time enrollment

With Saskatchewan Health Card you can access basic health care facilities
  • International students from Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Romania, and Sweden are eligible to apply for Quebecs public health care plan

  • If you are a resident of any other country, you will be enrolled for university health insurance or can take a private insurance plan

Basic facilities can be accessed with this plan

Apart from the nine provinces, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, and Yukon do not have provincial health insurance schemes. In Quebec too,international students need to have a health insurance scheme for the first year of stay. If creases are arising in your brow on how to manage your medical bill, then you have several other alternatives to help you out. The options that are available are discussed elaborately below.

How to Apply forCanada Student Health Insurance?

The steps to apply for Health Insurance for International Students in Canadacan be simplified into the following steps:

Step 1: Visit the website of the province.

Step 2: Apply for health insurance by filling out a form.

Step 3: Pay the premium or theinternational student health insurance cost.

In case students want to extend their plan to studyin Canada, they can also apply for Canadian provincial health insurance after they have reached the country.

International Student Health Insurance Cost in Canada

As it is mandatory to have health insurance for international students in Canada, their utmost priority should be given topurchasinga Canada student health insurance policy.The international student health insurance cost in Canada varies from province to province and also depends on the insurance firms. As per the plans, the premium forhealthinsurance for international students in Canada varies from CAD 600 to CAD 900.

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