France Excellence Charpak Master’s Scholarship Guide


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The Charpak Masters Scholarship for Indian students to study masters at French universities helps to broaden their academic experience. Read the article to know more about the award value, costs involved, eligibility, applicable courses, application process and documents.

France Excellence Charpak Master’s Scholarship Guide

France Excellence Charpak Scholarship programme is an initiative of the French government that allows Indian students to pursue masters in France. The programme aims to promote educational distinction and foster academic exchange between the two countries which makes pursuing higher education in France easier. Talented and eligible students get the opportunity to study at renowned universities in France, immerse in a French experience and interact with international peers.

The master's scholarship is one of the four sub-divisions and provides opportunities for students to study at the postgraduate level in public and private universities in France. The Charpak Masters Scholarship is funded by Campus France, India, a French government agency, which functions under the French Ministry of External Affairs and the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. It is possible to renew the scholarship once, upon request based on the marks obtained in the first year of the master's programme.

The scholarship is not restricted to any particular academic discipline. Students from humanities, science, commerce and engineering can apply for the funds alike and it supports their aspirations and diversity. Check out the article to find out more about France Excellence Charpak Master’s Scholarship!

France Excellence Charpak Master’s Scholarship Award Value and What it Covers!

The Charpak Masters Scholarship partners with French institutions to provide merit-based scholarships to talented individuals to aid them in their academic sojourn. The award details of the scholarships are summarised below to help students with important details:

Expense Type


Award Value

EUR 860

Award Limitations


Application Fee Waiver

Not covered

Tuition & Fees


Library, Books, etc.



Assistance is given to find affordable accommodation 

Travel Cost

Flight tickets not covered 

Health Cover

Social Security

Spouse/Child Care

Not covered 


Student Visa and Etudes en France fee waiver

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Eligibility for France Excellence Charpak Master’s Scholarship

The Charpak Masters Scholarship applicants must fulfil the eligibility criteria as mentioned by the scholarship body of Campus France. The award is available for Indian students or OCI card holders. The other eligibility criteria that interested students must fulfil are:

  • Applicant must be 30 years old.

  • They must be a student presently enrolled in or having studied at an Indian higher learning institution and have applied for admission to a French institution before applying for the scholarship.

  • The course opted by the student must be in France. The scholarship will not be provided in case the student is studying one semester or longer abroad. 

  • Holders of Charpak scholarships who are presently completing their M1 in France will be granted an exception. To finish their M2, they can apply once more for financing for a second year. At the M2 level, the scholarship is not automatically renewed. Academic achievement at the M1 level, the nature of the master's curriculum and a new statement of purpose will all be taken into consideration before acceptance.

  • The knowledge of the French language is not mandatory however a minimum level of proficiency will be encouraged.

  • Students wanting to work on a thesis or research project are not eligible to apply for the scholarship. 

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France Excellence Charpak Master’s Scholarship Applicable Courses, Universities, and Country

The award applies to all postgraduate courses available at higher educational institutions in France. Indian students can enrol themselves in engineering, science, humanities, business and other courses. The Charpak Masters Scholarship includes benefits monthly living allowance of EUR 860, a student visa and Etudes en France fee waiver, social security and assistance to find affordable student accommodation. 

Application Deadline for France Excellence Charpak Master’s Scholarship

The Charpak Master’s Scholarship deadline is in the last week of March every year. Students can expect the notification for the scholarship to be released by the first week of January of a given year. The results of the Charpak Scholarship will be published by the end of April 2023. 

The same will be notified to the candidates by email. The candidates must adhere to the application deadlines for the scholarship. They should fill up the forms and gather all the supporting documents required for the application of the scholarship at the earliest. Students must visit the scholarship website to get more information regarding the same. 

How to Apply for France Excellence Charpak Master’s Scholarship?

Before filling up the application for France Excellence Charpak Master’s Scholarship, students must ensure that they fulfil the eligibility criteria of the scholarship. Those who are currently enrolled in an institution of higher education in India or have recently graduated are eligible for application to the scholarship programme. They must select a French university and a course of their choice before applying for the scholarship. 

Applicants must apply for the scholarship from the online scholarship portal of Campus France. They have to log in to the website and fill in their details. The documents must be readied beforehand to craft a perfect application. All the latest and up-to-date information must be provided. 

Documents Required for France Excellence Charpak Master’s Scholarship

While making the application for Charpak Masters Scholarship, students must submit the following documents. These are vital for the successful completion of the application form for the scholarship. It is necessary to collect all the documents beforehand and start filling up the application. Here are the France Excellence Charpak Masters Scholarship documents:

  • Passport size formal photograph

  • The first page of the passport with the photograph and expiry date. If the student is supposed to receive the passport after the expiry date of the scholarship, then they must submit proof of passport application.

  • 2-page Curriculum Vitae

  • Admission letter/Acceptance letter from a French institute where the student has applied for masters.

  • Copy of mark sheet of higher secondary, bachelor's or master's degrees.

  • DELF/DALF French language certificate.

  • Internship record/ employment document as required.

  • Letter of Recommendation from the professors of the university the student is studying in. The LORs should refer to the scholarship and be submitted as scanned copies of the original, typed and signed paper letters. They must be on official institution letterhead, display the institution's seal and contain the referee's signature and contact information.

While submitting the documents students must keep a few things in mind.

  •  If they have not received the acceptance letter from the French university before the deadline, then an email correspondence with the university can be attached that shows that they are in the process of getting the letter or will get it after the scholarship deadline. 

  • In case they are submitting the application to two or more universities, they must fill out the scholarship application form stating the top choice of their university.

  • Only one application per candidate is allowed. 

  • The documents must be submitted in pdf or jpeg format. Applications with required documents or incomplete documents will be rejected. 

The French embassy is not obligated to respond to candidates who have incomplete applications. 

Selection Process of Charpak Master’s Scholarship

After the application process is completed, students have to patiently wait for the declaration of the results. Application quality, consistency, academic achievement and the strength of the statement of purpose will all be taken into consideration when choosing applicants. No CGPA or percentage cutoff exists for the scholarship. An advantage would be if the current Indian institution where the student is pursuing graduation and the French institution they are planning to study have a tie-up. 

Why Apply for France Excellence Charpak Master’s Scholarship?

Charpak Master’s Scholarship is a prestigious programme to study in France at a low cost. The reason is good enough to apply for the same. The few other benefits of applying for the Charpak Master’s Scholarship include:

  • Students get financial aid to cover living expenses in France. This reduces their burden of paying for accommodation, food and other expenses. Also, social security is paid for. 

  • The scholarship recognises the academic excellence of students and is a viable opportunity for those eligible to apply for the award.

  • It is a brilliant opportunity to explore the culture and tradition of France and delve deep into the beauty of the land. This aids in widening the global perspective of students. 

  • Pursuing masters in France opens doors for several employment opportunities. It enhances skills, helps to build networks and opens the door for jobs in multinational companies. The Charpak Masters Scholarship enhances the professional prospects of students. 

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Pro Tips to Apply for France Excellence Charpak Master’s Scholarship

Familiarising yourself with the requirements of the Charpak Masters Scholarship helps to prepare applications effectively and efficiently. It is important to visit the website of Campus France beforehand to get an idea of the requirements. Besides, you can follow these tips to apply for Charpak Master’s Scholarship:

  • The first and foremost thing to do is to select a master's programme in a French university that you have an interest in. It must align with your career goals. 

  • Maintain a high academic record through your undergraduate courses which will attest to your commitment to excellence and increase your chances of getting a scholarship. 

  • Knowledge of the French language can prove beneficial. DELF or DALF language proficiency scores might be required. 

  • You must strive to get excellent letters of recommendation from the faculty of your undergraduate studies. It will attest to your character and academic abilities. 

Charpak Masters Scholarship is a remarkable opportunity for international students to study in France. By covering a significant part of the cost of studying in French institutions, the scholarship provides a thriving academic environment for students to fully immerse themselves. Students get a holistic approach towards education while their stay in France. The scholarship effectively builds and nurtures international cooperation and harmony. 

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