Scholarships to Study in Russia for Indian Students

Sristy Sharma
Updated on Feb 17, 2022 8:04 PM IST

Scholarships Opportunities to Study at Russian Universities

State universities in Russia offer scholarships to students on the basis of their applications and past academic performance. State funding is also available at Russian universities for students who come from CIS countries. While applying for admissions at Russian universities, students have to apply for scholarships.

No more than 15,000 scholarships are awarded per year to students seeking admission. The Russian Ministry of Education and Science awards these scholarships. On being awarded a scholarship, students are given a six-digit number that is supposed to be used in the application form.

Russian Government Scholarships for International Students

International students in Russia are eligible to apply for government scholarships in Russia after they have passed the required entrance examinations or the Uniform State Examination (EGE). Every year, the Russian government offers ‘state-funded sports’ at universities to foreign students. In 2020, 15,000 such spots were filled.

Allocation of quotas for the scholarship will be carried out by The Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States, Compatriots Living Abroad, and International Humanitarian Cooperation through its international network of offices and the embassies of Russia abroad.


  • Must have passed the entrance examination(s) or the Uniform State Examination (EGE).


  • Free tuition for the entire duration of the chosen programme; 

  • Maintenance allowance (for the entire duration of study regardless of the candidate's success). In 2020, an average scholarship amounted to 1,484 roubles a month (approximately USD 22); 

  • Dormitory accommodation (if available). 

  • The government scholarship does not include travel costs; living expenses; voluntary health insurance policy.

How to Apply: 

  • Find the scholarship on the official website of ‘Study in Russia’.

  • Contact the united operator* in your country and get information about available scholarships and fields of study.

  • Register on the website, fill out an electronic form and submit your application.

  • Wait for an invitation to participate in the selection process (interviews, tests, examinations).

  • Prepare additional documents such as doctor’s certificate confirming your good health

  • Wait for a letter/notification confirming your enrollment in the university and containing information about your next steps.

How are Government Scholarships in Russia Allocated to Countries?

The number of available state-funded spots depends on the current agreement between the two countries (home country and host country). It also is based on the collaboration between them, which further draws international students to Russia. 

According to Rossotrudnichestvo statistics, countries such as Vietnam, Tajikistan, China and Uzbekistan had 855,  342, 830 and 150 spots respectively in the 2016-17 academic year. The ideal way to find out how many spots are offered to students of a given country is to contact the Russian embassy or Rossotrudnichestvo (Russian Science and Culture Centre) representatives.

Do You Qualify for an International Student Scholarship in Russia?

Is it Difficult for Indian Students to Get a Russian Government Scholarship?

Given the demand for government scholarships offered to international students in Russia, it is usually quite difficult to be awarded one. However, it will depend on the level of preparation of the student along with their awareness or understanding of how these scholarships are allocated.

Scholarships offered by the Russian government are based entirely on academic merit. If one applies for a Bachelor’s degree, the selection committee considers secondary school marks and for a Master’s degree, academic excellence in an undergraduate degree is looked at. Also, applicants who have Russian language skills are generally given more preference. However, candidates do not necessarily have to speak Russian.

Non-Governmental Russian Scholarships for International Students

Russian Scholarship Project 2021

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation offers Open Doors Russian Scholarship 2021 for students from outside Russia. 


  • Must be an international student.

  • Must be applying for a master’s program in the fields of Biology, Computer & Data Science, Mathematics & Artificial Intelligence, Business & Management, Politics & International Relations, Psychology, Physics, Linguistics & Modern, Languages, Chemistry, Economics, Engineering & Technology.

  • Must hold a valid Bachelor’s degree.


  • 100% discount on tuition.

How to Apply:

  • Visit the official website of Open Doors and apply for the scholarship.

  • Submit all the required documents such as a copy of passport, CV, academic transcripts, etc.

BP in Russia Research Scholarships


  • Must be enrolled in degrees in the fields of energy or economies at one of the partner Russian universities.

  • Must be studying on state grants.

  • Must have an excellent academic record with a will to develop in their chosen field.

Value: RUB 15,000 - 35,000 every month

University-specific Russian scholarships for international Students

In Russia, scholarships are usually not awarded at the university level. However, some of the Russian universities do offer scholarships to international students applying for programs in certain fields.

HSE Global Scholarship Competition in Russia

Organised by HSE University, the HSE Global Scholarship Competition is aimed at enhancing the knowledge and skills of those who are applying for undergraduate degree programs.


Only those who fulfil the following criteria can be held eligible for the scholarship: 

  • Must be a domestic or international student.

  • Must be enrolled in an undergraduate degree in the fields of Foreign Languages (English), International Relations, Asian Studies, Design, Journalism, History, Cultural Studies, Mathematics, Media Communications, Law, Psychology, Advertising and Public Relations, Modern Politics, Social Sciences, Physics, Philology, and Philosophy.

  • Must have passed high school.

  • Must be under 30 years of age.

How to Apply: 

Enrol in the undergraduate program at the university and complete the registration process.


Full-tuition waivers, partial awards as well as tuition discounts up to 75% to study undergraduate degree programs.

National University of Science and Technology MISiS


Only those who fulfil the following criteria can be held eligible for the scholarship: 

  • Must be a commencing postgraduate student.

  • Must have applied for a English-medium MSc STEM program at the university.

  • May either be admitted via the Russian government scholarship program or be paying tuition fees themselves. 

Value: Stipends

Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University


Only those who fulfil the following criterion can be held eligible for the scholarship: 

  • Must be enrolled in a master’s degree program studied in English at the university.


  • Tuition fees or one semester or 

  • Costs of accommodation in the university dormitory.

Russian International Olympic University

Offered by the Vladimir Potanin Foundation, around 20 scholarships are open to international students studying a certain master’s program. 


Only those who fulfil the following criterion can be held eligible for the scholarship: 

  • Must be enrolled in the program of Master of Sports Administration at the university.


  • Tuition fees,

  • Accommodation costs, or

  • A monthly stipend

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