SAT Scholarship for Indian Students in 2023 - Availability & How to Apply

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Updated on Feb 24, 2023 3:53 PM IST

Wondering if you are eligible to avail of the SAT scholarship for Indian Students in 2023? The SAT is a standardised test widely used for college admissions majorly in the United States and is accepted by leading universities such as Auburn University, University of Massachusets, University of Dayton, University of Illinois, Arizona State University and many more.

Scroll through the page to find out the different kinds of SAT scholarships for Indian students, their eligibility, and the process to apply to them and avail them for your benefit.

SAT Scholarship for Indian Students in 2023

If you have taken the SAT exam and scored well on the test, then not only do your chances of getting admission to institutions abroad increase but you can also be considered for SAT scholarship. The scholarship is offered by specific institutions based on the SAT scores of the student.

Candidates with the highest SAT scores are eligible for merit-based scholarships in select institutes abroad. Also, students are eligible for the SAT registration discount which is both merit-based and income-based. These SAT scholarships for Indian students help to ease their financial burden and reduce the cost they have to bear for education at US universities. Check all details related to SAT scholarships here.

There is no denying that to receive an SAT scholarship, you ought to get a high score on the SAT exam. For this, you might need to check out the following links to make yourself more familiar with the exam:

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Types of SAT Scholarship

International students, including Indian students, can apply for various SAT scholarships depending on their qualifications, competencies, and skill sets. The following is a discussion of the most well-known SAT exam scholarship:

Need-Based SAT Scholarship

The need-based SAT scholarships are awarded to meritorious individuals from low-income families. These SAT exam scholarships aim to meet the financial needs of such groups of students to pursue higher education in order to ensure equal chances for all deserving candidates.

Identity-Based SAT Scholarship

Identity-based SAT scholarships are offered with the goal of fostering academic performance across all student communities. These are only for underrepresented minority communities who face social and economic challenges while pursuing higher education. Identities such as race, gender, ethnicity, etc. are taken into consideration while awarding these scholarships.

SAT Academic Scholarship

SAT merit scholarships are another name for these academic scholarships. Candidates are judged on factors such as overall SAT scores, school grades, etc. are taken into account. To qualify for an SAT merit scholarship or SAT academic scholarship, students must achieve high and consistent SAT scores.

SAT Athletic Scholarship

The only criteria used to award SAT athletic scholarships is one's prowess in any sport. These scholarships are widespread in countries like the United States and the United Kingdom where the corresponding colleges send scouts to assess a students extracurricular activities and sports participation at the school level. However, this scholarship is specifically for students studying in a US high school.

SAT Military Scholarship

This scholarship is limited to students in the US, who are or were a part of the US armed forces. As a sign of appreciation for the US armed forces and their contributions to the nation, numerous prestigious universities worldwide award SAT scholarships to service members, veterans, etc. It is, however, subject to a set of strict document requirements.

SAT India Top Performers Scholarship

Indian students who belong to lower-income families and have an SAT score of 1300 or above are eligible for a merit-cum-need based scholarships at participating universities. Those who score 1300 or above on SAT are recognised as SAT India Top Performers and the recipient of scholarships are also considered College Board India Scholars.

Students can apply for these scholarships at the time of admission to their respective universities. Candidates are shortlisted based on their own income or their parent's income and their SAT scores.

Eligibility Criteria of SAT Scholarships for Indian Students

After understanding the types of SAT scholarships, let us explore the requirements for applying to each one that fits perfectly your needs. The following pointers outline SAT scholarship eligibility criteria for Indian students:

  • Receiving an admission letter from a university is the first requirement for applying for any SAT scholarship for Indian students. The first step of getting accepted to an international university or college is to target a high SAT score and this is only possible through rigorous SAT preparation, utilising SAT best books and practising SAT questions papers.

  • After you have received an offer letter, check the SAT scholarship requirements and pick the scholarship that best suits your needs.

  • Usually, a score of 1300 or above is required to be considered for SAT scholarships.

  • The candidate must be a student in Class 11 or 12 when applying for the scholarship.

  • Need-based SAT scholarships may also require an income certificate to prove financial need.

  • For some need-based scholarships, candidates need to show annual household income to be less than INR 8 Lakhs.

Documents Required for SAT Scholarship

International students need to submit all the required documents to be considered for SAT scholarships for Indian students. We have listed some of them below:

How to Apply for SAT Scholarship?

After gathering the required documents, international students can apply for SAT scholarships in a quick and easy manner. The following is a step-by-step approach for applying for SAT exam scholarship:

  • Step 1: Take the SAT exam and achieve a high score.
  • Step 2: Research thoroughly and shortlist the colleges or universities that you are targetting. Send your application details along with your SAT scores. 
  • Step 3: Find out if the college offers SAT scholarships on its official website once you receive an acceptance letter.
  • Step 4: There will be a link to the SAT scholarship application form on the website itself. Complete your application process as per the instructions mentioned. 
  • Step 5: Wait for a response from the appropriate authorities.

Institute-Wise SAT Scholarships

Various Institutes award scholarships to international students based on their SAT scores. Here is the list of some of the popular institutes offering SAT scholarships, along with the minimum requirements and eligible amount.

University Name

SAT Scholarship

SAT Score Required

Scholarship Amount (in USD)

Baylor University

President's Gold Scholarship


Provost's Gold Scholarship


Dean's Gold Scholarship


Founder's Gold Scholarship


19,000 to 21,000



16,000 to 18,000



13,000 to 15,000



10,00 to 12,000

Colorado State University

Merit Scholarships


5000 to 10,000

Texas Tech University

Texas Tech scholarships












1000 to 3000


2000 to 5000


2000 to 7000


400 to 9000

Georgia State University

Merit Scholarships


A renewable scholarship between 500 to 3000

University of Mississippi

Academic Excellence scholarship



University of Missouri

Chancellor's Award

Curators Scholars Award

Excellence Award

Mark Twain Award


3000 to 15,000

The University of Nevada at Las Vegas

President's Award

Provost's Award

Dean's Award


7,000 to 11,000

University of Oregon



3000 to 10,000

Other SAT Scholarships for Indian Students

Apart from the aforementioned SAT exam scholarships, here are a few more SAT scholarships that students can apply/avail:

SAT Scholarship Name

SAT Score Required

Scholarship Amount Granted (in USD)

CIA Undergraduate Scholarship Program 



Matt Logies Memorial Scholarship 



Texas Armed Services Scholarship Program 



MSLP Governor’s Best And Brightest Scholarship 



Pacific Gas And Electric Company Asian ERG Scholarship 



Deana’s Wish Memorial Scholarship 



College Board SAT Scholarships

The College Board, the official SAT exam administrative organisation, has recently announced a huge USD 40,000 SAT scholarship for students in need of financial aid for their college education. To be eligible for these scholarships, you must follow the processes outlined on the College Board's official website.  The table below explains these processes as well as the amount you will earn after completing each action:


Amount Awarded in USD

Build Your College List


Practice for the SAT


Improve Your Score


Strengthen Your College List


Complete the FAFSA


Apply to Colleges


Discount on SAT Registration

The College Board India Scholars Programme offers a discount on SAT Registration to students belonging to low-income families.

Eligible Indian students of Class XI or XII can apply for SAT registration discount, however, only one discount voucher per student is awarded. Students can use the voucher at the time of registration.

The discount value has been mentioned below:

Annual Income

Registration Discount

Less than 8 Lakhs

90% SAT registration discount

8 Lakhs to 15 Lakhs

50% SAT registration discount

Wish to Study at Your Dream University Abroad?

FAQs on SAT Scholarships

How to apply for SAT Scholarship?

Students can apply for college-specific SAT scholarships and SAT India Top Performers Scholarships while applying for admission to their respective universities. SAT scholarships completely depend on the SAT score obtained by the candidate.

Can an SAT score above 1200 get me a scholarship?

Yes, you can be eligible for SAT scholarships if you have scored 1200 on the test. However, it would depend on the college and if it offers scholarships to applicants with SAT scores above 1200. Sometimes, a few colleges prefer higher SAT scores for scholarship consideration.

Can an SAT score above 1500 get me a scholarship?

Getting 1500 on the SAT can certainly make you eligible for various scholarships. However, it is best to check if the university you are applying to has any SAT-based scholarships. It is important to remember that each university has its separate requirements.

Do Canadian universities offer scholarships based on SAT scores?

Yes, a lot of universities in Canada offer SAT scholarships. It is advised to check with the respective colleges to learn more about the scholarships they offer. You can browse those universities and colleges to check their requirements and also the funding option.

What SAT score would offer a 100% scholarship?

Even 1600 on the SAT might not make you eligible for a full scholarship. It entirely depends on the university, whether it offers 100% scholarship. However, test takers who score more than 1300 in their SAT exam, and whose family income is below a limit, are offered 100% tuition-free scholarships by many universities.

What SAT score do you need for a scholarship?

There is no specific minimum score required to be eligible for SAT scholarship as it entirely depends on the college or university. Students are advised to check the university scholarship requirements to get an idea of what SAT score is the best. Generally, it is considered safe to obtain a score between 1200 and 1600 to be eligible for scholarships.

How can I receive the discount on SAT registration?

Students whose family income is low can request a discount voucher and use it at the time of SAT registration. Also, the CollegeBoard India Scholars Programme offers a discount on SAT registration to students belonging to low-income families.

Which institutes offer scholarships to students on the basis of the SAT exam?

There are numerous institutes that offer SAT Scholarships to those who have attempted the SAT exam. Some of the top universities include Colorado State University, the University of Oregon, Baylor University, and the University of Mississippi, to name a few.

What are the various types of SAT scholarships?

There are mainly two types of SAT scholarships, i.e. need-based and merit-based SAT Scholarships. The need-based scholarship is offered directly to the applicant by the colleges or universities. Meanwhile, there is a discount on SAT registration which acts as a need-based SAT scholarship. Also, the CollegeBoard India Scholar offers scholarships to students belonging to low-income families who have scored well on their SATs.

Is there any scholarship available for Indian students on the basis of SAT scores?

Yes. SAT scholarship is offered by CollegeBoard India Scholar. Institutes also offer scholarships to students who have performed well on their SAT tests. Indian students who belong to lower-income families and have an SAT score of 1300 or above are eligible for a merit-cum-need based scholarships at participating universities.

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