SAT Slot Booking 2023 - How & When to Book a Slot for SAT?

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Updated on Apr 06, 2023 6:45 PM IST

SAT slot booking is simply the process to choose the SAT exam date, SAT exam centre and SAT exam time slot. Only creating an SAT account on the College Board website is not sufficient when registering for the SAT exam. It is compulsory to select a favourable date and time to appear for the exam as per convenience.

On this page, you will find the steps for SAT slot booking 2023 and other important details related to it.

SAT Slot Booking 2023

SAT exam is a mandatory criterion to be accepted for bachelor's courses abroad. There are two types of the SAT exam that students can take - SAT1 and SAT2. They can take any one of them at their convenience. The difference between the two tests lies in their intention. 

The SAT scores play an important role in the application process for overseas universities and colleges. They demand SAT scores to find a common criterion to check the ability of the students across various merits and spectrums and judge them under one roof.

SAT Slot Booking 2023 - How and When to Book a Slot for SAT Test?

Booking an SAT slot includes selecting the SAT centre that is easily accessible for students. It must not be too far away from home. Due to the popularity of the exam, test-takers must book the test slots in advance and candidates may face difficulty if done at the last moment.

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How to Book SAT Slot Online?

SAT slot booking includes four major steps that include creating an account, filling out the application form, SAT slot booking and payment. Here is a step-by-step guide to booking a slot for the exam online:

Step 1: Collect all the necessary documents to fill up the form. 

Step 2: It is necessary to register on the CollegeBoard account. It can be done free of cost. You need to enter basic information such as name and email address.

Step 3: Match the name given in the application form with the name given on the official documents. Any mismatch will lead to cancellation. 

Step 4: Only valid ID proofs can be used for slot booking.

Step 5: Select the SAT test date and test centre that you prefer. Make sure that you choose the nearest SAT exam centre.

Step 6: Answer all the questions that are mentioned about yourself and your family background. This will ensure that the candidate gets financial aid or SAT scholarship if necessary.

Step 7: Recheck all the information that you have given. Eliminate errors if required.

Step 8: Upload a recent photograph matching the one on the identity card.

Step 9: Pay the SAT exam fee with a debit card or credit card.

Step 10: Check out, download and print the admission ticket.

Candidates must ensure that they book the test dates quickly as the SAT registration dates are four weeks ahead of the exam.

How to Book SAT Slot Via Mail?

You can also book slots offline. Check out these steps:

  • The candidate is required to have 'The Student Registration Guide for the SAT and SAT Subject Tests', that they might get it in schools

  • The guide includes a registration form along with a return envelope

  • After filling it, the form needs to be sent with a demand draft

  • The mailed form will be directed to their regional office.

While mailing, keep the deadline in mind and try to fill the form as early as possible.

When to Apply for SAT?

One of the most important things in students' life is to get admission into a good university. For this, as earlier discussed, SAT plays a huge role. The SAT is the most recognised and standardised test that is accepted by most universities across the globe that helps to assess which applicants will thrive at their campus. 

As per our CollegDekho experts, candidates should keep at least four-five clear months in hand to prepare themselves for the SAT. Hence, they should look for test dates accordingly. They are advised to take tests at such a period when they remain from all other sides to focus entirely on their SAT preparation

How Many Times Can You Take the SAT?

There's no such limit to taking SAT tests, hence, students can take the SAT tests as many times as they want. It is recommended that candidates should take it at least twice - in the spring of their junior year and the fall of their senior year.

Most of the candidates get a higher score the second time, and most colleges and universities consider them to have the highest SAT score when making admission decisions. 

How to Cancel, Postpone, or Reschedule SAT Test?

No matter how early the candidate has cancelled their SAT test, they will still not get a full refund. Candidates who registered themselves for the exam and are cancelling the same due to some reasons would be eligible for a USD 10 refund if the candidate cancels the test 5 days in advance.

To postpone the test, candidates are required to pay an extra fee of USD 25 to postpone and USD 35 to reschedule the SAT test before the regular change deadline.

Before booking a slot, candidates should not rush. It is advisable to take time and check the calendar during which period of the year the candidate will remain free to prepare for the test.

Why Should You Apply for the SAT?

There are various reasons why a student, who wants to pursue higher education abroad, should apply for the SAT exam. Check out the following convincing reasons regarding why you should apply for the SAT:

  • Taking SAT test will improve the candidate's English reading and writing and also holds the scope of improving your English speaking skills.

  • The test helps to improve the candidate's numerical knowledge.

  • SAT results and scores are considered for scholarship or endowment worldwide.

  • Compared to other entrance exams taken for studying abroad, the fees for the SAT test are not very high.

  • Most colleges in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom accept the SAT for bachelor's level degrees.

  • The test prepares the candidates with a basic level of knowledge in both English and Math.

  • Scoring is considerably easy if compared to other tests.

Based on the results obtained by a candidate after the SAT exam, colleges decide they are fit to undertake their country's syllabus or pattern of the education system. There are various requirements while submitting an application to a college or university, however, SAT plays a significant role in declaring a student's academic ability.

Know the SAT Score Requirement for Your Desired University!

FAQs on SAT Slot Booking

How do you book SAT slots?

To book SAT slots, candidates are required to follow these simple steps. First, visit the CollegeBoard official website and then create an account. Submit all the required details. Choose the exam along with the nearest test centre. Upload a photograph and finally pay the application fee.

When should I book an SAT slot?

Candidates can book an SAT slot anytime as the SAT exam is held multiple times around the year. Students who want to appear for their SAT are advised to choose an exam date three to four months before their application deadline to avoid any last-minute errors.

How much does it cost to book an SAT slot?

Booking an SAT slot varies as per the home country of the applicant. In India, to book an SAT slot, applicants will be required to pay USD 104 (INR 8,286) without the essay and USD 117 (INR 9,321) with the essay. 

How to book an SAT slot by mail?

Applicants can book an SAT slot by mail using the following pointers:

  • Collect ‘The Student Registration Guide for the SAT and SAT Subject Tests’ from your college/school.

  • Check whether this booklet contains a return envelope and an SAT registration form.

  • Fill out the form and attach a DD or demand draft.

  • Mailed application forms will be directed to the regional office of USIEF (SAT's regional representative in India).

How to cancel SAT exam slot?

Applicants can cancel their SAT exam slot through their ‘My SAT’ account. Your SAT registration fee will be fully refunded if you cancel before or on test day, but you will be charged a cancellation fee as detailed below:

  • You will be charged USD 25 if you cancel before the regular cancellation deadline.

  • You will be charged USD 35 if you cancel after the regular cancellation deadline.

If In the event that you cancel SAT exam slot and decide to take the test on that date later, you will be required to re-register for the test.

How to postpone or reschedule the SAT test?

Candidates can postpone or reschedule SAT exam anytime. To postpone the test, candidates are required to pay an extra fee of USD 25. For rescheduling, students need to pay USD 35 before the regular change deadline.

What is the ideal time for SAT slot booking?

There is no ideal time for SAT slot booking. SAT is held numerous times around the year. However, to prevent any last-minute blunders, it is recommended that students planning to take the SAT to select their exam dates three to four months prior to the application deadline of their desired university.

Can I book an SAT slot by myself?

Yes, you can book an SAT slot all by yourself on the CollegeBoard website or by mail, using the form in the Student Registration Booklet. If you want to book a slot through paper registration, just ask your school counsellor for a copy of the booklet or download it from the official website.

Is a passport required for SAT slot booking?

No, a passport is not required for SAT slot booking. However, students must mandatorily keep a valid passport on a test day to prove their identity. Also, prior to registration, students should make sure their passports will be valid on the test day. It is not permitted to use expired passports or letters from the passport office saying that a passport is being issued.

What are the eligibility criteria to book an SAT exam slot?

There are no such eligibility criteria set by the CollegeBoard for a student to book an SAT slot. This means that anyone can appear for it. Generally, Class 10 or 11 students take the SAT exam to make use of its scores in study abroad applications for their undergraduate applications.

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