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Updated on Feb 03, 2023 11:19 AM IST

The registration fee is the most important part of the SAT exam fee that is to be paid to be eligible to sit for the test. The SAT or Scholastic Assessment Test Exam fees 2023 include a basic registration fee of USD 60. SAT is administered by the College Board, which is responsible for all the exam-related services worldwide including SAT registration, rescheduling, and cancellation, and sending score reports of the SAT exam in lieu of a fee.

This page on the SAT exam fees would comprise information on various services pertaining to the exam such as registration, rescheduling, cancellation, etc. Walk through this page to find out the different types of SAT exams and fees related to them.

SAT Exam Fee 2023

The SAT exam is a standardised test mostly taken by students wanting to take admission to undergraduate courses at global universities and colleges, especially in the US and Canada. This 3-hour exam is designed to evaluate students on the basis of their skills in Mathematical problem-solving, Evidence-Based Reading, and Writing.

It is notable that the SAT Essay exam, as well as SAT Subject tests, have now been discarded, and therefore, no separate SAT Essay fee or SAT subject test fee has to be paid by applicants.

SAT Exam Fee 2023

There is a basic registration fee for the SAT Exam that needs to be paid. Students of different nationalities except the US have to pay an additional cost of the non-US regional fee.

The following table provides a detailed view of the different SAT exam fees in 2023:

SAT Exam Services

SAT Exam Fee (in USD)

Registration Fee


Non-US Regional Fee


Total SAT Exam Fee


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SAT Exam Fees in India

SAT exam fees are chargeable to students for the efficient organisation of the exam. The setting up of SAT test centres, as well as their maintenance, requires money. The exam fees in India are as follows:

Types of SAT Fees in India

SAT Exam Fees (in INR)

Registration Fee (without essay)


Non-US Regional Fee


Test Centre Fee (Applicable only to a Few Centres)


Change Test Centre


Cancel Registration


Cancel Registration Late


Additional Score Reports

955(per report)

Rush Reports


Getting Scores by Phone


Archive Score


SAT Question and Answer Service


SAT Student Answer Service


Hand Score Verification


Note: The fees are converted from dollar to INR and are subject to changes in the exchange rate.

SAT Exam Fees in Other Countries

The SAT exam fee is the same in all countries across the world. However, there can be differences in fees due to the currency exchange rate. The cost of SAT in the USA and all other countries of the world is USD 60.

Though the registration fee is the same, the regional fee varies on the basis of the country. Here is a list of countries along with their regional fees:


SAT Regional Fee (in USD)





Marshall Islands












Types of SAT Exam Fee 2023

Apart from the SAT registration fee, a candidate has to pay an additional sum of money related to the SAT Exam. The additional amount depends upon the applicant's need in different situations. 

The different charges charged by the College Board for providing services to Indian students appearing for SAT exam are given below:

SAT Registration Fee

The SAT registration fee is a fee that is to be paid in order to confirm the booking of an SAT exam slot. It is the most important SAT exam fee that is paid by candidates. The SAT registration fee is USD 60. 

SAT Late Registration Fee

Candidates are charged a late registration fee for registering after the regular deadline but before the late registration deadline. The late registration fee is charged to the students of USA, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands only. The SAT late registration fee is USD 30 or INR 2,388.

SAT Test Centre Fee

Some SAT test centres charge extra fees to students which are known as SAT test centre fees. The list of test centres is provided on the SAT website which is known to charge a test centre fee. The SAT test centre fee is USD 24 or INR 1,909.

SAT Rescheduling/ Cancellation Fee

In order to reschedule SAT exam, students need to cancel the SAT exam. To cancel the SAT exam, you need to pay an SAT cancellation fee. The applicants are advised to reschedule their exam instead of altogether cancelling it. The refund amount for cancelling the exam is very small, hence, it is advisable to pay the additional money to reschedule the exam (if the applicant wants to take the exam in future), rather than cancelling it. 

If candidates cancel before the regular deadline for cancellation, the fee charged is USD 25 or INR 1,989. And If they cancel after the regular cancellation deadline or on the test day, the cancellation fee is USD 35 or INR 2,785. The registration fee is refunded in both cases.

SAT Additional Score Reports

The first four SAT score reports are free if they are ordered within nine days after the SAT test date. Later, a fee has to be paid for ordering SAT additional score reports.

Each additional score report costs USD 12 or INR 955. Students can avail free test score reports if they have an SAT fees waiver.

SAT Rush Score Reports

An additional fee has to be paid by candidates if they need to send their SAT scores faster than regular delivery. SAT rush score reports are sent within 1 to 4 business days. A fee of USD 31 or INR 2,467 is to be paid along with an additional score report fee if already four free test score reports have been availed.

SAT Score Reports Via Phone Fee

To get SAT score reports via phone call, a fee has to be paid. The scores are available at the same time as the online scores. The money has to be paid via credit card during the call.

The SAT Score Reports Via Phone is USD 15 or INR 1,193 per call.

SAT Archive Scores Fee

Students can send archived SAT scores to them or to the colleges, universities or other programs of choice. The request can be made via mail or telephone and an additional score report fee has to be paid in addition to SAT archive score fees.

The SAT archive score fee is USD 31 or INR 2,467. 

SAT Question and Answer Service Fee

This is a special service delivered by SAT where information is provided related to SAT paper and pencil-based exams. A copy of SAT questions and report showing answers of candidates from specific test administration, correct answers and additional scoring information and information regarding the type and difficulty level of questions are provided to candidates.

A fee of USD 16 or INR 1,273 is charged for this SAT question and answer service.

SAT Student Answer Service Fee

The SAT student answer service contains a report showing how you answered questions from a specific test administration. Also, information is provided on the type of questions and difficulty level.

The SAT student answer service fee is USD 16 or INR 1,273.

SAT Hand Score Verification 

For pen and paper administration of the SAT exam, an answer verification service is available. They provide value to students in case of retaking the SAT exam.

A fee of USD 55 or INR 4,377 is charged for hand score verification.

SAT Exam Fee Payment Methods

Applicants for the SAT Exam come from many countries. This makes it important to cater to the needs of each applicant of different nationalities. Thus, the College Board (administering body of the SAT Exam) accepts payment for the SAT Exam in multiple ways. The two preferred modes of payment are:

  • PayPal: If students do not have a PayPal account, they are advised to create one before payment.

  • Credit Card: It can either be Visa, American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Diners Club and JCB

SAT Exam Fee Payment and Refund Policies

The SAT exam registration fee is refunded in case of rescheduling or cancelling the SAT exam. It can be done by visiting My SAT account. A cancellation fee will be charged for cancelling the SAT exam.

  • If it is cancelled before the regular cancellation deadline then USD 25 is charged.

  • If cancelled after the deadline of regular cancellation or on the test day USD 35 is charged.

Students have to register again if they decide to take SAT after cancellation.

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FAQs on SAT Exam Fee

Is SAT exam free of cost?

No, the SAT exam is not free of cost in any country including India. Apart from the SAT registration fee, students have to pay a regional fee based on the country from which they are appearing for SAT. Along with it, College Board charges different types of fees for providing additional services.

Is SAT exam fee waiver available for international students?

No, SAT exam fee waiver is not available for international students residing in other countries. Students who live in the US or its territories or US citizens living away from the US can avail this opportunity. So, if you are a high school international student residing in the US, you can get a SAT exam fee waiver.

How do I pay SAT exam fee in India?

You can pay for SAT exam fee in India in Indian currency by using PayPal or Credit Card. The other forms of SAT exam fee can also be paid through this process. The popular credit cards that are used as a payment mode are Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, JCB and Diner’s Club.

Can SAT score reports be sent for free?

Yes, SAT score reports can be sent for free to colleges and universities where you are seeking to send the test scores. However, the free-of-cost facility is available only for up to four reports. After that, you need to pay an additional score report fee of USD 12 per report.

Why is SAT exam so expensive?

The SAT exam fee is expensive as the College Board has to bear administrative costs related to conducting the test and taking out the results. However, the cost is comparatively fair for countries which are developed but for developing countries where the income is low, the SAT exam seems too expensive for them.

Is SAT exam fee the same for all countries?

Yes, the SAT exam fee or the registration fees for all countries including India is the same. However, a regional fee is also imposed along with the registration fee which differs based on the country to which the test taker belongs. The SAT regional fee is between USD 43 and USD 53.

Is it possible to get a refund of SAT exam fee?

Yes, the full SAT registration fee is refunded if the test taker cancels the SAT exam. However, one must note that a cancellation fee is charged for cancelling the exam which is USD 25 if cancelled before the regular cancellation deadline and USD 35 if cancelled after the regular cancellation deadline.

Is SAT exam fee less than ACT exam fee?

Yes, SAT exam fee is a little less than the ACT exam fee. The SAT exam fee without an Essay is USD 60, whereas, the ACT exam fee is USD 63 which is USD 3 more than SAT fees. The ACT exam fee along with the Writing section is USD 88.

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