SAT Cutoff 2023 - Minimum SAT Score Requirement, Universities Specific Cutoff

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Updated on Mar 13, 2023 8:20 PM IST

While the College Board has not set any SAT Cutoff, candidates taking the SAT exam are expected to score within a certain range in order to become eligible for undergraduate admissions to top universities abroad. 

While applying for admission, one must check the desirable SAT score range set by the particular university/ college where they wish to send in their applications. Along with SAT scores, factors such as your academic background, extracurricular activities, interest and skills are also taken into consideration at the time of admission.

SAT scores are accepted by various universities and colleges in countries like the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, etc. 

SAT Cutoff 2023 - What is a Good SAT Score?

Determining the answer to what a good SAT score is more complicated than it seems. This is because each university determines the minimum SAT score that applicants must meet in order to enrol in their desired programme. To assist test takers, the College Board releases a prediction of the average scores accepted each year at different universities that accept the test score.


Average Score for Acceptance 

Composite Score (Without Essay)

Above 1400


Above 530 

Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Section

Above 500

While the table above gives a superficial understanding of the scores in each section that are considered good scores, the SAT cutoff, which is determined individually by each university, will classify different scores as good.

According to trends, test takers with an SAT Composite score of 1400 and above are recognised among the top 5% of all test takers that year. Admissions to some of the best and highly selective universities in the USA would require candidates to have scored a 1200 composite SAT score. For the Ivy League universities in the USA like Harvard, Yale, MIT and others, applicants must have scored 1500 or higher with a 680 in mathematics and 600 in the reading and writing sections.

Candidates must note a good SAT score does not guarantee admission to a university. They must have a good academic background and meet the course-specific requirements of the university to be considered for admission.

SAT Cutoff of US Universities Accepting Score for 2023 Admissions

Refer to the following table to know the SAT cutoff of US Universities/ Colleges accepting scores for 2023 admissions:

Universities/ Colleges

SAT Cutoff

Florida State University

Composite SAT Score Range: 1250-1400*

University of Central Florida

Average SAT Composite Score: 1320*

Georgia Institute of Technology

Composite SAT Score Range: 1390- 1460*

University of Florida

Composite SAT Score Range: 1330-1470*

University of Georgia

SAT- (Evidence-Based Reading & Writing EBRW): 480*

SAT-Math: 440*

Carnegie Mellon University

Average SAT Composite Score: 1510

Duke University

Average SAT Composite Score: 1510

University at Buffalo

Average SAT Composite Score: 1245

Cleveland State University

Average SAT Composite Score: 1100

Stevens Institute of Technology

Composite SAT Score Range: 1330-1480

Michigan State University

Composite SAT Score Range: 1110-1280

University of Texas at Arlington

Composite SAT Score Range: 1040-1250

List of Universities that Don't Require SAT Scores in 2023

In wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of US universities and colleges have either gone test-optional, test-flexible or test-blind. Test-optional colleges are those that accept but don't require SAT scores, while test-flexible colleges let applicants provide scores of other tests such as AP scores, IB grades or other standardised/placement tests. Lastly, test-blind colleges are those that do not consider SAT scores even if they are submitted.

Here is a list of some of the popular US universities and colleges that no longer require SAT scores for international admissions in 2023-24:

Name of University


Boston University

Test-Optional for 2023

Carnegie Mellon University

Test-Optional for 2023

Columbia University

Test-Optional for 2023

Stanford University

Test-Optional for 2023

Ohio State University

Test-Optional for 2023

University of Texas

Test-Optional for 2023

Harvard University

Test-Optional for 2023

Yale University

Test-Optional for 2023

University of California

Test-Optional for 2023

University of Chicago

Test-Optional for 2023

Johns Hopkins University

Test-Optional for 2023

Cornell University

Test-Optional for 2023

University of Michigan

Test-Optional for 2023

University of Washington

Test-Optional for 2023

University of Wisconsin

Test-Optional for 2023

The Penn University

Test-Optional for 2023

University of Illinois

Test-Optional for 2023

Is SAT Score Necessary for College Admissions Abroad?

SAT scores are some of the more widely accepted scores for undergraduate studies in the USA. However, apart from US universities, some universities in Canada, Australia and New Zealand also accept SAT scores for undergraduate studies. Nevertheless, candidates planning to study bachelor’s in the USA should apply for SATs to stand a better chance at enrolling in some of the best universities in the world.

Along with the GPA, co-curricular activities, community and professional achievements, SOPs and LORs, the SAT score often helps improve a candidate’s chances at enrolment. As the number of international students applying to universities in the USA increases with every passing year, so does the competition. In other words, the SAT cutoffs for top US universities in is bound to change significantly every year.

On this page, you will be able to find the top US universities and the different SAT cutoffs that are often seen each academic year.

Steps to Set Your Target SAT Cut Off

Before starting to prepare for the SAT exam, it is necessary to know your target SAT cut-off. All the universities have different cut-offs and you must work according to the cut-off set by your university. The ways to determine the target SAT cut-off are:

  • Make a List of Cut-offs: Check the websites of the universities to which you wish to apply. List down the cut-offs for the given year. 

  • Look for the Cut-off of the 25th and 75th Percentiles: It is necessary to know the cut-offs of the 25th and 75th percentiles. If the cutoff of the 25th percentile is 1100, it shows that 25% have got below that score whereas if the cutoff of the 75th percentile is 1500, you must know 75% have got above 1500.

  • Scan the List: Finally, it is your turn to scan the list properly and set your target score. You should choose the highest cut-off score among the universities you have chosen and start your preparation accordingly.

FAQs on SAT Cut-offs

Is 1550 a good SAT score for Ivy League schools?

Yes, 1550 on the SAT is a pretty good score for any of the Ivy League schools such as Yale, Harvard, Princeton, etc. Scores above 1550 are treated as excellent SAT scores for Ivy League schools. You can be easily considered for admission if you have such high SAT scores.

Should I submit my score to a test-flexible or test-blind college?

While a test-flexible college allows students to submit scores on other tests, test-blind colleges do not consider SAT scores even if you submit them. So, submitting your SAT scores to a test-blind college will not help your application as they will not consider your SAT scores for admission.

Should I submit my score to a test-optional college?

It is totally on you since a test-optional college allows a student to decide whether or not they want to submit their SAT scores. Most test-optional colleges will consider your SAT scores if you submit them. So, you can consider sending such colleges your SAT scores if you are confident about them.

What is a good SAT score?

There is no such thing called 'a good SAT score'. The college or university you are applying to will measure the value of your SAT scores as per their requirement. So, if your SAT score meets the college's requirements, your SAT score should be good enough.

What is the minimum SAT passing mark?

The minimum passing mark for SAT exam is 400. While some universities may accept minimum SAT scores, it is still advised to check the university website and its requirements. Each university or college has different SAT score requirements and it is necessary for you to set your target cut off accordingly.

What is the maximum mark that you can score in an SAT test?

The maximum marks you can score in SAT exam is 1600 with 800 in each section - Math and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing. A perfect SAT score of 1600 can help you get admission in the university of your choice and can help you to get SAT scholarships.

What is the average SAT Maths score required to be accepted at an university abroad?

On an average, students should aim for a score of 530 in the SAT Math section for admission to a good university abroad. If you want to pursue higher education at a popular university in the USA, Australia or any other such destination, your SAT scores matter a lot.

What is the average SAT Score for accepted at abroad institutes?

To get admission to a good university abroad, candidates should try to get an average score of 1400. Candidates who obtained 1400 or above are generally considered by top universities. Therefore, you must first make a list of the cut-offs of the universities you are planning to seek admission.

What is the minimum SAT score required for admissions at abroad universities?

There is no minimum SAT score requirement for admissions at universities abroad. These SAT score requirements differ as per college or university and even the programme. So, if your SAT score meets the college's requirements, then you have a pretty good chance of getting an admit.

What is SAT Cutoff?

SAT Cutoff is the minimum marks required in an SAT test for admissions at different universities abroad. The cut-off marks vary from university to university. So, if your SAT score meets the college's requirements, then you have aced the cutoff for that university.

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