US Embassy in India Announces Opening of Interview Slots for Student Visas


Sristy Sharma
Updated on Jun 28, 2022 11:39 AM IST

As US universities ask students to be on-campus by mid-August, the US Embassy has announced visa appointments to speed up the visa process.

US Embassy in India Announces Opening of Interview Slots for Student Visas

Latest Update (June 28, 2022) - The US Embassy has announced interview slots for students required by the universities to be present on-campus by mid-August 2022.

The embassy took to Twitter to urge students with I-20 forms to book their interview slots at the earliest. The country plans to clear all such appointments by mid-August. 

The tweet mentioned that the visa appointments for F1, M1, and J1 shall begin on August 14, 2022. 

The US Embassy has also announced that students whose visa applications were rejected the first time can reapply for visa appointments in mid-August.

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The announcement is deemed a result of the request made by the Indian government. 

The Indian government has received numerous complaints from students about the lengthy student visa process. As a result, in a rare move, it urged the senior diplomats of the US, UK, Australia, and other countries to speed up the visa process.

An I-20 form is a document issued by the US government-approved university, or college, to a student enrolled in a full-time programme.

Source: moneycontrol

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The US Embassy in India has announced the opening of visa interview slots in June and July 2022’s first half for F, M and J student visa types.

The mission has advised students to not panic if they are unable to book slots in the first tranche. They have assured applicants that the months of June, July, and August will be allocated to give priority to students. It has also been promised that interviews will be extended to the first half of August as well.

The mission has also stated that they are trying to organise the resources, which will help them to possibly open additional appointments in June and July.

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The United States Embassy is also coming up with fresh initiatives to make the visa application process simple for Indian students. Charge D’Affaires at the US Embassy,  Patricia Lacina, announced that the interview round has been waived for students who have previously been US visa holders. 

Students can apply using the dropbox service to skip the visa interview. Lacina also mentioned that Mission India has more visas in 2021 despite the Covid-19 pandemic than any other year before. 

US visa officials hope to issue a higher number of US student visas than last year’s 62,000 for the fall intake. The hope stems from the early announcement, which gives more time to process more visa applications.

In regards to an earlier statement, the Embassy has clarified the intent to ease the restrictions on conducting interviews for second-time applicants.

Earlier in April 2022, the US Embassy made a statement that they shall focus on the first time student visa applicants, and second time interview applicants were less likely to get a second chance at interviews. The mission announced intentions of considering second-time interview applications in August’s second half. This is not only an opportunity for the students but also a possibility of higher student visa issues in the year 2022. 

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This year's announcement comes earlier than last year, when slots were announced on June 14, 2021. In the same year, many students had already received their I-20 forms, from chosen universities by the time interview slots were announced. However, this year’s situation is noticeably different and positive from last year’s Covid-19 pandemic scenario.

Source: The Times of India

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