University of New Haven’s STEM-Certified Courses Offer Industry Skills for Int’l Students


Cyril Zachariah
Updated on Mar 22, 2021 07:10 PM IST

The University of New Haven, through its STEM-certified programmes, has been able to instil the skills and understanding that businesses are looking for. Further, through the programme, the University also opens up the opportunity to pursue optional practical training in the US for international students.

University of New Haven’s STEM-Certified Courses Offer Industry Skills for Int’l Students

Pompea College of Business, under the University of New Haven, is reaching new heights of achievements through its STEM programmes hat qualify the students with in-demand skills while also providing international students with an opportunity to choose optional practice training (OPT) in the US upon graduation.

Parina Lotlikar, 21 MS student, highlighted the attractiveness of the Universitys STEM-certified graduate programme in accounting, with a concentration in AI and Analytics. She stated that one of the major attractions of the programme was the three-year eligibility for optional practical training upon graduation.

She further added that the University provided many hours of hands-on practical training. Furthermore, the accounting programme was innovative and challenging, when compared to basic accounting programmes.

In a Business Analytics panel for accepted International students, Lotlikar highlighted the lessons that she learned through the course and the internship at Deloitte. During her internship period, Lotlikar worked as an audit and assurance associate intern.

As per statements made by Michael Davis 86 MBA, who has over 30 years of experience under Nestle and has worked as a vice-president and officer, Business Analytics is in demand and is steadily increasing.

Prof Davis stated that the professionals are now embedded throughout the business, rather than sitting in an analytics or data department. He added that Data Analysts are the professionals adding insight and intelligence to the organisation, and those with this capability will be able to differentiate themselves from others.

An ex-Wall Street professional and current economics and finance professor at the University, Dave Sacco stated that businesses are looking to employ professionals with the skillset of a Data Analyst, in a bid to reduce the dependency on hiring professionals from outside the company to deal with business analysts.

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The former managing director at UBS, Prof Sacco further commented that students without a background in Business Analytics are at a disadvantage. He stated that during his time at Wall Street, he was looking for professionals with skill sets that are associated with business analytics or data analytics.

Another student, Jocelyn Rodrigues, 21 MBA, pursuing a STEM-designated Data Analytics concentration under the universitys MBA programme, stated that the main attraction for her was the STEM-certified MBA programme offered by an AASCB approved school.

She, along with her classmates, participated in the Shared Live Client Experience (SLiCE) programme organised by the University, where they aligned with two companies to solve real-world business challenges.

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In her statements, Rodrigues stated that using data analytics for the purpose of pinpointing the problem and recommending the best solutions, was a key highlight. She commented that the client was assured that the information provided by the students was backed by data.

Her ability to applying the theories she learned through coursework opened a full-time assistant brand manager position for Rodrigues at RB, the consumer good company where she interned as a brand manager. Even after being an international student, Rodrigues was able to bag a good job, where she is expected to start work in June, this year.

Similarly, Lotlikar was also able to bag a full-time job at Deloitte, where she is expected to begin work upon graduation in September.

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