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Nidhi bahl
Updated on Feb 09, 2021 05:11 PM IST

Technological University (TU) Dublin’s Global Labs module steps in to provide international students, the opportunity to pursue education abroad, from the comfort of their homes. The module aims to provide students international learning experience while they are sitting at homes.

TU Dublin's Latest Offering to Give Students International Learning Experience

COVID-19 has affected millions of students across the globe and respite seems far even after over 5 months. Education has taken a toll, with students and faculty alike suffering from the pandemic. The toll is even bigger with international students, who enrolled this year in different varsities across the globe, unable to access education, as they aspired.

However, an Irish Computer Science programme is all set to bring some relief to such students who were planning to pursue software development course. TU Dublins Global Labs has taken an initiative, where students aspiring to pursue a career in software development from the international partners of the university, and beyond, can acquire insights and knowledge that come along with the experience of international education.

Technological University (TU) Dublin, has developed modules with the objective of assembling students from around the globe at the University, offering them the chance to experience international education from the comfort of their homes, states TU Dublin.

Sources state that the university has developed a technologically enabled, blended delivery module. The module has been designed with the ability to imitate software development teams across in the IT industry.

The module allows for the virtually connected teams to replicate the challenges, obstacles and environment of IT companies across the globe, TU Dublin comments. Further adding that Trust, integration and shared responsibility are key features of a successful company, the university states that the teams that geographically distributed and culturally diverse, which can make few challenges almost impossible to overcome.

Through the unique module brought forth by the university, the students who choose to pursue the course will be offered several opportunities. Ranging from working in global teams with real-world challenges to attending lectures and receiving mentorship from industry leaders and academicians, unique opportunities are all the students will receive.

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Currently, over 300 students have participated in the Global Labs module, from countries such as China, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, South Korea, Spain and Sweden.

Two separate pathways have been developed by TU Dublin, i.e. one for students for computer science students, while the other has been developed for non-computer science students. For Computer Science students, building complex software and testing it through a full product life cycle will be the ultimate goal. Meanwhile, Non-Computer Science students will use the Global Labs module to understand, learn and gain the basic knowledge of programming while also developing their first team computing project.

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Nonetheless, those who opt for the programme will gain practical know-how of interacting with people and teammates from different time-zones, with the help of technology as a means of communication. TU Dublin states that such skills have become crucial during the world-wide spread of COVID-19, which cannot be taught in regular classrooms and internships within the country.

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