MIT Reinstates SAT/ACT Requirement for 2022-2023 Admissions


Samarpita Goswami
Updated on Apr 12, 2022 12:50 PM IST

Massachusetts Institute of Technology has decided to again make submission of SAT/ACT scores compulsory for the 2022-23 applications cycle. The university feels that the test scores are an essential reflection of the readiness of the students.

MIT Reinstates SAT/ACT Requirement for 2022-2023 Admissions

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)has restored the earlier regulation to submit SAT/ACT scores for the 2022-2023 applications cycle, after two years of suspension of the requirement amidthe global pandemic.

Stu Schmill, the dean of admissions and student financial services, commented that SAT scores and ACT scores will help thembuild a 'diverse and talented MIT'. The scores aid the university in taking better decisions to assess the academic readiness of the students. The first-year and transfer students willing to apply to MIT in 2023 will be affected by the restoration of standardised test scores.

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AQ and Aposted by the MITNews Officeshowed that it was difficult to predict whether the students will do well if the standardised scores are not taken into consideration, besides course works, grades and other factors.

The action is against the ongoing trend of test waivers at elite colleges and universities across the US. There is a general outcry that financially-secure students can afford costly coaching and test preps which gives them an edge over other students.

Bob Schaeffer, executive director at the National Center for Fair and Open Testing, felt that the decision of MITis unfortunate and that the scores are not always fair and accurate.

There were 1,075 US colleges and universities that had made test-optional policies before 2020. On account of the pandemic, 750 additional schools and colleges joined the league to waive standardised testing. More than two-thirdsof the 2,330 UScolleges and universities have made SAT and ACT test scores optional till at least the Fall of 2023. Harvard University has made test-optional till 2026.

MrSchaeffer also noted that MIT did not bring its research on the needs of tests to the forefront. However, Mr Schmill has defendedthis move as an attempt to preserve the privacy of its students.

MIT hasaccepted 1,337 students for 2022-2023 among which 1,100 will be enrolled.

On the other hand, Andrew Palumbo of Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts consideredthat the standardised tests reek of classist, racist, sexist overtones. He added that high scores do not guarantee success as they can be earned through expensive coaching which many cannot afford.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute puts more emphasison the students high school academic transcripts as they reflect the success of the student throughout the years. Pulambo stated that the institute wouldnot be considering test scores for at least another eight years.

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Mr Schmill concludedthat the decision was MIT-specific and was the right decision for them. MIT students are required to pass two semesters of calculus and two semesters of calculus-based physics and therefore he feels that SAT/ACT scores are predictive. He said that the students who were admitted during the test waiver have performed well till then and they have faith in every student they have selected.

Other universities in the future might consider reinstating the SAT/ACT scores to reduce the number of applications and upgrade the selection procedure.

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Source: The New York Times

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