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Updated on May 31, 2023 6:59 PM IST

As the saying goes, practice makes a man perfect. The case is no different from the TOEFL exam. Your chances of success increase with the amount of TOEFL practice tests you can ace. TOEFL practice papers will enable you to determine the areas you are stronger in and the weaker areas where you need improvement. Further, to increase your probability of earning a high score, it is advisable that you attempt the TOEFL practice test with answers which will help you cross-check your performance.

In terms of ideal TOEFL scores, a score between 80 to 100 is considered to be a decent score that will get you into prestigious institutions abroad. Therefore, diligent practice is required to perform well on the TOEFL. Furthermore, using TOEFL practice tests is a crucial ingredient in your TOEFL preparation.

TOEFL Practice Tests and Sample Papers

The more TOEFL practice test with answers, the more you will be prepared for TOEFL 2023. The TOEFL is a test to assess proficiency in the English language, and its scores are recognised by leading universities all around the globe. Experts recommend attempting practice tests as one of the best ways to start TOEFL preparation, as it can assist candidates in identifying areas they need to improve upon as well as areas in which they already possess knowledge. Although ample TOEFL study material is available over the internet, practice tests are an indispensable tool.

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Why Take the TOEFL Practice Test with Answers?

Taking the TOEFL practice test with answers has an additional edge over helping prospective students to score well on the exam. The question of why practice tests are essential, specifically for tests such as the TOEFL, is common among students. Let's explore the importance of the same:

  • The TOEFL practice exams give students a way to figure out the best preparation strategy to implement to enhance their general skills, understanding, and familiarity with the various sections of the exam. As students find it quite difficult, it is advisable that students attempt the TOEFL reading practice test with answers.

  • The purpose of TOEFL practice tests is to evaluate a student's exam fitness to pinpoint their areas of weakness and, as a result, enable concentrated rehabilitation. A thorough analysis of this will help to formulate the best strategy for acing the test.

  • The execution of attempting TOEFL practice test with answers is effective in teaching and reinforcing new tactics that students apply on the day of the actual exam. The tests should be taken seriously because they will assist the students learn new skills and improve their performance.

  • Attempting TOEFL practice tests 2023 teaches time management, or successfully answering the most questions in the least amount of time, which is one of the most significant advantages. Precision within the allotted time for each TOEFL section is required on language proficiency examinations at all times.

  • The TOEFL exam's individual sections enable each student to gain novel insights or an entirely new perspective on the topics being tested. In simpler terms, the more TOEFL practice test with answers a prospective test-taker completes, the more familiar they will be with the examination and the more adept they will be at answering all of the questions presented on it.

  • Students must thoroughly prepare for the TOEFL reading practice test with answers along with its Writing component. These are the most difficult regions, and they usually need more practice and preparation. Therefore, this can be accomplished by attempting TOEFL practice tests.

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What Should a TOEFL Practice Test Include?

Taking practice tests for TOEFL demands dedication, commitment, and effort. It will take a decent amount of time for you to get familiar with TOEFL Exam Pattern, utilise TOEFL Best Books, and master TOEFL lectures. The following pointers will help you stay on track and make adequate improvements to reach your targeted TOEFL score. Here is what a TOEFL practice test should include:

  • The complexity, length, and structure of the passage-based and audio lecture-based questions should be comparable to those on the official TOEFL.

  • Sample responses or answers, both in writing and speaking, should be provided.

  • Scores should be provided.

  • The official TOEFL test interface and the TOEFL practise test interface should be the same.

  • Tips and tricks should be provided to ace each section separately along with explanations for the responses.

  • The teaching of required vocabulary for the official TOEFL test should be included.

In conclusion, a good TOEFL practice test may provide you with the most realistic test experience possible and supplementary advice, instruction, and solutions to help you advance and understand the material effectively.

TOEFL iBT Free Practice Test

Here are free TOEFL iBT practice tests that can be attempted whenever and as often as you want to. These practice tests feature real questions asked in the past, in all four sections included in TOEFL 2023.

Download TOEFL Reading Practice Tests 

Download TOEFL Listening Practice Tests 

Download TOEFL Speaking Practice Tests 

Download TOEFL WritingPractice Tests 

Note: The above Practice Tests have been taken from the official ETS website. 

Take Online Practice Tests

TOEFL Practice Online tests are the only official tests available for candidates preparing for TOEFL. The Online Practice Tests focus on giving a complete idea of the real test.  Features of the test are as follows:  

  • Lets you view and answer test questions exactly in the same way as you will be viewing in the original TOEFL Test. 

  • You receive the score within 24 hours along with performance feedback on all four sections of the test including TOEFL Reading, TOEFL Listening, TOEFL Speaking, and TOEFL Writing.

  • It is easily accessible, as you can take the test at home, school, or anywhere where there is a good internet connection

  • You can choose to take tests in volumes i.e complete tests, half tests, or speaking tests.

  • Each volume has a different set of questions, so you can attempt them a few times. However, you can only complete each volume once. 

System Requirements for TOEFL Practice Tests

Here are the system requirements for practice tests for TOEFL. No refunds will be given if the system does not support the test.

Operating Systems

  • Mac OS X 10.11 or higher

  • Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10


  • Mac: Safari 9.0 or higher, Firefox and Google Chrome

  • Windows: Internet Explorer 11.0 or higher, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Firefox

Additional Requirements

  • Installation of the Audio Browser for Windows OS

  • Installation of TOEFL Practice Online Browser for Mac OS

  • A headset and a non-voice activated microphone for the Speaking section. Mac users may use the internal speakers and microphone in the computer.

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FAQs on TOEFL Practice Papers

Why is it important to solve the TOEFL practice test with answers?

It is important to solve the TOEFL practice test with answers because it has an additional edge over merely solving the TOEFL practice tests. If you are planning to attempt the TOEFL exams this year, then it is important to identify the weaker topics in the test, in order for you to prepare those topics specifically. TOEFL practice sets are a perfect opportunity for test-takers to monitor their progress with regard to their TOEFL preparation as well as boost their confidence in attempting the test.

Where can I find a free online TOEFL reading practice test with answers?

While you can find free online TOEFL reading practice tests with answers across different test training websites, the official online TOEFL practice tests can only be found on the official website for the test, i.e. ETS. It is advised to attempt the TOEFL Practice Online sets offered by ETS as these practice sets will conform to the latest TOEFL exam pattern and question types.

How many TOEFL practice test with answers should I attempt?

In terms of the number of TOEFL practice tests with answers that test-takers should attempt, there are no limitations. However, experts suggest that candidates should attempt a minimum of 3 to 4 TOEFL practice tests in order to get an idea of the test, as is conducted on the day of the test. The more TOEFL practice tests you attempt, the better your chances of getting a good TOEFL score.

What is TOEFL mock test?

Another name for practice tests, TOEFL mock tests offers the same learning and practice opportunities to test-takers. TOEFL mock tests are usually designed to allow test-takers to attempt the test as it should be taken on the day of the test. When searching for TOEFL mock tests, candidates will be able to find mock tests that can be timed as well as section-wise TOEFL practice test with answers

Does ETS offer TOEFL practice test with answers?

Yes, ETS offers multiple TOEFL practice tests with answers. In fact, ETS offers test-takers the opportunity to attempt section-wise practice tests for TOEFL exams, thus, allowing them to practice each section individually including the TOEFL reading practice test with answers. ETS’s TOEFL practice sets offer students multiple different question types in each section along with the correct answers.

Is it difficult to attempt the TOEFL practice test with answers?

No, it is not difficult to attempt the TOEFL practice test with answers as the entire premise of attempting one is to help candidates gauge their preparation for the tests and familiarise them with the testing conditions. However, asking a faculty, teacher or a TOEFL teacher specifically will help you effectively use TOEFL practice tests.

Are TOEFL mock tests free of charge?

Yes, if you attempt the TOEFL practice sets or mock tests offered by ETS, you will have access to free TOEFL mock tests for practice. ETS also allows candidates to attempt as many practice tests as they would like. However, if you are looking for a more personalised preparation experience, register with us and we will connect you with our experienced TOEFL faculty.

Are TOEFL practice tests harder than the actual TOEFL exam?

If you are attempting the official TOEFL practice tests offered by ETS, then, ETS assures candidates that the TOEFL practice tests have been designed to mimic the actual TOEFL exam. Therefore, the level of difficulty in TOEFL practice tests will also be similar to TOEFL iBT tests, in order to prepare candidates for the actual test.

When should I take TOEFL practice tests?

There is no defined timeline for you to take the TOEFL practice tests as these tests are only designed for practice, as the name suggests. Candidates can attempt these TOEFL practice sets, in the beginning, to gauge their initial skill level to attempt the test, and at the end of their preparation to gauge how well their preparation strategy worked.

Is attempting TOEFL practice papers compulsory?

No, test-takers are not required to attempt TOEFL practice papers mandatorily. However, it is recommended by study abroad experts and TOEFL preparation faculty from around the world. In fact, even the official administrator for the TOEFL exam, i.e. ETS, also offers practice sets to help enhance the aptitude of aspiring test-takers.

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