TOEFL 2023 Question Papers: Check section-wise question papers

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Updated on Aug 02, 2023 5:31 PM IST

The secret to acing the TOEFL exam is hidden in previous year's TOEFL question papers and practising these papers yields excellent results. This English-language exam is conducted by Educational Testing Service (ETS), which also makes available sample TOEFL question papers for potential test takers. In addition, ETS offers a variety of free study aids, such as practice tests, study guides, interactive online courses, previous year question papers and test prep planners. 

It is important to have a thorough understanding of the exam format before taking the TOEFL practice test. This will help you formulate an efficient study programme and achieve your desired TOEFL exam score.

TOEFL Exam Pattern 2023

Before we dig more into the TOEFL question papers for test-takers to practice, here is a quick overview of the TOEFL exam pattern which is equally important for test takers to understand:



Number of Questions/Tasks




35 minutes

20 questions


Answering questions about three or four passages from scholarly sources.



36 minutes

28 questions 

Speaking based on reading and listening exercises; expressing a viewpoint on a known topic.

Break: 10 minutes



16 minutes

4 Tasks

Composing essay replies based on reading and listening exercises; writing to support an opinion.



29 minutes

2 Tasks

Applicants must write essay replies based on reading and listening exercises, as well as defend their arguments in writing.

Total Duration

About 2 hours



TOEFL Question Papers

A key component for any exam preparation strategy is to download and attempt official TOEFL question papers and gauge one’s skills, understanding and knowledge over the four sections of the test, i.e. Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing sections. For decades, study abroad and language experts have advised the use of recent TOEFL question papers to iron out the kinks.

For thousands of students for whom the English language is not the primary language, the TOEFL exam acts as proof of proficiency to, not only study in popular universities abroad but also work and settle down abroad in any one of the top English-speaking countries like the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

On this page, you can find out the ways you can best make use of TOEFL test papers to your benefit, while also improving your skills, understanding and proficiency in the English Language.

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TOEFL Question Papers: Guidelines You Should Follow

It has been a known fact that attempting previous year question papers are some of the best ways to fine-tune your knowledge according to the actual tests. However, there are things that should be followed in order to make the best use of previous years’ TOEFL question papers. Some of the guidelines that should be followed include:

  • Regular Practice: To obtain the best optimal results from attempting previous year test papers of TOEFL, it is important to regularly practice the tests. While it is important to study and prepare section-wise, attempting full-length TOEFL question papers is the best way to gauge your capabilities to face the test within a given timeline.

  • Scheduling Your Tests: Planning when to attempt the previous year question papers and within what is crucial to making the best use of your time. Moreover, if you attempt a test without allotting a specific amount of time to complete the test, you will not be able to properly gauge your strengths and weaknesses regarding particular topics and sections.

  • Self-Evaluation: Another key factor to preparing for tests alone is self-evaluation. Evaluating your tests responses and answers is crucial to truly understand your strengths and weaknesses in the subject. This will then help you understand the areas that you need to improve on.

Importance of Attempting TOEFL Question Papers

Attempting old or previous year TOEFL question papers are among the best ways to properly train for TOEFL tests each year. You can practice sample tests for TOEFL, however, the previous year's TOEFL is almost as close as it could get to your actual tests. There are several reasons why attempting TOEFL test papers from previous years, some of which have been outlined below:

  • Understanding the Exam Structure: While you can find everything you need to know about the TOEFL exam structure and TOEFL syllabus through our website, the best way to properly understand the exam structure is to attempt the question papers of yesteryear. Therefore, searching and attempting several previous year's TOEFL question papers.

  • Boosting Your Confidence: Attempting tests has been a nervous task for many students since exams were invented. However, attempting previous year's test papers have known to be one of the best confidence boosters. Therefore attempt as many official TOEFL question papers as you can find if you are also struggling with confidence.

  • Better Time Management: The test also offers test-takers the opportunity to improve their speed and accuracy in writing and selecting correct answers. Keeping in mind that the test is three and a half hours long and students are required to attempt 64-85 different types of questions, speed is definitely a key skill in clearing and securing a good score on the test.

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FAQs on TOEFL Question Papers

Where can I find TOEFL question papers?

To access valuable TOEFL question papers, the first search should be the official exam administrator of the exam, i.e. ETS. Visit the ETS website and you can find numerous TOEFL practice tests and questions that you can use for your preparation for this year. Or, register with us and connect with TOEFL faculty who can give you access to customised question banks for your revision.

Why attempt TOEFL question papers?

Suggested by TOEFL experts around the world, attempting question papers, mock tests or TOEFL practice tests are some of the best ways to prepare for the test. Attempting TOEFL practice tests /questions will give you a proper understanding of the TOEFL exam pattern as well as boost your confidence in attempting the test correctly and efficiently on the test day.

Do TOEFL practice books have question papers?

Yes, most recognised and reputable TOEFL practice papers will contain numerous TOEFL question papers and practice tests. If you are interested in preparing for TOEFL exams this year, it is essential to attempt these TOEFL practice tests as well as the practice sets offered on the official website for TOEFL, i.e. ETS.

Where can I find TOEFL Reading Section question papers?

If you are looking for the TOEFL reading section question papers, either visit the official website of ETS, where you will be able to find full-length TOEFL practice tests or section-wise practice tests or, register with us and let our team of experienced TOEFL faculty help you ace the tests through their personalised preparation plan.

Where can I find previous year’s TOEFL exam papers?

Being a standardised test conducted multiple times throughout the year as well as being a computerised test, you will not be able to find the actual previous year’s TOEFL exam papers. However, ETS offers TOEFL practice tests that contain questions that have been previously asked, as well as question papers that have been designed to mimic the actual test.

Can I prepare for TOEFL exams without question papers?

Yes, all candidates will be able to prepare for their TOEFL exams this year. However, if they wish to ace the tests and obtain a good TOEFL score, then it is extremely important to attempt TOEFL practice tests, question papers and mock tests to mould their preparation according to their individual weaknesses and strengths.

Are TOEFL question papers timed?

TOEFL question papers, like TOEFL practice tests are found to be both timed as well as not-timed. Since test-takers use TOEFL practice tests and questions for the simple reason of preparing for the actual TOEFL test, these question papers can be both timed and un-timed to help candidates prepare for the test according to their pace and convenience.

Can I practice TOEFL question papers on my own?

Yes, all candidates will be able to practice TOEFL question papers on their own, however, if they wish to understand their weaknesses and strengths in a correct manner, it is essential to consult a TOEFL faculty or expert. If you want to connect with a TOEFL faculty, register with us and connect with highly study abroad experts.

When should I practice TOEFL question papers?

According to experts, test-takers must attempt TOEFL question papers for practice once they have prepared for the test and are ready to tackle the question mimicking the actual testing environment. However, you can attempt TOEFL question papers as practice whenever you feel comfortable and confident in your ability to correctly and efficiently answer all the questions.

Are TOEFL question papers free?

Yes, most TOEFL questions that you will come across will either be free of cost completely or come free with the TOEFL preparation book you purchase. If you wish to have access to TOEFL exam questions, then, register with us and connect with highly experienced TOEFL faculty who can provide you with customised question banks to help you with your revision for the test.

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