TOEFL Scholarships 2023 - Grants & Awards, How to Apply?

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Updated on Apr 30, 2023 10:35 AM IST

The TOEFL scholarships may serve as another motivator for students who are considering taking the test. Conducted by Educational Testing Service (ETS), TOEFL scholarships are intended to support further study at any college or university listed in the TOEFL Destinations Directory outside of India.

Only those who have taken the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and received their test scores are eligible to apply for TOEFL scholarships. The scholarship money can only be used for academic costs when studying abroad. However, the TOEFL Scholarship Program in India does not accept applications from transfer students.

TOEFL Scholarships 2023

TOEFL board and ETS offer a total of 14 scholarships every year for students who aspire to pursue higher education in countries such as the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and others or individuals who work in foreign or second language research, teaching and assessment. 

The TOEFL exam is a popular English language test conducted in and accepted by several countries in the world. The test is held across 9,000 locations worldwide and many applicants compete for TOEFL scholarships that reduce the students' financial burden.

The test-takers applying for the TOEFL exam 2023 grants and scholarships should ensure that they apply from only a single country for their application to be considered. All scholarship applications have different eligibility criteria and candidates must make themselves aware of them before applying.

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TOEFL Scholarships, Grants and Awards

There are several TOEFL scholarships 2023 that are available for candidates aspiring to study at foreign universities. There are several non-ETS sources too that provide scholarships to students and the amount varies from around USD 1,500 to USD 50,000. The types of TOEFL scholarships include TOEFL Grants, TOEFL Awards by Application and Nomination, TOEFL Young Students Series (YSS) Research Grants TOEFL Awards and TESOL awards and grants. 

Here are the details regarding the various scholarships for TOEFL 2023:

Small Grants for Doctoral Research in Second or Foreign Language Assessment

There are small cash prizes and awards that are promised to doctoral candidates who wish to work in foreign and second language assessment that generally helps them to complete their dissertation on time. 

Eligibility Criteria

The students who wish to apply for this scholarship can apply for this award:

  • Candidates need to ensure that they are graduate or postgraduate students who are enrolled in a doctoral programme.

  • The doctoral programme must lead to a specialisation in second or foreign language assessment.

  • Candidates must complete all exams and course requirements to attain the degree.

  • Students must get their dissertation proposal approved by the appropriate committee at the university of the applicant.

Award Value: up to USD 6,000. Students are awarded 10 awards per year.

Application Deadline: October 15, 2023

Application Process: Candidates must submit the following documents:

  • A 250-500 word abstract proposal.

  • A letter that contains the relevance of the dissertation and mentions the purpose of the grants.

  • A copy of the proposal for the approved dissertation.

  • A letter of recommendation.

  • A detailed budget mentioning how the requested funds would be used.

  • A PDF format containing the completed application.

TOEFL Young Students Series (YSS) Research Grants

ETS has announced an award for graduate students to support their research related to TOEFL YSS assessments along with foundational research. The same promotes high-quality language assessment related to young English learners between 8 and 16 years of age. Topics for the proposals are mentioned on the official website of ETS.

Award Value

  • Up to USD 5,000.


  • Must be a graduate student enrolled in master’s and doctoral programmes in foreign institutions in the areas of language education, language testing, applied linguistics, language education or any other related field.

  • Priority will be given to students' TOEFL YSS-related research or foundational research in relation to young students of English as a Foreign Language (EFL).

  • Candidates must submit at least one progress report and a minimum of 1 manuscript of publishable quality.

  • They must also submit an intent form by the last date, as notified.

Important Dates

  • Deadline for submission of intent forms - April 15, 2023

  • Deadline for submission of full forms - July 15, 2023

  • Responses to the mailed proposals - October 15, 2023

  • Start date for funded projects - April 15, 2023

Evaluation Criteria

The proposal will be assessed according to the following parameters:

  • It is relevant to the research topics.

  • The rationale for holding the research is sufficient.

  • The research questions are stated clearly.

  • A literature review or background is appropriate and adequate.

  • The procedures used to collect data are explained clearly.

  • The investigator has the necessary background and qualifications to conduct the study.

  • Methods used for data analysis are detailed sufficiently and appropriately.

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TOEFL Awards (by Application)

Jacqueline Ross TOEFL Dissertation Award

To grant scholarship to recognise dissertation research that contributes to knowledge about second or foreign-language tests and testing the use and development of such tests and testing.

Award Value

  • USD 2,500.

  • Other expenses such as round-trip economy air tickets, hotel accommodations for three nights at the venue where the award will be presented, etc.


  • The institution of the candidate must have approved the dissertation within three years before the award application date.

  • The research must be completed according to the requirements for a doctoral degree or its equivalent at an accredited university.

  • The research may be in any language although the dissertation under consideration must be in English.

Important Dates

  • September 15, 2023 - Last date for receipt of summary and abstract, official proof of acceptance of dissertation and official proof.

  • October 20, 2023 - Call finalists to submit their dissertations.

  • November 8, 2023 - Last date for receipt of dissertations.

  • January 31, 2023 - Selection of award recipient.

Application Process

To apply for the scholarship, one must submit the following:

  • A summary of the dissertation that should not exceed 5,000 words, including figures and tables along with a 150-word abstract of the research, but excluding references.

  • A proof of acceptance of the dissertation by the university at which the candidate is enrolled.

  • A completed application form (PDF).

  • A completed and signed letter from the advisor or director for the dissertation.

TOEFL Awards (by Nomination)

Samuel J. Messick Memorial Lecture Award

Awarded in honour of the late Samuel J. Messick, the award is designed to identify a candidate who delivers a major address at the Language Testing Research Colloquium (LTRC) and the International Language Testing Association (ILTA). The presentation will be conducted with an aim to improve foreign or second language testing practices.

Award Value

  • USD 1,000

  • Other expenses such as round-trip economy air tickets, hotel accommodations for three nights at the venue where the award will be presented, etc.

Important Dates

9 months before the conference

Application Process

Those who want to nominate candidates may forward their suggestions along with other details to the address mentioned by ETS

Evaluation Criteria

Candidates will be selected on the basis on the following parameters:

  • An associated topic and a presenter that gives direction and innovations in foreign or second language test design, interpretation or use.

  • An emphasis is given to important operational or conceptual insights provided through examination.

TOEFL Award (Applications Reviewed by TESOL)

TOEFL Award for International Participation at TESOL

This award is to increase international participation of a candidate at the annual international TESOL Convention and to offer support for first-time presenters.

Award Value

  • Up to 4 grants

  • Up to USD 2,500


  • Candidates should be a TESOL member who is from a country outside ofCanada and the US.

  • They should be a first-time presenter at the International TESOL Convention.

  • They should also have had a proposal accepted to present at the Convention.

Important Dates

On the date of the TESOL Convention's Call for Participation

Application Process

  • To be submitted through the TESOL Call for Participation.

  • Indicate status as the first-time presenter using the box on the TESOL proposal form.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Significance of the topic.

  • Relevance and impact of the proposal on the field.

  • Contribution of the proposal to the field of teaching EFL/ESL.

  • Creativity or originality of concept.

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UK-India TOEFL Scholarship

ETS has recently launched UK-India TOEFL Scholarship in collaboration with The National Indian Students and Alumni Union (NISAU) where Indian scholars will be awarded scholarships worth INR 6 million. They will get this reward to pursue several undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the UK. 

Eligibility Criteria

The applicants meeting the following criteria will be eligible for the scholarships:

  • The TOEFL score of the students must be 75 out of 120.

  • They must receive an offer letter or letter of acceptance from the UK university.

  • They must have the intention to study a fee-paying undergraduate or postgraduate course.

  • They must be enrolled in the university for the first time.

Award Value

  • INR 2.4 lakhs per student

  • 25 awards will be given

Important Dates

  • Application Opens: March 18, 2023

  • Application Closes: May 31, 2023

  • Scholarship Notification: July 5, 2023

Application Process

Students have to submit the following documents for the scholarship application process:

  •  TOEFL test scorecard

  • A 500-word essay on 'Creating a social impact with a UK-based Education'

  • Personal and academic achievements

Evaluation Criteria

The first screening for the scholarship will be based on the eligibility of the candidate after which the essay and other personal achievements will be evaluated. After selection, students will be asked to give bank account details and USD 3,000 will be sent to the account. 

FAQs on TOEFL Scholarships

Do US universities offer TOEFL scholarships?

Yes, you will be able to find scholarships and grants offered by ETS that are applicable to international students aspiring to study in the USA. However, certain US and EU sanctions will determine whether TOEFL scholarships and grants will be applicable to candidates from certain countries. Therefore, it is advisable to check the requirements before applying.

Are TOEFL scholarships available for graduate applicants?

Yes, graduate applicants may be eligible to apply for TOEFL score-based scholarships. For graduate applicants, ETS offers a number of research and dissertation-based scholarships that candidates can apply to. On the other hand, several universities also offer a number of scholarships that are based on the TOEFL scores obtained by applicants.

How do I get a fee waiver based on TOEFL scores?

To avail of fee waivers based on TOEFL scores, the first step is to identify institutions offering such waivers. Once identified, while each institution will define the application process, it is important to present valid TOEFL scores along with any other documents that must be submitted. Follow the instructions outlined by these institutions to avail of such fee-waivers.

Is a high TOEFL score enough to be considered for a scholarship?

No, a high TOEFL score may not be a complete requirement for TOEFL score-based scholarships, as many of these scholarships are merit-based and may contain additional requirements that applicants must satisfy. Therefore, before applying to any TOEFL score-based scholarships, check out the application requirements and ensure you satisfy the same.

Are TOEFL scholarships available for doctoral applicants?

Yes, ETS offers a number of fellowships, research and dissertation grants and scholarships to applicants, specifically focusing on the English language. If you are interested in applying for a TOEFL scholarship as a doctoral candidate, check out the official TOEFL website or, register with us and find out the best scholarships available for you.

What is the award value of TOEFL scholarships awarded by ETS?

The award value of TOEFL scholarships by ETS will be variable, depending on the merit of the candidate as well as the TOEFL scholarship chosen by the candidate. However, in general, an ETS TOEFL scholarship award value may range between USD 1,000 - 10,000. Additionally, some TOEFL scholarships by ETS may partly fund the studies or research valuing around USD 50,000 - 100,000.

What is a good TOEFL score for scholarships?

A TOEFL score of 84 or higher is considered a good score for scholarships. When applying for any TOEFL score-based scholarships, applicants must present a good TOEFL score that is valid at the time of application. The score requirements for such scholarships will also be variable, depending on the type of scholarship as well as the institution offering the scholarship.

Are TOEFL scholarships available for Indian students?

Yes, TOEFL scholarships are available for Indian students. However, it should be noted that the institutions offering TOEFL score-based scholarships will define individual application requirements for Indian students. Therefore, it is advisable to check the official websites of the institutions offering such scholarships to Indian students, or register with us and find out the best scholarship opportunities that you can apply for.

Does ETS offer TOEFL scholarships?

Yes, ETS, the official conducting body for TOEFL exams across the world, offers a number of TOEFL scholarships to eligible candidates. Ranging from Research, Dissertation and Fellowship grants and scholarships, ETS offers a number of scholarships that either partly fund studies of the applicants or offer scholarships valued between USD 1,000-10,000 to any eligible candidate.

Do interntional organisations, universities and countries offer TOEFL scholarships available?

Yes, valid TOEFL score holders may be able to apply for scholarships offered by organisations, universities and countries that require TOEFL scores. However, it should be noted that such scholarships will also require applicants to meet other application requirements such as academic merit or present financial need for such scholarships along with their TOEFL scores.

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