GRE Slot Booking - How & When to Book a Slot for GRE?

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Updated on Jun 02, 2023 4:27 PM IST

Applying for the GRE exam this year? One of the steps involved in the test registration process is booking the GRE slot, at your convenience. As the test is conducted throughout the year, aspirants are given immense flexibility to book their GRE slot across different dates in each month of any given year.

Aspirants can book their GRE exam slots via different methods, i.e. online or offline, after paying a GRE exam slot booking fee, etc. If you are interested in learning more about how to book your GRE exam slot, go through this page and find out important information on slot booking methods, application fees and much more.

GRE Slot Booking

The ETS GRE is a yearly test that is held multiple times throughout the year. It is advised that candidates register for their test dates early to ensure a successful GRE slot booking. The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a test required for admission to various post-grad programs at top universities abroad. In this section, we will talk about how to book your test slot for the GRE Exam.

GRE exam slot booking is one of the most important aspects of the entire procedure, and selecting the correct GRE slot is important. As there are so many applicants taking the GRE exam throughout the year, GRE slot booking availability runs out far too quickly. GRE online slot booking is simple and takes no more than 15 minutes of your time. GRE exam time slots can be selected two months in advance.

Before applying to a master's program abroad, candidates should have successfully passed their bachelor's program. They can then choose their GRE test date and take it at their convenience. The test is held in over 40 cities across India such as Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Mumbai. 

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How to Book a Slot for GRE?

Before submitting the GRE application, candidates should make sure that their details match those of their current and previous passports. It is also important that candidates book their test dates well in advance to avoid any last-minute issues. The name on the card should match the one printed on the registration form. The testing authority can also prevent an aspirant from taking the test in case of any discrepancy.

  • To register for the GRE exam, an individual must create an account on the official website of the ETS.

  • After creating an account, the users are required to select the test date and the test centre that they would like to take.

  • To register for the GRE, the user will need to pay the fees using their debit or credit card. For 2023, all candidates who want to take the test must have a valid passport and a debit or credit card. 

When Should I Book a GRE Slot?

The GRE Computer Based Test is conducted every month in India. The test is also available on all days excluding Sundays and public holidays. Book your GRE exam slot in advance to avoid disappointment. 

The GRE test times are available seven days a week and are also available 24 hours after you register. Most of the time, candidates are confused about the time to take the test. Experts suggest that they should start their preparation at least 45 days before their university admission deadline.

While planning for taking the test, make sure that your scores are up to date in time for the submission of your application. Other factors such as your target application should also be taken into account. The dates of the test are also known to change due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. This means that many test centres in the area are closed.

Through ETS, students can also schedule their tests at home. The format of the GRE is identical to that of the one conducted in a test centre. However, retaking the test or even rescheduling it can be done in various ways. In most cases, the eligibility of the user is confirmed after the necessary equipment and environment conditions are met.

How Many Times Can I Book a GRE Slot?

A candidate can take the test once every 21 days five times a year on a rolling basis. The test's peak is usually from August to December. Since the selection of a test centre can be difficult, it is important that candidates plan their strategy in advance. It can also help them avoid experiencing last-minute problems.

GRE Slot Cancellation/Rescheduling Fee

For students from India, the test fee includes the application fee, the form fees, and the general test fees. The fee for the GRE test in India is approximately INR 15,857.70. For the GRE Subject Test, the fee is approximately INR 11,164.92.

GRE Exam

GRE Exam Fees (in USD)

GRE Exam Fee (in INR)

GRE General Test



GRE Subject Test



Students who wish to reschedule their GRE test should do so no later than four working days before the scheduled date. To avoid forfeiting the test fee, candidates must complete the process of rescheduling their registrations no later than four days before the scheduled date. Aside from this, candidates also have to pay an additional fee for special handling requests. If they want to change their subject, they will also have to pay an additional USD 50 fee. For special handling requests, additional fees are also required.

GRE Service

GRE Fees (in USD)

GRE Fees (in INR)

GRE Late Registration Fee



GRE Standby Testing Fee



GRE Changing the test centre Fee



GRE Reschedule Fee – rest of the world



GRE Subject Change Fee



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Alternate Ways for GRE Slot Booking

GRE Slot Booking: There are several methods to book a GRE slot or register for the GRE. However, there are mainly two ways in which applicants can register for the GRE: online and over the phone. Aside from this, applicants can also book a GRE slot via fax or mail. For this, an applicant must have a valid passport to validate their identity. In addition to this, a debit or credit card is required to pay the USD 228 GRE registration fee. The following are some alternate ways for GRE slot booking:

  • GRE Phone Registration

  • GRE Online Registration

  • GRE Fax Registration

  • GRE Mail Registration

Steps for GRE Online Registration

Applicants must follow the steps outlined below for GRE online registration:

Step 1: Candidates must register for an ETS account.

Step 2: Choose the type of test you wish to take- the GRE General or GRE Subject Test.

Step 3: Choose the GRE Test date and GRE Test Center at your convenience.

Step 4: Provide the required academic details.

Step 5: Pay the GRE Exam Fee of USD 228.

Steps for GRE Registration Over Phone

Candidates can phone the Gurgaon, Haryana-based Regional Registration Center (RRC), also known as ‘Prometric’. It can also be reached at 91-124-4147700. The call must be placed at least two working days before the GRE test date that you choose. You will be given a confirmation number, a reporting time, and the test centre's address when you place a call for your registration. You can use a MasterCard, JCB, American Express, Discover, Visa credit or debit card to make the payment online. As previously noted, you can also register for the GRE Exam by mail or fax.

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FAQs on GRE Slot Booking

Are GRE slots available for students in India?

To know if GRE slots are available for students in India, candidates must visit the ETS website. Before taking the GRE exam, candidates should carefully consider their options and book their test slots in advance. The test time and dates are available for the test centre GRE and at-home GRE exam as well.

How do I book a slot for GRE?

Candidates can book a slot for the GRE Test via online mode by following a few simple steps. Candidates are first required to create an account on the ETS website. Then, candidates must fill in their complete details, search for the “book a test” option, and select the preferred time slot, and test centre as per their convenience. At last, candidates must pay the application fee of USD 213 online mode via credit card or debit card.

How many days before can we book slots for GRE?

Even if students register via phone, they still have to register two days before the test date. The payment method for the phone booking is the same as the online registration process. However, it is advised that candidates should make their GRE slot booking as soon as possible to ensure that they get their preferred test date and test location.

Is a passport required for GRE slot booking?

Yes, a valid passport is required for GRE slot booking for the validation of a candidate's identity. Students cannot complete their GRE slot booking without a passport. However, students are also required to show their passports at the time of entering a GRE test centre in India.

Which ID is required for the GRE slot booking?

To take the test, a candidate only needs to show a valid ID. This ID must be issued by the government. Ideally, a passport can be used and should not be an expired one and it should have a recent photo.

Can students cancel their GRE slot booking?

Students can cancel their GRE Test slot booking online or by phone at any of the Regional Registration Centers (RRC) in the country. If students cancel their registration for the General Test within the next four days, they will receive a refund equal to half of the original test fee. For instance, if students want to cancel their appointment for Saturday, the deadline is Tuesday.

How can I reschedule my GRE Slots?

Students can change their test slots online or by phone at the appropriate RRC. To confirm their appointment, students must provide the necessary details such as their name and appointment confirmation number. If students need to reschedule their GRE General Test, they must do so within four days of their scheduled appointment.

What is the fee to reschedule the GRE Slots?

The fee to reschedule the GRE slot is USD 50 (appx. INR 3976.28). Students can change their GRE exam date from a test centre to a GRE at-home test and vice versa. However, if you do not reschedule your GRE Subject Test within four days of the scheduled date, your test fee will be forfeited.

How to pay for GRE exam slot booking?

The GRE offers various payment methods to pay for the test fee. The candidates can pay through their credit or debit card with the logo of their preferred card. If the candidate is not able to pay through credit or debit card, they can also pay through PayPal.

How many times can I reschedule the GRE test?

You can reschedule the GRE test as many times as you want. The GRE can be rescheduled an unlimited number of times as long as it is done four days before the existing GRE test date. However, there will also be a USD 50 rescheduling fee each time you reschedule the GRE exam, test centre, or test date.

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