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Updated on Jun 02, 2023 5:54 PM IST

Similar to practice papers, GRE question papers usually consist of questions and tasks that have been asked in actual GRE exams previously. While getting your hands on such questions would be rather difficult, experts and GRE exam faculty are equipped to provide you with the questions and tasks you can attempt when preparing for the tests.

If you are preparing for the tests this year, then it is important for you to find such GRE question papers and attempt them to hone your skills and understanding of the test. It is advisable to take such tests, i.e. GRE question papers or practice papers, to enhance your ability to answer effectively and efficiently during the test.

GRE Question Papers

GRE previous year question papers are valuable sources of practice for the GRE exam. Experts from around the world suggest students practice them before taking the exam. It not only helps them hone their skills and knowledge about the GRE exam pattern but also gives a boost to their self-confidence. This page contains full-length test papers that contain the previous year's questions for the GRE exam. With various strategies, one can improve the accuracy of the tests.

The academic rigour of the test-takers is assessed by the GRE question papers. It measures the ability of the students to get enrolled in the top universities in the world. To improve skills and knowledge, practising GRE sample papers and question papers are the best ways. It also helps to increase the speed and accuracy of the candidate while allowing them to answer the questions at ease in the real test.

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Guidelines To Practice GRE Question Papers

The following guidelines will help you practice GRE question papers. Also, carry a pen and paper along with you while practising. Set the timer as per the time slot of each of the sections as mentioned in the question paper. The guidelines given below will help you get good scores on the GRE exam.

Attempt Your Paper in Time: Schedule a GRE test date that is appropriate for you. In this way, you will be able to understand how much time in hand you have to complete the test. You will also get used to the schedule of the test and make minimal mistakes.

Analyse Your Mistakes: Doing an assessment of your performance in the test will help you with the preparation for the actual test. Having a good idea of the GRE sections will help you improve your performance.

Be consistent: Your speed will also improve with repeated practice of the question papers. It will help you focus on areas where you need the most attention.

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Importance of GRE Question Papers

The GRE exam can be attempted without taking the GRE question papers, but taking one will benefit in multiple ways. 

  • Familiarises with the Exam Pattern: Practicing multiple question papers helps to familiarise with the GRE exam pattern and also understand the weightage of the test. It also gives you an idea of the time that is allocated for each section.

  • Increases Time Management Skills: You can manage your time well while attempting multiple questions within a small time frame. You learn to manage the time that you should dedicate to each section. 

  • Gain Confidence: Practicing several question papers increases your confidence and is a good way to prepare for the test. 

Best Way to Attempt GRE Question Papers

With the help of the previous year's question papers, you can easily prepare for the test. Doing so can help prepare for the exam. While preparing for the test, it is important to understand the importance of the previous year's question papers. You can also follow some of the suggested strategies to prepare properly.

Dry-Run Testing: The Final Testing is a great opportunity to polish up your skills and knowledge before the test. It can also help gauge how prepared you are for the exam. By taking the test, you can also gauge how prepared you are for the exam. Doing so can help you prepare for the questions that will be asked during the test.

Section-Wise Testing: One of the most effective strategies for preparing for the test is to spread out the questions over a period of time. For instance, if you have a couple of months of preparation time, try taking two tests a month. Doing this method will allow you to thoroughly study the concepts and skills that will be asked during the test.

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FAQs on GRE Question Papers

How many questions should I practice in a day?

While determining the exact number of questions that you should practise for GRE General Test, it is completely subjective and depends on the students’ level of preparation on how many questions one must practice in a day. However, in an ideal case, students should practice at least two sets of each sectional paper every day.

How many questions are asked in the GRE Question Paper?

GRE exams consist of a total of 82 questions distributed among three defined sections, viz. Analytical Writing, Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning. Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning contains 40 questions equally divided into 2 sections, while, the Analytical Writing section includes 2 tasks. In addition to these questions, candidates may also be asked to attempt an unscored or research section.

Which section of the GRE Question Paper is the easiest?

Although every section in the GRE question paper has its own ups and downs, in the case of Indian students, the GRE Quantitative section is considered to be one of the easiest. Practising High school math topics and being thorough with the basics is all you need to ace the GRE Quant section. However, candidates should remember that the calculations involved in the GRE Quant Section are quite cumbersome.

How to solve GRE Question Paper for AWA Section?

In order to solve the GRE AWA Section, candidates should divide their time into certain segments and devote each of those segments to particular work. Also, proofreading in the AWA section is equally important since there could be spelling or grammatical errors in the essay. In addition to this, working on the typing speed will also help improve the AWA section.

What should I practice in GRE Question Papers?

Every section of the GRE Question paper is equally important to practice. However, candidates should focus more on their weak areas and topics which they find most difficult to comprehend. Time management is also one of the biggest factors which candidates must consider while practising for the GRE General Test.

Which section of the GRE Question Paper is the most difficult?

The Verbal Reasoning section of GRE exam is considered to be one of the most difficult sections. The verbal reasoning section of GRE exam will have two sections of 20 questions each. With 30 seconds to complete, the GRE Verbal Reasoning section contains question sets on sentence completion and reading comprehension which requires students to learn a wide range of vocabulary and build a command over the reading part.

Is it important to solve GRE Question Papers?

Yes, it is extremely important to solve GRE Question Papers. GRE Question Papers contain questions that either appeared in the real GRE Exam or are quite similar to the actual GRE General Test. Practising GRE Question papers will also help you find your weak spots and work on them so that your final score can be improved.

Are GRE Question Papers helpful in preparing for the GRE General Test?

Yes, the GRE question papers are helpful in preparing test-takers for the test. Attempting and practising GRE question papers will help students prepare for the GRE General Test and get familiar with the exam pattern. Other than that, completing all the topics, practising hundreds of questions associated with each topic, and taking mock tests regularly will ensure a good GRE Score for the GRE General Test.

Where can I find the GRE Question papers?

The official GRE question paper can be found on the website of ETS in the form of GRE practice papers. Candidates should note that the ETS does not release any official GRE question papers. Although, there are various preparation books, coaching material, and mock test series that students can use to prepare for the GRE General Test.

Is the GRE Question Paper too difficult for Indian students?

No, the GRE question paper is not too difficult for Indian students to attempt. However, if you are not well-prepared for the exam, the GRE question paper may seem too difficult for test-takers. Learning the vocabulary, practising math, and attempting ample questions will help ensure that you score high on the GRE exam.

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