Cost of Living in Ireland for Indian Students


Gargi Tomar
Updated on Feb 17, 2022 8:04 PM IST

Student Living Cost in Ireland

When choosing to study abroad, it is important to figure out one’s finances, to ensure a stress-free and financially stable life. In Ireland, the student living costs will depend heavily on the lifestyle chosen by a student. However, the average cost of studying in Ireland has been calculated to be around €7,000. This, compared to the neighbouring states and countries, along with the high quality of education available, makes Ireland an attractive package for Indian students planning their higher studies in Ireland.

The average cost of living in Ireland for international students includes all costs incurred by overseas students living in the country, including accommodation, transportation, food, internet, and other basic commodities. However, this average cost excludes the tuition fees that international students are required to pay. The tuition costs for international students in Ireland will be determined by the university themselves, separately for different courses and degrees.

Additionally, there are minimum financial requirements that are directly related to the visa and immigration permission extension requirements that each international student must satisfy to continue studying in Ireland. You can visit the Ireland student visa process page on our website to learn more about the student visa requirements.

Thus, when choosing to study in Ireland, international students are advised to keep their finances in order, which include searching and selecting for a stable financial source, maintaining their financial expenditure while studying abroad, and even working to keep the strain on their pockets, down. Additionally, non-EEA students in Ireland are excluded from accessing any State Benefits including medical cards, income benefits and any other socio-economic benefits, therefore, students must ensure that they are capable of financially sustaining themselves in the country.

Outlined on this page, you will be able to find out the student costs of studying in Ireland and other expenses you can incur while studying in one of the top study abroad destinations.

Education Costs in Ireland

The first and most important financial parameter that international students need to be able to meet is being able to pay the university tuition costs in Ireland. Education costs in Ireland vary between the different levels of study, courses/programmes and universities. Therefore, to grab an exact idea of the tuition or education costs in Ireland, contact our study abroad experts or the official website of the university of your choice.

One of the passing criteria for receiving a student visa or a visa extension in Ireland is the student’s ability to pay his/her tuition fees in Ireland. At the start of their studies and each subsequent year forward, international students studying in Ireland are required to display their financial ability to pay off the tuition fees for the year, subsequently receiving their visa immigration permission and extension as well.

At the undergraduate level, international students, including EEA and other European students are required to pay a certain amount, while undergraduate studies for students with Ireland citizenship is free. Indian students aspiring to study in Ireland can be asked to pay a tuition fee ranging between €9,000 - €50,000 per year.

The tuition costs associated with graduate and postgraduate studies (masters and doctoral studies) in Ireland are also comparatively high. Indian students aspiring to study masters or doctoral programmes in Ireland will have to shell out tuition costs ranging between €9,000 - €40,000.

Additionally, universities can ask students to pay additional fees such as exams or administrative fees that can range anywhere between €2,000 to €2,500. These additional university fees in Ireland will vary between different universities, requiring all its students to pay the fees if they wish to continue their studies at the university.


Education Costs in Ireland (Approx)

Undergraduate (Bachelors)

€9,000 - €50,000

Graduate and Postgraduate (Masters and Doctorate)

€9,000 - €40,000

Note: The education/tuition costs in Ireland specified in the table above are an estimated range and will vary between different universities. The education costs in Ireland are subject to change under the discretion of the university or even policy changes at the federal government level.

Accommodation Costs for International Students in Ireland

The second biggest cost of studying in the country is the accommodation costs for international students in Ireland. International students can choose between on-campus and off-campus accommodation, depending on what is more affordable for them. With a wide range of choices to choose from, students can find an accommodation they are most comfortable with and even experience different kinds of accommodation.

As stated above, depending on the type of accommodation chosen, i.e. On-campus residency, single-person rental accommodation, shared rental accommodation, living with a host family, etc, students may incur different accommodation costs in Ireland.

The most popular type of accommodation in Ireland chosen by international students is on-campus residency. However, the limited availability and high demand result in high accommodation fees. On-campus residency in Ireland have been higher than the European average for years now, however, hundreds of students still opt for this type of accommodation due to the convenience of choosing it.

Other popular options included rented accommodation, both single and shared occupancy, as well as living with an Irish family or with a relative that lives in the country. Each type of accommodation offers a unique experience, with its pros and cons. Outlined below is an estimated accommodation cost for international students in Ireland.


Accommodation Costs in Ireland (Per Month)

On-Campus Residence Halls

€500 - €1,000

Single-Occupancy Rented Room

€400 - €950

Shared-Occupancy Rented Room

€500 - €700

Note: The cost of accommodation, whether it is on-campus residency, single-occupancy or shared-occupancy in Ireland, will differ between the different cities in Ireland and the location of the accommodation, with respect to the city in question. It should be noted that utilities and internet may be separate costs associated with accommodation costs in Ireland.

In the table given below, students can check out the estimated costs of a small rental accommodation in the top three cities of Ireland, i.e. Dublin, Cork and Galway.


Average Monthly Cost


€1,200 - €1,400


€950 - €1,200


€750 - €900

Note: The numbers listed above are estimates and the real accommodation costs are subject to market trends and market conditions at the time of booking a student accommodation in Ireland. It should also be noted that finding accommodation within a city centre will be more expensive compared to accommodation outside the city centre.

Food Costs in Ireland

Among the major expenditures that international students need to heed are the food and grocery costs associated with living in Ireland. Similar to accommodation costs, the food costs will depend on the city you choose to live and study in along with your lifestyle habits. Similar to living in India, eating from outside is usually more expensive than preparing food at home. Listed below are the food costs associated with living in Ireland.


Food Costs in Ireland (Approx)


€0.25 - €0.60

Dairy and Poultry Products (Milk, Eggs, Butter, etc.)

€1.00 - €2.00


€1.50 - €2.25

Chicken and Fish

€3.50 - €4.50

Breakfast Cereal

€2.50 - €4.00


€1.00 - €3.00


€1.25 - €4.00


€5.00 - €15.00

Note: The prices noted above are average estimates, which are subject to change depending on the market conditions. Additionally, items such as fruits and vegetables will vary extremely depending on the rarity, demand and availability of a specific item. On average, students can expect to spend around €200 - €350 per month on grocery and food items.

With respect to the restaurants, the type of food outlet chosen by the candidate will dictate the cost of eating food at a restaurant in Ireland.

Transportation Costs in Ireland

The cities in Ireland are relatively small and can be covered either on foot or by using bicycles which are usually the common modes of transportation used by students, both international and domestic. However, if students wish to use public transport, they can use public transportation such as buses or taxis.


One Ticket - €1.50 - €2.25

Monthly Pass - €60.00 - €70.00

Renting a Bicycle

€15.00 - €25.00

Note: Transportation costs in Ireland will differ between cities and the distance that needs to be covered. Moreover, being a bicycle-friendly country, investing in a bicycle by buying one, can be beneficial for the student. However, since Indian students are classed as non-EEA students, they will not be able to benefit from the Student Leap Card or other Student Discount cards that EEA and Irish students have access to.

Cost of Health Insurance in Ireland

The main component to receiving a Student Visa in Ireland or immigration permission is for the students to be in possession of health insurance that covers the student for a minimum period of one year or for the entire duration of the course if the course is less than a year. There are several regulations associated with being in possession of health insurance in Ireland for international students. Some of the regulations are highlighted as follows:

  • The Health Insurance should cover a student for a period of one year or at least for the entire duration of the course if the course is less than a year.

  • It should also cover the student for any period of hospitalisation.

  • The minimum insurance coverage on the policy should be €25,000 for accidents and €25,000 for diseases.

Students will have the option of choosing between a Group scheme offered by the university they are enrolled in or choosing private medical insurance. The premium for a group insurance scheme can range anywhere between €100 - €150.

International students can also choose from different private medical insurance policies, thus providing them with additional benefits at cheaper rates as well. However, commonly, international students opt for the group insurance scheme offered by their university.

Miscellaneous Costs in Ireland

Living abroad without engaging in miscellaneous or social activities is equal to wasting your money by studying abroad. For international students, immersing themselves in the culture and social activities around them, whether off-campus or on-campus is important, giving them the necessary cultural dos and don’ts that can also help them in their professional lives. Here are some miscellaneous costs that international students may face while staying in Ireland.

Shopping for Clothes

€30.00 - €50.00

Social Life

€50.00 - €80.00

Books and Class Material

€60.00 - €90.00

Note: Miscellaneous costs are one component of student costs in Ireland that cannot be avoided but can be controlled. While students can drown themselves in social activities, it is advised to plan their social activities and miscellaneous expenses to keep your financial expenses in check.

City-wise Costs of Living in Ireland

As explained above, each city poses different challenges and expenses at different price points. The more popular a city is, the more expensive it is to live in the city, for instance, Dublin, a popular choice among international students is one of the more expensive cities to live in, with monthly expenses exceeding 1,000 euros.

Outlined below are some of the city-wise costs of living in Ireland for international students.


Approx. Costs of Living in Ireland (Per Month)


  • Transportation - €100 - €130
  • Utilities - €125 - €165
  • Accommodation - €1,200 - €2,300
  • Total Expense (Without Rent) - €800 - €950


  • Transportation - €40 - €80
  • Utilities - €130 - €160
  • Accommodation - €750 - €1,400
  • Total Expenses (Without Rent) - €750 - €900


  • Transportation - €65 - €95
  • Utilities - €145 - €170
  • Accommodation - €1,000 - €€1,600
  • Total Expenses (Without Rent) - €750 - €900

Note: The costs outlined in the table are subject to market trends and changes in the socio-economic standing of the country. These costs are estimated and have been specified for reference purposes only. Additionally, the costs associated with living in Ireland have been taken into consideration with the top 3 cities in the country.

FAQs on Cost of Living in Ireland for Indian Students in 2024

Which accommodation is better for international students in Ireland - on-campus or private?

Generally, halls of residence, also known as on-campus accommodation, cost much cheaper than private accommodations, making on-campus accommodation better than private accommodation facilities in Ireland. However, the availability of rooms in these halls of residence is limited and hence, it gets very difficult for students to get an on-campus accommodation.

How can students open a bank account in Ireland?

Before opening a bank account in Ireland, international students will need to provide two forms of identification. One form is for proof of both your address and identity. The other is for verification of your address.

What is the cost of an Ireland student visa?

To enter as a student in Ireland, you need to have a valid student visa. This can be obtained from Ireland's embassy or consulate. The cost of Ireland student visa is Rs. 4,100 for a single entry visa.

Is Ireland cheaper than the UK for international students?

The cost of living in Ireland is also influenced by the university's fee structure. For an international student, the cost of living is around EUR 9.850 - 55.000 per year. Overall, Ireland can be cheaper than the UK for international students.

Is Ireland affordable for International students?

The average monthly cost of living in Ireland is around EUR 550 - 1,000, making it somewhat affordable. Students in Ireland should expect to spend around EUR 1,100 - 1,800.

How much are the health insurance costs for international students in Ireland?

A health insurance policy for international students in Ireland will depend on the policy that they choose and whether they opt for group scheme insurance offered by their respective universities or private medical insurance. However, international students may be shelling out EUR 45 - 60 per month in health insurance premiums in Ireland.

How much do international students pay in accommodation costs in Dublin?

Rented accommodation costs in Dublin for international students can range anywhere from EUR 1,200 - 1,400 per month. Dublin is one of the more expensive cities in Ireland, therefore the overall costs incurred by students living in Dublin will be higher compared to other cities.

What are the accommodation costs for international students in Ireland?

The accommodation costs in Ireland for international students will vary depending on the type of accommodation chosen and the location of the accommodation. Students may have to spend anywhere between €400 - €1,000 per month, varying between different accommodation types and whether the accommodation is within the city or outside.

What is the tuition fee for undergraduate international students in the top universities in Ireland?

In the top universities across Ireland, undergraduate international students may spend anywhere between €9,000 - €50,000 per year. However, the tuition costs for each undergraduate programme in Ireland will be defined by the university depending on the course.

How much does it cost to study in Ireland?

Studying in Ireland can be slightly expensive as a few costs associated with living and studying in Ireland can be expensive. Depending on the location and lifestyle you choose, living and studying in Ireland can also be an inexpensive journey as well. However, it is estimated that international students would spend around €7,000 per year while studying in Ireland, which is why it is the minimum amount any international student should have in their bank account when applying for a visa.

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