ACT 2023 Question Papers: Check section-wise question papers

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Updated on Feb 03, 2023 1:12 PM IST

While preparing for the ACT exam, many experts all across the globe suggest a number of proven, result-oriented preparation strategies. The most common and effective has always been solving practice previous year's question papers. 

Solving ACT practice question papers is the best way to get a clear idea of the question paper sets, exam patterns, and time management tactics for the exam day. From gaining an in-depth knowledge of the exam structure to properly training themselves to attempt the test with minimal faults, solving question papers is considered quite beneficial for test-takers.

On this page, find different techniques to make effective use of these ACT question papers along with tips to score well.

ACT Question Papers: Guidelines You Should Follow

Aspiring international undergraduates may refer to the following guidelines to prepare for the ACT exam: 

  • Study the most frequently tested concepts asked in the practices test question papers. 

  • Try to solve every section in the dedicated time allotted for the same. It helps you understand how you will analyse the problems in a given restricted time. 

  • Try to solve more and more practice test papers. Remember, consistency is the key. 

  • Make an ACT study plan according to your expertise in the subjects. Spend more time on the sections that you need more practice on. 

  • Focus on time management while creating your study plan and also taking the diagnostic tests 

  • Solve different types of mock tests so that you can cover all types of questions. It will help you to find new tactics to solve these questions and boost your confidence.

Students may also refer to the ACT Prep Tips for section-wise preparation.

Best Ways to Prepare for ACT

Here's how to prepare for the ACT in ten overarching steps:

  • Register for the ACT, well in advance

  • Become familiar with ACT exam pattern and format of the sub-sections

  • Get Oriented ACT book, study guides, and practice question papers online

  • Identify your weaknesses and try to work on them

  • Create a study plan according to the timelines of the final exam date.

  • Practice test strategies and solve practice question papers

  • Keep track of the progress and practice test scores

Check out the Best Books and Resources to prepare for your ACT exam in 2023.

Why You Should Practice ACT Question Papers

While practicing ACT question papers, it is important to know why is it important to practice these question papers, so that the expected results can be achieved. Before you start practicing these question papers at home, keep a pen, paper, and pencil ready. Set the timer as per the time slots mentioned in the Question Paper and know other important guidelines to practice the question papers for ACT for effective results.

Here are the reasons why you should practice ACT Question Papers and how they will benefit you: 

Consistent Practice

Consistently practicing the ACT question papers will help you understand your mistakes and let you know the topics or sections that you need to work on harder, increasing your accuracy and speed. This will eventually boost your confidence while attempting the actual test.

Self Assessment

An important aspect of attempting ACT question papers is to self-assess your answers. Analyze each section properly and write down which sections need more preparation from your side, and thus improve your chances of scoring well in the actual test.

Time Management

Time management plays a key role when opting for these time-based exams. You need to make sure you schedule the right time to attempt the test and the right amount of time to take the test. In other words, keep your preparation for the test in mind before scheduling a practice test for yourself. The ultimate goal is to ensure that you can attempt the tests in one go with minimal faults, adhering to the actual time regulations of the test.

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