Cheap MBA Colleges in UK for Indian Students

Aarushi Jain
Updated on Nov 18, 2022 05:39 PM IST

Are you an aspiring Indian student who is hunting for the cheapest MBA in UK universities on the internet? Then your hunt for the cheapest MBA colleges in UK for Indian students ends here. Let us explore more by reading the article below!

Cheap MBA Colleges in UK for Indian Students

Cheapest MBA in UK for Indian Students: Are you aspiring to pursue your MBA in the UK? An MBA from the UK is globally recognised, boosting your qualifications while developing the flair required for managing and encouraging people, but it can be an expensive pursuit financially.

But, finding the best value MBA programme is difficult for an Indian student. If you have a huge budget, you may have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a university. However, the majority of Indian students prefer those business schools that offer cost-effective or cheapest MBA in the UK for international students.

There are numerous small and private universities in the UK that offer affordable MBA programmes to international students. Many of these colleges provide university-affiliated MBA degree programmes and are a less expensive option for international students. Here, we will look into some well-regarded universities that provide the cheapest MBA in UK for Indian students.

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Advantages of Studying MBA in the UK

There are numerous reasons for this, two of which are the career chances available after completing your MBA in the UK and the scholarship options available to Indian and international students who choose the UK for their MBA. Other benefits of pursuing the cheapest MBA in the UK for international students include:

Top Rated Business Colleges

For a long time, the UK has been at the forefront of educational and technological knowledge. While studying for an MBA in the UK, one can choose from a number of world-renowned universities. The University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, London School of Economics, and the University of Bristol are among the best colleges in the UK. These universities give the ideal balance of practical and theoretical lessons to bring out the best in you.

Wider Scope for Getting Employment Opportunities

Passing out of one of the UK's best business schools will open several possibilities for you. A student's resume that includes a certificate from one of these universities may pique the interest of potential and prospective employers. These colleges' theoretical and practical training will offer you an advantage while applying for jobs in India and abroad.

Advantages of Getting Global Exposure

Doing your MBA in the UK will give you the necessary foreign exposure, allowing you to learn and grow at the same time. You will be able to attend seminars and lectures led by internationally recognized academics and lecturers, which will allow you to broaden your horizons. The assignments and field work will also assist you in growing and gaining first-hand experience.

Provides Cheapest MBA to International Students

There are multiple small and private colleges, particularly in and around London, that offer low-cost MBA programs to international students. Many of these institutes provide university-affiliated MBA degree programs, making them an affordable option for international students, with tuition starting from GBP 9,000.

One-Year MBA Programmes

Did you know that many MBA programmes may be finished in a single year? This allows students to graduate faster, saving time and money and allowing you to go out and start working sooner. UK MBA degrees are internationally recognized and have helped many seekers land dream careers or start their own businesses.

Cheapest MBA Universities in UK for International Students

The most significant benefit of getting an MBA in UK is the short course duration, which is suitable for workers who cannot afford to take a protracted career hiatus. Most courses last between 12 and 18 months.

This allows you to earn the desired degree while saving time and money. Furthermore, if you are seeking economical but high-quality MBA programmes, the United Kingdom is the place to be. With that in mind, let us take a look at the universities that offer the cheapest MBA in UK for international students.

Cheapest MBA in UK for Indian Students

Average Estimated Yearly Fees (in GBP)

Duration (In Months)

Cardiff Metropolitan University



London School of Commerce



University of Worcester



University of Wales Trinity Saint David



Glyndwr University



University College Birmingham



University of Bedfordshire



University of Suffolk



University of Cumbria



Leeds Trinity University



Glasgow Caledonian University



Teesside University



University of Bolton



Canterbury Christ Church University



University of Ulster



University of Wales, Trinity St David



Leeds Beckett University



University of West London



Staffordshire University



De Montfort University



Know Which MBA Programme is Best for You to Study in UK!

Entry Requirements for MBA in the UK

The standard eligibility requirements for most business schools for pursuing the cheapest MBA in UK for international students are summarized below:

  • Academic Requirements: A UG degree with a 2:1 qualification, which is comparable to 50-60% (other schools may require higher scores).

  • GMAT Score: Most Business schools require a minimum score of 600+.

  • Work Experience: This is not always mandatory, but preferred 2 years minimum.

  • English Language Proficiency: A minimum score of 6.5 in the IELTS exam or 95+ in the TOEFL exam.

  • Resume: A copy of an updated CV or resume.

  • Letter of Recommendation (LOR): 1 to 3 Preferably from a professional or a supervisor. Academic LOR is not acceptable if only one LOR is required.

  • Essay/SOP: Personal statement/SOP of 500 words covering topics such as short and long-term job aspirations, how an MBA would prepare you for the future, outlining one teamwork experience, and why you chose the programme.

Popular Specialisations for MBA in UK

When it comes to MBA specialisations, the UK offers a plethora of options. Here is a list of common specialisations for Indian students seeking the cheapest MBA in the UK:

Popular MBA Specialisations or Field of Study



An MBA in Finance course is intended for candidates who want to work in high-level banks and financial organisations.


This specialisation seeks to provide students with expertise in marketing management across industries.


Through research and theoretical frameworks, this course provides students with expertise in entrepreneurial analysis.

International Business

This MBA concentration aims to enhance international business abilities with a current viewpoint.

Human Resource Management

This course format is intended to assist students in developing advanced human resource management abilities.

Information Management

Designed to assist students in the development of e-business, management information systems, and decision-making abilities.

General Management

This specialization assists students in developing the abilities needed to manage and lead organizations in a competitive and professional environment.

Cost of Living in UK for International Students

While planning to pursue your MBA in UK on a budget, you have to also plan out your cost of living in the UK as an international student.

Types of Expenses

Average Estimated Monthly Cost







Internet and Telephone




Stationery Items






Job Opportunities After MBA in UK

The UK has about 6 million private-sector businesses. So, after obtaining an MBA, finding a job in the UK is not difficult. However, universities may not provide direct placements or internships. Instead, they direct their overseas students to a career counsellor who assists them in navigating the job market.

There are many career chances for MBA graduates in the UK because recruiters are always looking for tech-savvy people with strong analytical skills. Students who get their MBA can work in finance or business management. The following are the highest-paying positions after finishing the cheapest MBA in UK for Indian students:

Job Profiles

Average Estimated Annual Salary in GBP

Senior Manager


Planning Director


BD Manager


General Manager


Information Technology Director


Project Manager


Assistant BD Manager


Chief Technology Officer

80,000 - 90,000

Financial Manager

45,000 - 85,000

Senior Management Consultant

45,000 - 65,000

Investment Bank Manager


Marketing Manager


Computer and Information Systems (CIS) Manager


Health Services Manager


MBA in UK for Indian students Without GMAT

It is possible to pursue MBA in UK Without GMAT since it is not the only legit criterion used by foreign universities to judge a candidates application. Universities in the UK that do not require the GMAT also offer a one-year MBA programme. For this, students will need to fulfil additional requirements to be admitted to the best and cheap MBA colleges in UK for Indian students without taking the GMAT exam. These may include:

If a student has more than five years of work experience, they can look into part-time executive MBA programmes in the UK without the GMAT. In some circumstances, full-time options are also available.

MBA in UK for Indian students Without Work Experience

There is no denying that work experience is crucial when applying for an MBA in UK. Though it is a reliable predictor of success, it is not the only one. Hence, you can Study MBA in UK Without Work Experience. If your application stands out in other ways, such as with an exceptional Grade Point Average (GPA), a high GMAT score, or self-taught data analytics skills, it might be able to make up for a lack of professional relevant work experience.

Hobbies, extracurricular activities, and volunteer work can all strengthen your MBA application, especially if you can demonstrate that you have unique leadership qualities.

Similar to professional experience, it does not matter what sort of experience you have/had; what matters is how you handled it and what you took out from it. The admissions committee (AdCom) is less concerned with a certain designation and more interested in applicants who demonstrate initiative and a willingness to make a difference.

You can enrol in cheap universities for MBA in UK even if you have little to no professional experience. Early career MBA programmes, for instance, provide you with the knowledge and abilities necessary for a successful entry into the corporate world. Without any prior work experience, it is possible to study for an MBA in the UK and it has its own advantages.

This article has provided readers with the essential information they need to find the cheapest MBA colleges in UK for Indian students. Therefore, it is time to go forward towards a positive tomorrow since it is easily possible to pursue an international education at an affordable cost.

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Is a 1-year low-cost MBA in UK worth it?

A low-cost or affordable one-year MBA in the UK is worthwhile if you are an experienced professional with a clear vision for your career. A one-year MBA may be just what you need to pivot in a new direction, with a short time out of the workforce and better employment options after graduation.

How much cost do you need for a UK MBA Degree?

MBA degree fees at UK universities vary according to quality, demand, and tradition. The cheapest MBA programme might cost roughly GBP 10,000 in tuition and living expenses. To complete an MBA degree in the UK, however, you would need to pay between GBP 9,000 and GBP 16,000 in tuition.

What are the advantages of cost-effective MBA courses in the UK?

The top advantages of pursuing cost-effective MBA courses in the UK include studying in a wonderful education system at a low cost that allows you the freedom to perform in the practical field. The institutions will provide you with experience through their classes, and the professors are really helpful. You can complete your degree quickly and advance your career. Excellent staff support, and after completing your major degree, you will be eligible for post-study work.

Can I get a job in the UK after completing my MBA from an affordable university?

Yes, you can easily get a job in the UK after completing your MBA from an affordable university, especially with the implementation of the two-year stay-back policy. Individuals might also earn more than GBP 80,000 per year after completing the MBA course programme in the UK, which is a great ROI after pursuing a low-cost MBA in the UK.

Which universities provide the cheapest MBA in UK for Indian students?

Several universities in the UK offer MBA degrees to Indian students at relatively reasonable prices. Cardiff Metropolitan University, Glyndwr University, the University of Bedfordshire, and the University of Suffolk, Leeds Trinity University, for example, offer some of the most affordable or the cheapest MBA in UK for international students.

Does a low-cost UK MBA have value in India?

After attaining an MBA from one of the best UK universities, you might earn up to INR 85 lakhs to INR 1 crore per year in prominent Indian organisations. Students who want to stay in the UK after finishing their MBA will seek sponsorship from select top UK universities in order to extend their Tier 4 visa.

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